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Material utilizado en el segundo año de la Escuela Técnica Fray Luis Beltrán, par la clase de inglés 2014 (Este material es complementado por otras actividades en clase y las actividades de nuestro blog

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Et 25 material 2014

  1. 1. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 0 English 2nd Year 2014 Material Student: ______________________________________________ Teacher: ________________________________________________ Days / time: _______________________________________________ Escuela Técnica Nº 25 D. E. 6º “Teniente 1º de Artillería Fray Luís Beltrán” G.B.C.A
  2. 2. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 1
  3. 3. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 2 1ST TERM_________________________________________________________________________________4 Mock Exam 1 Personal Information (BE, HAVE, CAN) _______________________________________13 Mock Exam 2 Present Continuous_________________________________________________________18 2ND TERM________________________________________________________________________________20 Mock Exam 3 Going to (Future)___________________________________________________________27 Mock Exam 4 Simple Present_____________________________________________________________36 3RD TERM ________________________________________________________________________________38 Mock Exam 5 Simple Past (Verb to be)_____________________________________________________ 45 VOCABULARY BANK_____________________________________________________________________ 46 TENSES CHART_________________________________________________________________________48 CONTENTS 1st Term Verb “to be”, “have” and “can” (affirmative, negative and interrogative form) / Cardinal numbers: 1–1000. Possessive Case: “s”/Possessive adjectives (my, your, his, etc) and personal pronouns (I, you, he, etc) Question words: what, where, when, How, how much, how many? what colour…? What…like ?, etc. Personal information: Surname–Name–Age–Nationality–Job–Address – Marital status – etc. Present Continuous tense: affirmative/interrogative/negative. 2nd Term Future “GOING TO”: affirmative/interrogative/negative. Time adverbs (future reference). Vacation plans. Simple Present tense: affirmative/interrogative/negative. Frequency Adverbs. Daily Routines. Question words: How long, How often, How far, What time, etc. The time. The days of the week. The months of the year. The seasons of the year. The weather. 3rd Term Simple Past Verb “to be” WAS – WERE (aff/int/neg form). Time adverbs (past reference) Questions: when…born?, where…born?, what?, when?, why?, etc. Biographies. RECOMMENDED SITES Blog Online Dictionary Cursos de idioma gratuitos del GCBA +14 (sólo inglés y francés) Cursos gratuitos +18 (Inglés, francés, italiano, chino, etc.) Página de Educación del GCBA INDEX
  4. 4. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 3
  5. 5. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 4 First Term
  6. 6. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 5
  7. 7. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 6 Personal Information 1. Look at Silvia’s website 1 . Complete her profile with the words from the box: 2. Imagine you want to be Silvia’s pen pal (e-friend). E-mail her and tell her about you and your country! 3. Listen to 3 more people from the pen pal website. Match the pictures with the following names: Fiona, Hiromi, Miguel 4. Listen again and answer the questions: 1. How old is Fiona? 2. Where is she from? 3. What is her occupation? 1 Taken from: World Link 1, SB, Unit 1, pg 2 To: ___________________________________________ From: _________________________________________ Subject: _______________________________________ 1. How old is Miguel? 2. Where is he from? 3. What is his occupation? 1. How old is Hiromi? 2. Where is she from? 3. What is her occupation?
  8. 8. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 7 i. A. Look at the document below. What document is it? ___________________________________________________________ B. Answer the questions about Rajan: 1. What is his surname? ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. How old is he? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Is Rajan American? _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. Where is he from? ________________________________________________________________________________ 5. When is his birthday? ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Has he got children? _______________________________________________________________________________ ii. A. Have a look at this passport: B. Answer these questions about Suyan: 1. Is she English? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Where is she from? _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is her surname? _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. When is her birthday? ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Has she got any children? ___________________________________________________________________________ 6. How many children has she got? ______________________________________________________________________ 7. How old is she? ___________________________________________________________________________________ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport Surname KUMUR Names RAJAN Nationaltily BRITISH CITIZEN Date of birth Children 26 MAR 94 0 Sex Place of brith M LONDON Date of issue Authority 5 AUG 09 UNITED KINGDOM PASSPORT AGENCY Date of expire 5 AUG 14 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Surname LEE Names SUYAN Nationaltily UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Date of birth Children 1 JUL 79 2 Sex Place of brith F NEW YORK, USA Date of issue Authority 5 JAN 10 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF STATE Date of expire 5 AUG 20 Passport USA
  9. 9. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 8 iii. Write complete sentences about these people:! iv. Form yes/no questions and answer them: 1. Diego/is/married? ______________________________________________________?_________________________ 2. American/Diego/is? _____________________________________________________? ________________________ 3. speak/English/he /can? __________________________________________________?_________________________ 4. Diego/ got / has / children? _______________________________________________?_________________________ 5. from Uruguay / Susana/ is? _______________________________________________?_________________________ 6. Susana/can/ speak English? _______________________________________________?_________________________ 7. Got/has/she/ any children? ________________________________________________?__________________________ 8. Susana/ twenty years old/ is? _______________________________________________?_________________________ 9. Susana and Diego / got / passports/ have? ____________________________________?_________________________ 10. They /speak English/ can? ________________________________________________?________________________ 11. They / poor / are? ________________________________________________________?________________________ BBEE –– HHAAVVEE –– CCAANN AAffffiirrmmaattiivvee,, NNeeggaattiivvee aanndd IInntteerrrrooggaattiivvee FFoorrmm 1. Complete the text with the verbs: IS, ARE, AM, HAVE GOT, HAS GOT or CAN. I ________________ (8) a dangerous job, I am a policeman. My wife _________________ (9) a nice job, she is a salsa dancer. She ______________(10) also sing very well. We ______________(11) a house near the beach and we go there on Sundays. We __________(7) a really united family! FULL NAME: _____________________________________________________________________ AGE: ___________________________________________________________________________ MARITAL STATUS: ________________________________________________________________ COUNTRY OF BIRTH: _____________________________________________________________ OCCUPATION/JOB: _______________________________________________________________ FAVORITE PLACE FOR VACATION: __________________________________________________ LANGUAGES HE CAN SPEAK:_______________________________________________________ LIKES: __________________________________________________________________________ FULL NAME: ________________________________________________________________________ AGE: ______________________________________________________________________________ MARITAL STATUS: ___________________________________________________________________ COUNTRY OF BIRTH: ________________________________________________________________ CHILDREN: _________________________________________________________________________ OCCUPATION/JOB: __________________________________________________________________ LANGUAGES SHE CAN SPEAK: ________________________________________________________ LIKES: _____________________________________________________________________________ My name _____________ (1) Michael Rodriguez. I __________(2) thirty-eight years old. I ___________(3 ) married. My wife’s name is Margaret. We are from the north of Peru. We ________(4) one son, Ruben. He _______(5) three years old. He _________(6) really cute.
