Effective Tweeting: 4 Minute Brief Brief. By Alexandra Brooks


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Get building on your basic Twitter skills and knowledge. Increase the effectiveness of your tweeting and Tweet Reach. Understand the power that # and @ symbols can bring in getting your message out. Also an overview of Gartner Inc own Twitter best practice. Original presentation prepared for Lanner Group.

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Effective Tweeting: 4 Minute Brief Brief. By Alexandra Brooks

  1. 1. The 4 Minute Brief:More Effective TweetingIncrease visibility, gain credibility, pick up prospects, make sales, increase market share.
  2. 2. More Effective TweetingOverview:• Why Tweet? What and When to Tweet.• Best Practice - Where Corporate Blogging meets Personal Tweeting – Gartner Inc.• # @ - Use these symbols to maximise your “Tweet Reach”• Getting a Tweet out there: Examples and Ideas.
  3. 3. Why Tweet? What & When• Increased Visibility. • What has your attention?• Two-way interaction • Ask Questions: Twitter is with Clients great for getting opinions.• Pick Up Prospects. • Tweet/RT other user‟s stuff.• Opportunities for • When talking about yourself Collaboration. think useful: Give advice,• Enhanced blog posts, images etc. Credibility. • Don‟t toot the firm‟s horn too much. If you do, promote other partners too. • Little and Often!
  4. 4. Gartner, Inc. Best Practice• 30+ company bloggers contributing to Garter, Inc. blog page: http://blogs.gartner.com/• Bloggers have personal twitter accounts. Use for personal use and tweeting their own blog entries, corporate activities etc.• Some profiles show Gartner connection, some include personal views disclaimers etc. Others make no reference to Gartner.• All bloggers tweet their own entries.• Gartner maintains its own @Gartner_Inc as the official company channel. Where appropriate it RT‟s blogger tweets, @replies to highlight @usernames and their Gartner-related activities, and #tags tweets to assist keyword searchers interested in a particular subject to find the „categorized‟ microblog.
  5. 5. What do @ and # mean on Twitter?An @reply is a public message sent from one person to another,distinguished from normal updates by the @username prefix. If aMessage begins with @username, it‟s collected as a reply. Userscan reply publicly to any update on Twitter by using the@username format.The hash tag #. Used on Twitter for users to categorize their tweet.Using #tags places your tweet into an appropriate (unofficial)category, making it easier to find by users who search forinformation using #tags.
  6. 6. Use @ to broadcast Tweets on more Follower Feeds A"@username" Public Message (PM) by @Erin_E_Burke appears on feeds for @Gartenberg and @Gartner_Inc by singling them out. The PM’s reach is increased as it appears on the feeds of those following @Erin_E_Burke, @Gartenberg and @Gartner_Inc. Encouraging followers to read, RT, and potentially engage.
  7. 7. Create Your Own(Unofficial) Category: # A tweet link to Gartner VP Research Jim Sinurs latest blog and category keywords. No mention of his Twitter feed (@JimSinur) here. The keywords „categorized‟ or tracked are #BPM and #Gartner. Users searching for information using these keywords will find this tweet. Some suggested Lanner #tags: #BPI, #BPM, #PxSIM, #PwE3, #Simulation, #Software , #LSIM, #PRISMSoftware, #LannerGroup, #WITNESS, #Tool, #CIO
  8. 8. Any Questions?Final thought:• If you‟re shooting for RTs of your tweet – keep it short. Forget 140 characters: Think 120.
  9. 9. Annex 1: Experiment• Here are some of the “Twitter handles” [usernames] of 4 of the Gartner bloggers on Twitter to search out and follow: – @AndreaDiMaio – @EliseOlding – @Gartenberg – @JimSinur• Take 15 minutes to experiment with Twitter. Create a 2nd account to try out things. It‟s quick to set up, free, and there‟s always the delete button once you‟ve posted something.