Careers - as a Small Business Owner and IT


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This is a presentation for the WGHS Career Day on 3/4/13.

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Careers - as a Small Business Owner and IT

  1. 1. Sheila BurkettPartner, Strategic Consultantmobile: (314) 249-6571
  2. 2. Founder & Partner at Spry Digital Sheila Burkett |
  3. 3. Current Job Responsibilities• CFO• Business Development• Strategic Consultant• Technical Support & Training Sheila Burkett |
  4. 4. CFO Chief Financial Officer• Pay Bills• Collect Money• Payroll• Balance Books• Pay & File various Taxes Sheila Burkett |
  5. 5. Strategic Consultant &Technical Support• Provide Technical Advice• Train Clients on Technology Solutions• Answer Questions• Business Workflow Sheila Burkett |
  6. 6. EXPERIENCETO KNOW WHATMATTERSWe believe that great things happenwhen talented people collaborate andfocus on one question:“WHAT PROBLEM ARE WE TRYING TO SOLVE?” Sheila Burkett |
  7. 7. PROBLEMS THAT WE SOLVEEVERYDAY“We want a fresh brand that resonates with our customers.”“We want to sell our products online.”“We require a custom application with a good user experience and intuitive interface design.”“We want to leverage low cost, scalable open source technologies.”“We want our website to be more usable on smart phones and tablets.”“We want to leverage high return on investment of social media and new media channels.”“We want to make our website easier to maintain and to add new content to.”“We want to be more effective in managing our fundraising efforts and donor lists.” Sheila Burkett |
  8. 8. WHY SPRY?We want to understand the unique challengesthat your organization faces, and help younavigate the waters to find the best solution.ALSO:We are a pragmatic team of geeks that embrace the spacewhere creativity and technology collide.We understand complex systems and how to make differentthings play well together, and are experts at making integratedsolutions.We are passionate and committed partners that always useour power for good. Sheila Burkett |
  9. 9. IN OTHER WORDS...We improve marketing andtechnology return oninvestment by helping ourclients put their best faceforward through sound designand a solid understanding oftechnology. Sheila Burkett |
  10. 10. High School Student to Entrepreneur Sheila Burkett |
  11. 11. Important Skills & Abilities• Accounting + Business + Technology + Leadership• Critical Thinking• Logic• Decision Making• Organization & Process Improvement• Listening Skills• Time Management• Prioritization & Focus Sheila Burkett |
  12. 12. What I like most about my career?• Control of Destiny• Ability to make decisions and stick to them• Technology is key to business in the future Sheila Burkett |
  13. 13. What I likeleast aboutmy career?• Can be stressful• Impact clients ability todo business Sheila Burkett |
  14. 14. Sheila Burkett |
  15. 15. Sheila Burkett |
  16. 16. Sheila Burkett |
  17. 17. WHAT-A-YA NUTS?!OBJECTIVECreate a marketing website for a new brand ofsnack food that matches the same level of funas the brand itself. Introduce eCommercefunctionality via storefront.SOLUTIONFocus on extending the brand for the web,using logo and brand assets to make brandelements come alive with bold interactiveareas and animation. Increase engagementthrough a high visibility “Social Nuts” area.Build the site on WordPress CMS, so it iseasy to update content, and use responsivetechniques, so that visitors experience anoptimized presentation of the brand for everyscreen resolution and device.RESULTSIncreased visibility and interactions amongstpotential customers and vendors. Customerscan learn about the product and get nutritionalinformation. Potential vendors now have away to learn about the company and an easyway to contact owner about opportunities.Customers will soon be able to purchaseWhat-A-Ya Nuts?! online (coming lateSummer, 2012). Sheila Burkett |
  18. 18. Thank youSheila BurkettPartner, Strategic Consultantmobile: (314) 249-6571