  10. 10. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 9 2. Write the following sentences in negative form: a. I am 38 years old: _____________________________________________________________ b. My wife is a dancer: ___________________________________________________________ c. We are from Peru: _____________________________________________________________ d. We have got 1 son:_______________________________________________________ e. My wife has got a nice job: ______________________________________________________ f. She can sing and dance: ________________________________________________________ 3. Complete with true information: a. My name is _______________________________ . b. I am from ______________________________ . c. My birthday is in _________________________ d. My parents __________________ married. e. My teacher has got __________________________________ . f. My teacher hasn’t got _________________________________ . g. My teacher is _________________________ years old. h. My favourite days of the week are ______________________________ . i. My favourite months of the year are _____________________________ . j. My favourite number from 0-100 is ____________________________ . k. I have got ____________________________________. l. I haven’t got __________________________________ . m. I can _________________________________ n. I can’t ________________________________ 4. Complete with a Wh word: a. _________ old are you? I am thirteen. b. _________ are you from? I am from Argentina. c. _________ is your surname? My surname is Perez. d. _________ is your mother? My mother is Mónica. e. _________ is your birthday? My birthday is in May. f. __________ is the name of your school? It is “Fray Luis Beltrán I’M FROM INDIA 1. A. Read the text about Alisha: Hi! My name’s Alisha. I am from India. I am eight years old. This is a photo of my family. My father is dead. He died five years ago. In the picture, you can see my mother, Nilaya, and my stepfather, Rajesh. The baby in the picture is my half-sister, Bakul. Sometimes I miss my father, but Rajesh is a nice person. We live in a house in New Delhi, the capital city of India. I speak Hindi and English. Rajesh’s job is good. He is an IT engineer. My mother hasn’t got a job; she is a housewife. When I grow up I want to be a professional. I want to study in the UK and get a university degree. 1.B. Complete the sentences: 1. Alisha’s country of birth is ______________________________________ 2. Alisha’s age is _______________________________________________ 3. Alisha’s father is _____________________________________________ 4. Alisha’s mother is ____________________________________________ 5. Alisha’s half-sister is___________________________________________ 6. Alisha’s step-father is _________________________________________ 7. Alisha’s house is in ___________________________________________ 8. Alisha’s plans for the future are __________________________________ 9. Rajesh’s occupation is _________________________________________ 10. _________________________________________
  11. 11. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 10 Personal Information / Listen! 1. A. Listen 2 and complete this woman’s personal information: LAST NAME: ____________________________ FIRST NAME: Keesha COUNTRY: _____________________________ JOB: Journalist ADDRESS: ____ Canyon Drive, LA, California PHONE NUMBER: _______________________ AGE: __________________________________ MARITAL STATUS: ______________________ 1. C. Write about this woman (SHE / HER): __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. A. Listen and complete Keesha’s brother’s information: LAST NAME: _______________________ FIRST NAME: ______________________ COUNTRY: ________________________ JOB: ______________________________ ADDRESS:_________________________ PHONE NUMBER: ___________________ MARITAL STATUS: __________________ AGE: ______________________________ 2. C. Write about this man (HE / HIS): __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Taken and adapted from: “New Headway Elementary”, Unit 2, pg. 12, Oxford. 1. B. Complete the questions you hear: 1. ________________ her last name? 2. What’s __________ ___________ name? 3. Where’s _____________ from? 4. What’s __________ ____________? 5. ____________ her ______________? 6. ___________ ________ phone number? 7. How old _______ ____________? 8. __________ _________ ______________? 2.B. Complete the questions you hear: 1. ____________________________________? 2. ___________________________________? 3. ____________________________________? 4. ____________________________________? 5. ____________________________________? 6. ____________________________________? 7. ____________________________________? 8. ____________________________________?
  12. 12. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 11 Grammar Practice! a. Complete with is, are or am. 1. My surname _____Lopez. 2. We ______from the USA. 3. I _____Anna. 4. Antonio and Juan ____in room 7. 5. Mrs. Smith ____ 42 years old. d. Make the questions and answer them: 1. you / Spanish? ____________________________________________________? No, _______________________________ 2. they / Germany? ____________________________________________________? Yes, ______________________________ 3. she / 20 years old? ___________________________________________________? No, _______________________________ 4. he / a football player? ___________________________________________________? Yes, ______________________________ a. Complete with have got or has got. 1. I ______________ 2 brothers and 3 sisters. 2. Tom and Paul _____________ 1 sister. 3. Julia and Robert ____________ 4 children. 4. Mrs. Smith ____________ a good job. c. Make the questions and answer them: 1. you / children ? ________________________________________________________? No, ___________________________ 2. Susan / a job ? _________________________________________________________? Yes, __________________________ 3. Peter / brothers or sisters? _________________________________________________? No, ___________________________ 4. your friends / computers? ____________________________________________________? Yes, __________________________ d. Answer the questions: 1. Have you got any brothers or sisters? __________________________________________________________________________ 2. How many brothers have you got? ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Has your best friend got a car? _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. How many sisters has your best friend got? ____________________________________________________________________ 5. Has your teacher got any children? ____________________________________________________________________________ a. Complete with can or can’t: 1. I can sing but I _______dance. 2. We _____play tennis on Saturday, I am free. 3. a. _______I smoke here? b. No, it is a non-smoking restaurant. 4. I’m sorry. I ______ remember your name. 5. ____ you help me? This activity is very difficult. C. Write sentences with but / or / and: Mike Peter Julia drive a car X X Yes run yes X Yes 1. Mike___________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Peter__________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Julia__________________________________________________________________________________ b. Write the same sentences in short form. 1. _____________________________. 2. _____________________________. 3. _____________________________. 4. _____________________________. 5. _____________________________. c. Write the same sentences in negative form. 1. _________________________________. 2. _________________________________. 3. _________________________________. 4. _________________________________. 5. _________________________________. b. Write the same sentences in negative form. 1. ________________________________________________________. 2. ________________________________________________________. 3. ________________________________________________________. 4. ________________________________________________________. b. Answer the following questions: 1. Can you speak French? ____________________________________ 2. Can you swim? ___________________________________________ 3. Can your best friend swim? _________________________________ 4. Can you dance well? _______________________________________ 5. Can your parents dance very well? ___________________________ Verb BE Practice Verb HAVE GOT/HAS GOT Practice Verb CAN Practice
  13. 13. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 12 New York, New York!!! 1. Listen to Dorita telling us about her experience in New York. Listen and take notes. What can you understand? 2. Now, read Dorita’s letter3 and answer the questions below: 3. Answer the questions about Dorita’s experience in New York: 4. Complete the conversation with a question: Peter: Hi! Are you in this class? Dorita: Yes, I am. I am in this class. And you? Peter I am in this class too! Dorita: What _________________________________? Peter: My name is Peter. And you? Dorita: My name is Dorita. Peter: I am from Spain, Where_______________________? Dorita: I am from Argentina. How _____________________? 3 Taken and adapted from: “New Headway elementary”, Unit 2, pg 17, Oxford. 1. Where is Dorita now? ____________________________ 2. What is her occupation? __________________________ 3. Is English her native language? ____________________ 4. What’s the teacher’s name? _______________________ 5. Is the teacher nice? ______________________________ 6. Are Annie and Marnie French? _____________________ 7. Where are they from? ________________________________ 8. How old is Annie? ___________________________________ 9. Is she a student? ____________________________________ 10. Is New York exciting? ________________________________ 11. Is New York cheap? _________________________________ 12. What is the weather like?______________________________ Peter: I am twenty-two years old. What about you? Dorita: I am nineteen. Who ______________________________? Peter: The teacher is Isabel. She is really nice! Dorita: I am new. Can __________________________________? Peter: Sure! My telephone number is 4599-0267. Dorita: Ok. You’re my new friend now!!! I’ll call you tonight! Peter: Great! …Oh, look! The teacher is here!!! Silence!!!!
