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Sean's Travels 2011

  1. 1. Alps, Lakes, and Villages Sean’s Travels 2011
  2. 2. Our first stop was Bacharach, Germany (Rhine River). Vineyards (Riesling) City wall Our hotel
  3. 3. Our room had a nice view toward the vineyards Hit this fence with car…oops
  4. 4. First thing’s first though. Introduction to travel buddies. Nathan Jon Kelli Me
  5. 5. The wine in the Rhine is very unique and tasty. We found awine tasting bar immediately. Oo! Castle!
  6. 6. Per usual, there is odd decoration in SE Germany. As odd as Jon…
  7. 7. But they got the architecture right. Oldest building in town. Built in late 1300’s!
  8. 8. The main attraction in the Rhine is ferrying the river. Feudal lords were able to tax river transportation, so every village has a castle overlooking the river. Nowadays, villages all make their own wines for income.
  9. 9. St. Goar, a picturesque village, was our ferry destination. This is about all we saw…
  10. 10. We found ways to enjoy this village nonetheless. Honest coincidence, the first place we ran for cover was a beer tent.
  11. 11. The second place we had to run for cover was a family-runbrandy shop. Honest coincidence again. The owner took pity on us and gave us a tour of his brandies. Very good stuff.
  12. 12. All-in-all, St. Goar was awesome.
  13. 13. Hit the road. Next stop: Luzern, Switzerland. Confusing, but we mastered the German and Swiss roads.
  14. 14. Luzern was my first introduction to Switzerland. Let’s justsay it was a good first impression. People were really into this bridge. All wood, really old.
  15. 15. I personally enjoyed the buildingfacades. In Luzern, all buildings must have residential units so that it does not become overrun by commerce. This is likely a reason why buildings have unique and decorative fronts.
  16. 16. And the food.I ate a lot.
  17. 17. Ferry time again.
  18. 18. Luzern is on a large crystal-clear lake in the Alps.
  19. 19. Traditional Swiss villages dot the shores.
  20. 20. And the occasional mansion.
  21. 21. We stopped in a village calledVitznau and had lunch. There was more than beer, I just don’t have photographic evidence.
  22. 22. Naturally, we also went swimming. We avoided areas with this sign. Terrifying…
  23. 23. Luzern is also the location of thelion stone carving, dedicated tothe bravery and loyalty of theSwiss army.
  24. 24. Then we went here. (This is my “‘nuff said” photo)
  25. 25. Lauterbrunnen is a farming village in a green canyon valleyframed by waterfall covered cliffs. Actually, it’s an extreme sports village. At any moment someone will be base-jumping off this cliff.
  26. 26. But we stayed up here.
  27. 27. We got there via gondola. Yes, I intentionally chose the dark, ominous photo.
  28. 28. The cliff-side villages are very traditional, which made them very fun to stay in.We stayed in a village calledGimmelwald.
  29. 29. Mostly they are farmers as well (livestock and hay). Originally, people settled up here for the benefit of more sun than the valley.
  30. 30. Isolation seems to have had interestingaffects on decoration taste. I knew they existed…
  31. 31. Our room had an ok view from the balcony. The Orion constellation was right above the mountain tops .
  32. 32. And of course, we had Swiss hot chocolate (this place puthouse-made brandy in it too  ).
  33. 33. More scenery shots from Gimmelwald.
  34. 34. Cool shots around Gimmelwald.
  35. 35. One of our excursions was to Jungfrau Glacier. This wasdefinitely the most incredible thing we saw on this trip.
  36. 36. It was basically like that.
  37. 37. We set out early, just as the sun was coming up over themountains.
  38. 38. The glacier is far above the tree-line, over 11k feet inaltitude.
  39. 39. In fact, it’s the highest point in Europe.
  40. 40. But the Swiss created a train system to get there almost 100years ago. Up the mountains (like a roller And through the coaster) mountains.
  41. 41. Shortly after arriving, we set out on a glacial hike.
  42. 42. To a ski-lodge overlooking the glacier. Where we had goulash and beer. Perfect.
  43. 43. A few more glacier shots.
  44. 44. Later that day, we saw some people doing this.
  45. 45. Monkey see, monkey do.
  46. 46. Sweet.YouTube video of me flying soon to come.
  47. 47. Munich. (actually, my camera was stolen)
  48. 48. Auf Wiedersehen! Yes, it’s real.