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How to create original blog content


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This is a tool I created to help me think through content for my blog and keep goals in front of me to connect with my target audience. I constantly have 10-20 post ideas ready by using this tool. It hangs in my office near my desk so I write down ideas whenever they come to me. Let me know what you think or if you come up with any adaptations. My blog is at

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How to create original blog content

  1. 1. Blog Content is Driven by These Questions Who is my target audience? What types of business do I want to attract? What information do I have that will benefit clients and potential clients? What questions are people typing into a search engine that I can answer? What interesting things can I share about my life or job? Post Ideas Post Ideas Themes I want to address this year Resources Post Ideas Who can give a quote? Who can I interview? What websites can I share? Themes: Resources: What type of work do you want to focus on this year in business? Address this regularly on your blog. Who can offer a quote? Who can you interview? What websites can you share?