  14. 14. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 13 BE/HAVE/CAN MOCK EXAM 1 BE/HAVE/CAN 1. Read the text and answer the questions: 2. Julia is studying French. She is a new student. Complete the conversation between Julia and a classmate: Peter: Hi! Julia: Hi! My name is Julia. What ______________________? Peter: I’m Peter. Julia: Are ________________________________________? Peter: No!!! I am NOT the teacher! I am a student too! Julia: Nice to meet you! Peter: Nice to meet you Julia! I am from Spain. Where______________________________________? Julia: I am from Canada. How ________________________? Peter: I’m thirty-six. What about you? Julia: I’m sixteen. Peter: Why are you here? Why do you want to study French? Julia: Because, I like it! But it is very difficult... Peter: I can help you! I love French! And I am a good student! Julia: Really? Great!!! Have you ______________________? Peter: Of course! My e-mail address is Julia: Can_________________________________________? Peter: Sure, p-p-r-n @ Julia: I’ve got it! You’re my first friend here! I have some questions. I’ll send you an e-mail when I arrive home. Peter: Fantastic! Julia: Who_____________________? Peter: Oh!!! This is the teacher. Margaret Smith. Silence! Answer about Julia: 1. What is her last name? ______________________________ 2. Is Julia from the USA? _______________________________ 3. Where is she from? __________________________________ 4. Is she married? _____________________________________ 5. How old is her sister? ________________________________ 6. Are Tom and John her friends? ________________________ 7. Is Tom single? ______________________________________ 8. What is his job? ____________________________________ 9. How many brothers has she got? _______________________ 10. Can she speak Portuguese? ___________________________ 11. What can she do very well? ____________________________ Look at this girl! She is Julia Jefferson. She is Canadian. Julia is sixteen years old. She is a student at Brighton Comprehensive school. She is a very good student. She can speak three languages well: English, French and Spanish. She is also very good at sports. She can swim and dive. She is an excellent diver. In fact, she is Canada’s junior Diving Champion. Julia’s family is big. She has got two brothers and a sister. Her sister’s name is Rachel. Rachel is twelve years old. The brothers’ names are: Tom and John. Tom is thirty-three and he is married. He is a doctor. John is thirteen. 3. Write about Peter (Julia’s classmate) Peter / Spain / 36 / actor / favourite sport = football / married/ can - English and French / expensive car / no children ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ .
  15. 15. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 14 What are you doing? 1. Read this conversation. Alan and Laura are sister and brother. They are from Argentina. Laura is 16 and Alan is 15. They are alone at home because their parents (Marta and Horacio) are in Entre Ríos visiting some relatives. 2. Answer the questions from the text: 1. Where are Laura and Alan? ________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is Laura doing? _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. What are the parents doing? _______________________________________________________________________ 4. Is Alan studying a lot on the Internet? ________________________________________________________________ 5. What is he doing? ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Circle the correct option: The text is in the PRESENT / PAST / FUTURE TIME REFERENCES: ________________________________________________________________________________ PRESENT CONTINUOUS 4. Write examples from the conversation and elicit the structure: Examples Affirmative sentences Negative sentence Question The telephone is ringing “ring, ring, ring…” Laura: Answer the phone Alan!!! It can be Mom! Alan: I can’t, I am chatting with my girlfriend now. Why don’t you answer? Laura: I am cooking at this moment, can’t you see me? Answer the phone right now please! Alan: Ok. (Alan answers the phone) Alan: Hi Mom! How are you? Mother: Fine, We are having a great time with your father. Entre Ríos is beautiful. What are you and your sister doing? Alan: Laura is cooking and I am using the computer. Mother: Are you studying for your exams? Alan: Yes, yes, I am studying a lot on the Internet. Mother: Good boy! (The conversation continues…)
  16. 16. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 15 What are they doing? 1. What are they doing? Number the pictures: 2. A. Listen to the conversations 4 . Number the pictures in the order you hear. What are their names? Name:________ Name: ______ Name: ________ 2.B. Listen to the conversations again. Circle correct alternative: 1. Selena and John: a. Selena is playing the guitar / studying / working b. John is studying for the English test / reading a book / e-mailing a friend. 2. Julie and Ed: a. Julie is doing homework / e-mailing a friend / cooking dinner b. Ed is studying / cooking dinner with friends / eating dinner 3. Alex and Lori: c. Alex is listening to music / watching the TV / working out d. Lori is listening to music / playing the guitar / sleeping 3. Complete the following conversation. Then, listen and check your answers. Shinja: Hello? Luis: Hey, Shinja. _________ (1) Luis. Shinja: Hi, Luis. How are you doing? Luis: Great! How about you? Shinja: I’m Ok. What _____________________? (2) Luis: I’m ___________________(3) for a test. ___________ (4) are you doing? Shinja: I’m _________________(5) a great video. Too bad you’re studying. 4 Taken and adapted from: World Link INTRO, SB, pg. 37 1. Listening to music 2. Studying 3. Eating 4. Exercising/working out 5. Sleeping 6. Cooking 7. Watching TV 8. Singing 9. Playing the guitar Now, role-play a similar situation with a partner!!! =)
  17. 17. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 16 4. Look at the pictures 5 . Find the differences. Example: In picture A, a man is playing the guitar. In picture B, he isn’t playing the guitar. He is playing the piano. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5. A. Look at the picture and answer the questions: a. There is a party. What are they celebrating? ________________________________________________________ b. What time is it? _______________________________________________________________________________ c. What’s happening in the bedroom? _______________________________________________________________ d. What are the people doing in the living-room?_______________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ e. What are the people doing outside the house? ______________________________________________________ 5.B. Choose a pair of people and write a short conversation between them. What are they saying? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Both activities taken and adapted from: World Link INTRO, SB, pg. 101
  18. 18. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 17 Present Continuous Practice A. 1. Complete the sentences in present continuous: 1. Joan __________________________today. (not work) 2. You_____________________________too fast. (talk) 3. Look! The cat ______________________a bird. (eat) 4. Bill __________________dinner right now. (not have) 5. I ____________________________this party. (enjoy) 6. It _______________________ at this moment. (rain) 7. Mike and Kate _________________ now. (not study) B. Write the questions and the answers: HAVE A SHOWER DANCE LISTEN TO MUSIC 1. What is he doing? 2. What____________________? 3. _________________________? ____________________ ________________________ _________________________ TEXT A FRIEND HAVE DINNER COOK 2. What___________________? 3. ________________________? 4. _________________________? _______________________ ________________________ _________________________ C. What are they wearing? SKIRT AND T-SHIRT JEANS AND T-SHIRT UNIFORMS What is she wearing? What is he wearing? What are they wearing? ___________________________ _____________________________ _______________________________________ D. Answer the questions: 1. What are you doing at this moment? ____________________________________________________________ 2. Are you having a good time? __________________________________________________________________ 3. Is your teacher sitting right now? _______________________________________________________________ 4. What is she doing? __________________________________________________________________________ A.2. Turn into questions: 1._________________________________________________? 2. ________________________________________________? 3. _________________________________________________? 4. _________________________________________________? 5._________________________________________________? 6.__________________________________________________? 8.__________________________________________________?
