Mgmt404 week 1 i lab basics of project scheduling


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Mgmt404 week 1 i lab basics of project scheduling

  1. 1. MGMT404 Week 1 iLab Basics of Project Scheduling PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREProjects and Organizations - iLabiLab 1 of 7: Basics of Project SchedulingiLAB OVERVIEWGeneral Comments about the Microsoft Project ExercisesA project plan and schedule are extremely important for managing projects.Applications are available as tools to assist defining, managing, controlling, andreporting on project plans and to evaluate how the project is progressing.Microsoft Project is one application that is commonly used for this purpose andwill be the application used in this course. It will help you put together a plan ofaction, define and organize details, track progress, analyze costs and schedule,assess the quality of your project, and report numerous details to interestedparties.GuidelinesiLab Lesson 1A Requirements:Complete Lesson 1A. Print Project Summary Report.Print Unstarted TasksReport.iLab Lesson 1B Requirements:Complete Lesson 1B. Print Entry Table and Gantt Chart (show only columns upto and including the Duration Column.) Printout should be no more than twopages wide. Print Project Summary Report. Print Unstarted Tasks Report (fitto one page).DeliverablesAll of the following deliverables are required (in a zip file) in order to receive fullcredit:
  2. 2. Completed MyLab1B_XXX.mpp Completed Review QuestionsPrintouts/Screenshots contained in Week_1_Printouts_XXX.docxWhen submitting required printouts, if you are not bringing them to class, from thePrint Preview Page, take a screen shot (in Windows <ALT><Prt Scr>) of thereport and paste the screen shot to an MS Word document. Make sure to cropthe screen to show only the report. After cropping, resize the image appropriately.If the printout is on more than one page, paste each page individually.Save the Word document containing printouts as Week_1_Printouts_XXX.docxand submit this file to the Week 1 iLab Dropbox in a zip file, along with theMyLab1B_XXX.mpp file and the completed Review Questions at the end ofLesson 1B. Remember to replace "XXX" in the file names with your initials, andensure that all of your files are all clearly labeled and include your initials in thefile name.iLAB STEPSSTEP 1: Download iLab InstructionsClick the links below to access this weeks iLab instructions. You may alsodownload both lessons from the MS Project Exercises category in Doc Sharing.MS Project Lesson1A.docx(There are no Review Questions for Lesson 1A.) MSProject Lesson1B.docx(Review Questions to be completed and submitted forLesson 1B are located at the end of this document.)STEP 2: Complete the iLab AssignmentComplete the iLab assignment for Week 1 based on the Guidelines section andLesson documents above.STEP 3: SubmitiLabDeliverables Create a folder called MGMT404_YourLastName_Lab1. Place copies of eachrequired deliverable into this folder. Right-click on the folder and select Send To→ Compressed (zipped) Folder. You can also use other tools to compress the
  3. 3. files into a single zip folder, (for example, 7-zip). Upload the zip file to the weeklyiLab Dropbox in eCollege.For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read theseStep-by-StepInstructionsor watch thisDropbox Tutorial. See Syllabus "Due Dates forAssignments & Exams" for due date information.Once your professor has received and graded the Week 1 iLab assignments,solutions to the Week 1 iLab will be made available to you in Doc Sharing.