  19. 19. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 18 Present Continuous MOCK EXAM 2 Present Continuous 1. A. Read the e-mail and answer the questions: Dear Olga, I’m in London. I’m on holiday with my friend, Katerina, and her son. Her son is eight. London is a very beautiful city and the buildings are very old. London is very expensive! At this moment, we are having a drink in a bar. Fortunately, the bar has free Wi-Fi and I can use my net-book here! Our hotel is small and cheap but the breakfast is very good! Indian food is fantastic and it’s cheap. The weather is very cold but it’s hot in the museums and galleries! Write to me soon! Sergei 2. Complete the telephone conversation. Put the verbs in brackets in the present continuous: A: Hello Vicky!!! B: Oh, Hi Uncle Peter!!! How are you? A: Fine. I am on vacations in London. I’m in the hotel. I _______________________(have) a coffee in the bar. It __________________________(rain) a lot here! Is your father there? B: No, he _____________________________(work) at the moment. He arrives late today, at about 9pm. B: ________ your mother ______________________ (cook) now? A: No, she isn’t. She ________________________(watch) TV. A: Oh. What __________you ________________? (do) B: I am with my friend, Tonny. We _______________________(do) homework together. A: And your grandparents? B: They _____________________________ (read) the newspaper in the living-room. A: Sorry Vicky! I have to go! I’ll call you later! B: No problem! Bye! Have a great time! 3. Write the question and the answer: DRINK COFFEE TAKE A PHOTO PLAY FOOTBALL 1. What _________________ doing? 2. What________________________? 3. WHAT________THEY____________? _____________________________ _____________________________ ________________________________ 4. Answer the questions. Give true information! 1. B. Answer: 1. Where is Sergei? __________________________ 2. Is Sergei working? _________________________ 3. Is he alone? ______________________________ 4. Are the buildings modern? ___________________ 5. Is the hotel expensive? _____________________ 1. What are you doing now?_______________________________________________________________________ 2. Are you working?______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Is your best friend sleeping at this moment?__________________________________________________________ 4. What is your best friend doing now?________________________________________________________________ 5. What are your parents doing now?_________________________________________________________________ 6. Who is Katerina? _____________________________ 7. How old is Katerina’s son? ______________________ 8. Has London got museums?______________________ 9. What is the weather like? _______________________ 10.What are they doing at this moment? ______________
  20. 20. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 19
  21. 21. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 20 Second Term
  22. 22. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 21
  23. 23. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 22 What are you GOING TO do this summer? 1. Read the following conversation. Antonio is going to travel to Rio de Janeiro. He is really excited!!! 5. Answer the questions from the text: 1. Why is Antonio so happy? __________________________________________________________________________ 2. How is he going to travel? __________________________________________________________________________ 3. How long is he going to stay?________________________________________________________________________ 4. Is Margaret going to travel this summer? _______________________________________________________________ 5. What is she going to do?____________________________________________________________________________ 6. Circle the correct option: The text is in the PRESENT / PAST / FUTURE Time references: ____________________________________________________________________________________ GOING TO 7. Write examples from the text and elicit the structure: Example Affirmative sentences Negative sentence Question Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Antonio: Hi, Margaret! I have great news! Margaret: Really? What happened? Antonio: I’m going to travel to Rio de Janeiro next week! I can’t wait! Margaret: Really? Wow! That’s great! Are you going to travel alone? Antonio: Yes, I’m going to travel alone. It’ll be exciting! Margaret: How long are you going to stay? Antonio: I’m going to stay for 15 days. Margaret: How are you going to travel? By plane? Antonio: No, the plane is very expensive. I’m going with my car. I’m going to drive. Margaret: That sounds good! Antonio: And you? What are you going to do this summer? Margaret: I’m going to work. I need the money. Maybe next year. Antonio: That’s too bad… (The conversation continues)
  24. 24. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 23 Going to (Future) 1. Write in Spanish FUTURE TIME REFERENCES 2. Complete these plans for the future. Use the correct form of be + going to. a. I ________________________________ learn to surf next summer. b. We ______________________________ visit Paris with our friends next month. c. My friends ________________________ Bolivia next year. d. My girlfriend ______________________ travel to London tonight. She is excited! e. Patricio __________________________ dance this weekend. 3. Put the words in the correct order to form sentences in the future: a. vacation / go / to / on / aren’t / going / we/next/ year:_________________________________________________________ b. it / rain / going / is / to / not/ tonight:______________________________________________________________________ c. going / sunny / it / is/ to/ be/ tomorrow:____________________________________________________________________ d. aren’t / going / they / the mountains / to / this weekend:_______________________________________________________ 4. Complete the following sentences. a. My Parents ________ _______________ to buy a new house next month. b. I am going ________ _______________ a book tonight. c. Cristina Fernandez ______ ______________ to travel to ___________________ this Friday. d. My mother is ________________ to ________________ chicken for dinner. e. I _________not ____________________to ___________________ _____________________ . 5. Put the words in the correct order and answer the questions: a. to / this weekend/ you / going / anywhere? / are / go: ARE ___________________________________________________? b. to / going / is / what / do / tomorrow? / your friend: WHAT__________________________________________________? c. get married / you / are/ going to/ soon?: ARE ____________________________________________________? d. your/ going / to/ teacher/ go/ where/ is/ on Sunday: WHERE_________________________________________________? 6. Now, answer the questions: a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ c. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ d. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Tonight: __________________________ Next week: ________________________ Next month: _______________________ Next year: _________________________ This weekend:______________________ On Monday: _______________________ Tomorrow: ________________________ At the weekend: ____________________ Next summer: ______________________
  25. 25. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 24 Vacation Plans 1. A. Read the text and answer the questions below: B. Answer the questions: 1. Where is Margaret from? _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Who is Tina? __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Is Margaret married? ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. How old is Margaret? _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Has she got any children? _________________________________________________________________________ 6. What is her job? _________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Can she speak Japanese? ________________________________________________________________________ 8. Where is she going to travel next month? _____________________________________________________________ 9. How is she going to travel? ________________________________________________________________________ 10. Where is she going to stay? _______________________________________________________________________ 11. Is she going to travel alone? _______________________________________________________________________ 12. What is she going to do next year? __________________________________________________________________ 13. What is she doing at this moment? __________________________________________________________________ 2. Look at the pictures below. These are three places where people usually go on vacations. Label the pictures with the following categories: beach, mountains and city. ___________________ ____________________ __________________ 3. Write about your future vacations. Choose a place from the pictures above. Where are you going to go?, What are you going to do there?, When are you going to travel?, Who are you going to go with?, How are you going to travel?, What is the weather going to be like?, Where are you going to stay?, etc. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Margaret Jackson is a single woman who lives in Paraguay. She hasn’t got children. She is thirty-two years old and she works as a History teacher at university. She’s got a small apartment in Asunción. Margaret loves travelling. She is going to travel to South Africa next month. She is going to stay fifteen days at an expensive hotel. She is going to travel by plane. She is going to travel with her friend Tina. Next year, she wants to go to Japan, but she can’t speak Japanese now. She is going to take a Japanese course in March. At this moment, Margaret is at home; she is correcting exams and listening to music. She loves Brazilian music.
  26. 26. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 25 1. Write the questions for the following answers about Mauricio’s trip to “Cataratas del Iguazú”, Misiones: 1. Where___________________________________________? I’m going to go to “Cataratas del Iguazú”. 2. Are______________________________________________? No, I am not. I’m going with my best friend. 3. How many_________________________________________? I am going to stay 3 days. 4. Where____________________________________________? I’m going to stay in a hostel. 5. How______________________________________________? I am going to travel by car. 6. When_____________________________________________? I’m going to come back on November 22 nd . 2. Complete Mauricio’s plans: a. I am __________________________ drink mate. b. The weather _________________________be sunny and hot. c. I am __________________________ meet a lot of friends. d. My friend ______________________________ a camera. e. My friend ______________________________ make the reservations in the hostel. f. We ___________________________________ by car. 3. Complete the sentences with real future plans/intentions: 1. Tomorrow I am ____________________________________________________________________________________ . 2. Next week My mother is _____________________________________________________________________________ . 3. Tonight my best friend is _____________________________________________________________________________ . 4. After this class I am ________________________________________________________________________________ . 5. Next year I am _____________________________________________________________________________________. 6. Tomorrow the weather is _____________________________________________________________________________ . 4. Imagine you are planning to go one of the following places: THE DISCO or THE BEACH. Choose one and answer: What are you going to wear?, What are you going to take? How are you going to go? Who are you going to go with? What are you going to do when you are there? How long are you going to stay?, etc. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Jim and Hal are college roommates. Listen to their conversation 6 . What are they talking about? Listen and circle the correct option: Jim and Hal are talking about a) summer plans b) summer school c) plans for the weekend 6. Complete the sentences with JIM or HAL 1. _________ is going home by plane. 2. _________ is going to get a job. 3. _________ is going to visit his sister for a month. 4. _________ is going to take a break. 5. _________ is going to visit Toronto in July. 7. Listen again and takes notes of more detailed information. 6 Taken and adapted from: World Link 1, pg 102, CD 2 Track 22/23 Now, role-play a similar situation with a partner about your plans for the winter break!!! =)
  27. 27. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 26 H O S T E L S _________________ _________________ _______________ __________________ _______________________ _________________ 1. Use the following concepts to label the pictures above: BUNK BEDS, FEMALE DORMITORY, LOCKERS, MALE DORMITORY, COMMON AREAS, BUDGET ACOMMODATION. 2. Read about Hostels. What is a hostel? Hostels provide budget (low-cost) accommodation. Guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen. Rooms can be mixed or single-sex (male dormitories and female dormitories). Some hostels have private rooms. In 1912, in Altena Castle in Germany, Richard Schirrmann created the first Jugendherberge or "Youth Hostel". There are differences between hostels and hotels: 1. Hostels are cheap. Hotels are usually more expensive. 2. Hostels are more informal than hotels. 3. Hostels usually have more common areas and opportunities to socialize. 4. There is less privacy in a hostel than in a hotel. 5. Hostels are generally self-catering. 6. Hostels are generally more "adventure travel". They attract young people. 7. Hostels generally have lockers for the guests’ belongings. The independent hostel industry is growing rapidly in many cities around the world, such as New York, Rome, Buenos Aires and Miami. To attract more visitors, today, hostels are including additional services such as airport shuttle transfers, Internet cafes, swimming pools and spas, tour booking, and car rentals. . 3. Answer the questions: a. Are hostels expensive?_____________________________________________________________________________ b. What type of rooms do they have? ____________________________________________________________________ c. Who was Richard Schirrmann? _______________________________________________________________________ d. Where was he born? _______________________________________________________________________________ e. Were hostels created in the 19 th century? _______________________________________________________________ f. When were they created? ___________________________________________________________________________ g. Is the hostel industry growing right now? ________________________________________________________________ h. What are hostels doing to attract more visitors today? _____________________________________________________ i. Do hostels attract old people? ________________________________________________________________________ j. What places do the guests share in a hostel? ____________________________________________________________ k. Are there hostels in Buenos Aires? ____________________________________________________________________ l. Do you like hostels? ________________________________________________________________________________ m. Are you going to stay in a hostel on your next vacations? ___________________________________________________
  28. 28. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 27 Going to MOCK EXAM 3 Going to 1. A. Read the text and answer the questions below: Peter Smith is a married man from the USA. He has two children. He is thirty-two years old and he works as a computer scientist. He has a small apartment in Miami. Peter loves travelling. He is going to travel to South America next month. He is going to stay fifteen days at an expensive hotel. He is going to travel by plane. He is going to travel with his wife, Juliet, and his children. Next year, he wants to go to Germany, but he can’t speak German now. He is going to take German lessons in March. At this moment, he is at home; he is fixing a broken window and his wife is cooking dinner. The Children are playing computer games. B. Answer the questions: 1. Where is Peter from? ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. Is Peter married? ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Who is Juliet? _________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How old is Peter? ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Does he have any children? ______________________________________________________________________ 6. What is his job? ________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Can he speak German now? ______________________________________________________________________ 8. Where is he going to travel next month? _____________________________________________________________ 9. How is he going to travel? ________________________________________________________________________ 10. Where is he going to stay? ________________________________________________________________________ 11. Is he going to travel alone? ________________________________________________________________________ 12. What is he going to do next year? ___________________________________________________________________ 13. What is he doing at this moment? ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Put the words in the correct order: a. holiday / go / to / on / aren’t / going / month / They / next _____________________________________________________________________________ b. It / rain / tomorrow / going / is / to / not _____________________________________________________________________________ e. next / my / is / to / going / mother / study English / year _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Write the questions for the following answers about Sara’s trip to England. 1. _______________________________________________? No, I am not. I am going to stay in a hostel. 2. _______________________________________________? I am going to travel by plane. 3. _______________________________________________? I am going to stay 30 days. 4. _______________________________________________? I’m going to come back on March 15 th .
  29. 29. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 28 My Typical Day 1. Read the following sentences about Juliana’s life: 2. Write “AFF” next to the affirmative sentences. Think: How are the affirmative sentences formed? When is the “s” added? _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Write “NEG” next to the negative sentences. Think: How are the negative sentences formed? _________________________________________________________________________________________ SIMPLE PRESENT AFFIRMATIVE How to add the “s” go=goes have=has wash=washes kiss=kisses do=does read=reads study=studies play=plays SIMPLE PRESENT NEGATIVE She doesn’t have breakfast. / They don’t want to have children. 4. Complete more sentences about Juliana´s life: 1. Juliana __________________ her job very much. ( like) 2. Juliana __________________ very frequently. ( not go out) 3. Juliana always _________________ her parents on Sunday. (visit) 4. Juliana __________________.(not cook). Her husband cooks. 5. Juliana ___________________ French on Mondays and Wednesdays. (study) 6. Frank, her husband, ________________ in a restaurant. (work) 7. Juliana and Frank _________________watching TV together. (enjoy) 8. Juliana and Frank _________________ to have children. (not want) 9. They __________________(go) to bed late at night and _________________ (get up) very early. 5. The following sentences are false. Write the sentences in negative form: a. Juliana works with her husband. ___________________________________________________ b. Juliana likes children. ___________________________________________________________ c. Juliana watches TV alone. _______________________________________________________ d. Juliana and her husband like working in the evening. __________________________________ e. They go to bed late at night. ______________________________________________________ f. Juliana goes to work by bus. ______________________________________________________ g. Juliana has breakfast every morning. ________________________________________________ h. Frank and Juliana get up very late. __________________________________________________ i. Juliana studies Japanese. _________________________________________________________  Juliana works as an architect for a building company.  She gets up very early in the morning.  She goes to work by car.  She doesn’t have breakfast but she has a good lunch.  She lives with her husband, Frank.  Frank always cooks dinner.  Frank and Helen like watching TV in the evening.  They don’t want to have children.
  30. 30. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 29 SIMPLE PRESENT QUESTIONS 1. Do you remember Juliana? Read about Juliana and her husband, Frank: 2. Answer the questions about them: a. Does Juliana work?_____________________________________________________________________ b. What does she do?_____________________________________________________________________ c. Does Frank work?______________________________________________________________________ d. What does he do?______________________________________________________________________ e. Does Juliana get up late?________________________________________________________________ f. How does she go to work?_______________________________________________________________ g. What time does she get back home?_______________________________________________________ h. When does she study French?____________________________________________________________ i. Does she cook every day?_______________________________________________________________ j. Do they want to have children?____________________________________________________________ k. Do they like their life?____________________________________________________________________ 3. Analyze the questions above and complete this table: Type of Question Example 4. Complete the questions and answer them: a. ____________ do you get up? ____________________________________________________ b. ___________ do you live?________________________________________________________ c. ___________ you like computers?__________________________________________________ d. ___________ your teacher like reggaeton?___________________________________________ e. What ________ you like doing in your free time?_______________________________________ f. Where ________ your best friend live? ______________________________________________ Juliana is 30 years old. She is an architect. She is from Colombia. She is married. Her husband’s name is Frank. They live together in a small apartment in Bogota. They don’t have children and they don’t want to have children. Juliana gets up very early in the morning. She never has breakfast. She goes to work by car. She gets back home at about 5pm and gets ready for her French lessons. She takes French lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm. She doesn’t like cooking. Her husband cooks dinner every day. He is a chef. He works in a restaurant. After dinner, they like watching TV together. They usually go to bed late. They like their life.
  31. 31. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 30 The weekend 1. Read the newspaper column 7 “what do you do at the weekend?” 2. Now, answer: a. Where is Marco from? ___________________________________________________________________ b. What does he do on the weekend? (mention 2 activities) ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ c. Where is Jin from?_______________________________________________________________________ d. What does she do on the weekend? (mention 2 activities)________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ e. Where is Ali from? _______________________________________________________________________ f. What does he do on his weekends in the USA? (mention 2 activities)_______________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What about you? What do you do on the weekends? Write on the box below: 7 Taken from World Link INTRO, pg 77.
  32. 32. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 31 4. A.Listen 8 and complete the sentence: Nick is probably Kelly’s a. brother b. classmate c. husband B. Listen again and check the activities Kelly and Nick do at the weekends: Spend time go out go to the work out With family with friends movies at the gym relax C. Now, listen again and answer the questions: 1. What day is it today? _________________________________________________________ 2. Does Nick have plans for the weekend? __________________________________________ 3. What does he do at the weekends? _____________________________________________ 4. What does Kelly do on Sunday afternoons? _______________________________________ 5. Does Kelly like to go to the movies? _____________________________________________ 6. What does Nick suggest? _____________________________________________________ 7. Does Kelly accept? __________________________________________________________ 8. What time does the movie start? ________________________________________________ 5. Listen. Number the pictures as you listen: B.Listen again. Check the correct times. 6. Listen and circle the correct number: 1. John’s plane arrives at 1:14 / 1:40 2. Pilar was born in 1918 / 1980 3. Class ends at 2:15 / 2:50 4. My walk to school takes 19 / 90 minutes. 5. Each concert ticket is 16 / 60 dollars. 6. Hiro drives 17 / 70 miles to work every day. 7. Martin’s daughter is 13 / 30 years old. 8 Taken from World Link Intro, pg. 71, CD2 track 2, 5 and 9. Dinner party! Join us!
  33. 33. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 32 Dating! 1.a. Natasha and Darren want to meet a partner on the Internet 9 . Look at their pictures. How old do you think they are? c. Read their e-mails. 9 Taken and adapted from New English File Elementary, pg 18 and 19. HOME I SIGN-IN I CONTACT US I MEET YOUR MATCH b.Read the e-mails below and complete with “Darren” or “Natasha”: 1. ___________ is 30. 2. ___________ lives in north London. 3. ___________ works for a magazine. 4. ___________ works with computers. 5. ___________ likes hamburgers. 6. ___________ likes the cinema. 7. ___________ doesn’t like fast food. 8. ___________ likes Japanese food. d. Listen to the conversation Natasha has with Darren at the Japanese restaurant and complete: D: Hi! Are you Natasha? N: Yes, and you Darren! Nice to meet you! D: Sorry, I am late! N: No problem! Would you _________(1) a glass of wine? D: No, thanks. I don’t drink alcohol, mineral water for me. … D: What’s this? N: Sushi. It’s fantastic. Don’t you like it? D: ________ (2), I ___________ (3). Sorry. N: What food ______ ____________ __________ (4)? D: I usually eat at home. My mother’s a very good cook. N: _____ _____ _____ (5) with your mother? D: Yes, I do. N: _______ (6) your _________ _________ (7)? D: Yes, she does. N: Where does she work? D: She _____________ (8) in a supermarket. e. Listen to the rest of the conversation. Is it a success or a disaster? f. Listen and complete the chart with their likes and dislikes: Natasha Darren Likes computers Watches TV Goes to the cinema Smokes g. Why is Natasha angry at the end? Does she like Darren? h. Imagine you want to meet a new partner, and you go to an agency. What questions does the interviewer ask? Listen and write the questions: 1.________________________________________? 2. ________________________________________? 3. ________________________________________? 4. ________________________________________? 5._________________________________________? 6. ________________________________________? 7._________________________________________? 8. _________________________________________? 9.__________________________________________? 10. ________________________________________? 11._________________________________________? 12. ________________________________________?
  34. 34. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 33 Daily Routine 1. Write about this person’s daily routine 10 . (See daily routine verbs, page 47) 2. Translate the days of the week: Lunes: ______________ Martes: ________________ Miércoles: ______________________ Jueves:___________________ Viernes: ______________ Sábado:________________ Domingo: _______________________ 3. Write the following words in Spanish: LATER:___________________ AFTER THAT: _______________________ THEN: ____________________________ AT 5pm:__________________ IN THE EVENING: ____________________ ON MONDAY: ______________________ 4. Complete the following adverbs of frequency (See vocabulary bank page 46) 1. Alw______ 2. Nev____ 3. Someti____ 4. Hardly e______ 5. Usuall______ 6. Once a _______ 7. Twice a ________8. Every__________ 9. Three times ______________ 5. Write about YOUR daily routine: What time do you usually get up? Do you have breakfast? Do you work out? How often? Do you work? Do you study? Where do you have lunch? What time do you come back home? What do you do when you come back home? Do you cook? What time do you go to bed? etc. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10 _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ ___
  35. 35. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 34 Good and Bad Habits 1. What are the bad habits of these people? Match the sentences with the pictures: a. He drinks too much alcohol b. He eats junk food every day. c. She smokes d. She is addicted to video games 2. Gregory is addicted to video games! He is from Korea. Read the conversation he had with a teacher at school. The teachers are worried because Gregory is always late at school and he doesn’t pay attention in class. 3. Write in Spanish: a. How often?: ___________________ b. What time?: ___________________ c. How many?: _____________ 4. Answer about Gregory: 1. Does he have a healthy life? _______________________________________________________________________ 2. What problem does he have?_______________________________________________________________________ 3. How many hours does he play video games?__________________________________________________________ 4. How often does he play sports?_____________________________________________________________________ 5. What time does he go to bed?______________________________________________________________________ 5. Now answer about you: 1. Do you smoke? ________________ How Many cigarettes do you smoke a day? _____________________________ 2. Do you drink coffee? ____________ How often do you drink coffee? _______________________________________ 3. Do you work out or/and practice a sport? ____________________ How often? ________________________________ 4. Do you eat healthy food?__________How often do you go to McDonalds? ___________________________________ 5. Do you work?___________________________How many hours do you work?________________________________ 6. What time do you get up? ________________ Do you have a big breakfast?__________________________________ 7. What time do you go to bed? ______________ How many hours do you sleep? _______________________________ 8. Do you play video games? ________________ How many hours do you play a day? ___________________________ 9. Do you use Facebook? ___________________How many hours do you spend on Facebook? _____________________ DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE A HEALTHY LIFE? _______________________________ Teacher: Tell me, what do you usually do in your free time? Gregory: Well, I play video games. Teacher: How many hours do you play video games? Gregory: I don’t know. I think 10 hours a day, every day. Teacher: It’s a lot! And…How often do you work out? Gregory: Never. I don’t work out. I don’t like sports. I prefer video games, they are more exciting. Teacher: What time do you go to bed? Gregory: At about 3 or 4 am. I hardly ever go to bed early. Teacher: This is not a healthy life Gregory. You should try something different, go out with friends, socialize, find a sport or activity you like and practice it… (the conversation continues)
  36. 36. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 35 Simple Present Practice 1. Complete with an appropriate verb: STUDY - HAVE –GET UP - GO – EAT- 1. My father ____________ French twice a week. 2. My friends always ____________ at 12 on Saturdays. 3. I ____________ lunch at home. 4. My best friend ___________ to bed at about 2AM. 5. My dog ____________ chocolate! 2. Turn the sentences of point 1 into yes/no questions: 1. ________________________________________? 4. __________________________________________? 2. ________________________________________? 5. __________________________________________? 3. ________________________________________? 3. Read the text about David and answer the questions: 4. Read the text about Pam and make questions for each underlined word/phrase: 1. ____________________________________? 5. ___________________________________________? 2. ____________________________________? 6. ___________________________________________? 3. ____________________________________? 7. ___________________________________________? 4. ____________________________________? 8. ___________________________________________? 5. Write about these person: Peter / teacher / 25 years old / born in Chile but now the USA / married / 2 children / live in a house / like: Italian food / get up 6:30am / often go to bed early / not like soccer. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ B. Write the sentences in negative form 1. ________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________________________ 1. What does David do? _________________________ 5. Where is he from? _________________________________ 2. Where does he live? __________________________ 6. Does he work? ____________________________________ 3. Where Does he work? _________________________ 7. What does he like? _________________________________ 4. Is he married? _______________________________ 8. How many languages does he speak? _________________ Pam is a doctor (1). She’s Canadian but now she lives in Nairobi (2), Kenya. She isn’t an ordinary doctor, she is a flying doctor. Every day (3), she flies (4) to help people. She works 12 hours (5) a day but she loves her job (6). She isn’t married. She has no free time but she has a boyfriend, Mark (7), he is from Kenya (8).
  37. 37. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 36 Simple Present MOCK EXAM 4 Simple Present 1. Read the e-mail Rafael sent to his e-pal Mauricio: Hi Mauricio, My name’s Rafael Ramos. I’m a doctor. I’m thirty. I’m from Bolivia. I’m married. My wife’s name is Sofi. She’s a teacher. We are very happy together. We’ve got 2 sons. We live in a house in La Paz (1). Our house is big and comfortable. My day starts very early. I always get up at four o’clock in the morning. I have a cup of coffee (2) and read the newspaper. I go to the hospital by taxi. I don’t drive. I work twelve hours (3) a day, from five a.m. to five p.m,. I like my job. I arrive home at 7 o’clock (4) and I have a shower. We have dinner at 8.30 and we watch TV for one hour. I play tennis twice a week, in the evening. Sometimes, I go for a walk with my wife in the evening. I usually, go to bed early because I get up at four a.m. For our next vacation, we are going to travel to Spain. I’ve got some friends there. At this moment, my children are playing football and my wife is cooking. What about you? I am really looking forward to hearing from you. Write to me soon, Love, Rafael 1. What is his last name? __________________________ 2. What is his job? _______________________________ 3. Where is he from? _____________________________ 4. How old is he? ________________________________ 5. Is he married? _________________________________ 7. What does Sofi do? _____________________________ 1.B.Write the question for the underlined phrases: 1. _________________________________________? 3. ____________________________________________? 2. _________________________________________? 4. _____________________________________________? 2. Complete the texts with an appropriate verb in the correct form: 1. I _________up at 7am every day. I usually _________a bath and at 8am I _______to work. 2. My mother usually _________home at 7.30p.m., she is very tired but she ________dinner and then, she _____ to bed. 3. My friends _____________French and Japanese. They _____________ languages! 4. Write the following sentences in negative form: a. She’s at home:_________________________________________________________ . b. My father works in a factory:_______________________________________________ . c. I like music:____________________________________________________________ . d. Tom has got a new car: ___________________________________________________ . e. They are surfing the net. ___________________________________________________ . f. I can create videos. _______________________________________________________ . 5. Write about Margaret: Margaret / student / 14 / Spain / favourite subject= History / not like: Maths / hate: English / not work / go-always to bed very late / love: chatting / not can speak English / next week start taking English lessons / Once a week gym / go out in the evening never / At this moment study History / because have got exam tomorrow 6. Give true answers: a. How often do you work out? b. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? c. What time do you usually go to bed? d. Do you have a healthy life? speak love arrive cook go (x2) get have 9. What time does Rafael get up? __________________________ 11. Does Rafael go to bed early? ___________________________ 12. How does he go to work? ______________________________ 14. How often does he play tennis? _________________________ 15. Where are they going on vacations? _____________________ 16. What is Sofi doing now? _______________________________
  38. 38. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 37
  39. 39. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 38 Third Term
  40. 40. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 39
  41. 41. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 40 Who was Gandhi? 1. David is doing his homework. His mother helps him… 2. Answer the questions: 1. Who was Gandhi? ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Where was he from?___________________________________________________________________________ 3. When was he born?____________________________________________________________________________ 4. How old was he when he died?___________________________________________________________________ 5. Was he a violent leader?________________________________________________________________________ 3. Circle the correct option: The text is in the PRESENT / PAST / FUTURE Time references: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Simple Past Verb Be 4. Write examples from the text and elicit the structure: Example Affirmative sentences Negative sentence Question Mum: What are you doing Martin? David: I am doing my homework. Mum: What is it about? David: I have to choose an important person and say why he or she was a hero. Mum: Well, I think Gandhi was a real hero. David: Gandhi? Who was Gandhi? Mum: Gandhi was a great leader. He helped to free his people. David: Where was he from? Mum: He was from India. David: Did he fight to free his people? Was he a violent leader? Mum: No, not at all! He wasn’t violent. He was a pacifist. David: A pacifist? When was he born? Mum: He was born in 1869 and he died in 1948 when he was seventy-eight. David: I like Gandhi! I’ll write about him! Can you help me? Mum: Sure! Let’s search for more information on the Internet!
  42. 42. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 41 PAST TIME REFERENCES 1. Write in Spanish: 2. Complete with WAS or WERE: 1. I _________ at school last Monday. 2. My father __________ born in Uruguay. 3. The teacher __________born in 1979. 4. Antonio and Juan ________ at home yesterday. 5. My cell phone _________ in my bag this morning. 3. Make the yes/no questions and answer them: 1. you / born in Argentina? _____________________________________________? No, _______________________________ 2. they / at home yesterday? _____________________________________________? Yes, ______________________________ 3. she / 20 years old in 1970? _____________________________________________? No, ______________________________ 4. he / a football player in 1995? _____________________________________________? Yes, ______________________________ 4. Complete the sentences with real facts about you: 1. Yesterday morning I was _______________________________________________________________________________ . 2. I was born in ______________________________(year) 3. I was born in ______________________________(place) 4. Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t ___________________________________________________________________________ 5. I learned to speak when I was __________ years old. 6. My two best friends weren’t _________________________________ last weekend. 5.Complete the chart : PRESENT PAST What date is it today? _________________ What date was it yesterday? ________________________ What month is it now? _________________ What month was it last month? ________________________ Where are you now? _________________ Where were you yesterday at 8pm? ________________________ What is the weather like? _________________ What was the weather like yesterday? __________________________ Yesterday: ___________________________ Last year: ____________________________ Last week: ___________________________ 3 years ago: __________________________ 6 months ago: ________________________ Yesterday morning: ____________________ b. Write the same sentences in negative form. 1. __________________________________________________. 2. __________________________________________________. 3. __________________________________________________. 4. __________________________________________________. 5. __________________________________________________. In 1975: ______________________________ When I was 12: ________________________ When I was born: ______________________ Last Saturday: ________________________ Last month: ___________________________
  43. 43. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 42 Who were these women? 1. Read about Anne Frank and answer: g. Where was she from? ___________________________________________ h. When was she born?____________________________________________ i. What was her father’s job? _______________________________________ j. What was she like? _____________________________________________ k. Where were Anne and her parents hidden for 2 years? _______________ l. How old was she when she died? _________________________________ m. What was Auschwitz? __________________________________________ She became famous after her death, after the publication of her diary. She wrote about her experiences of hiding from the Nazis in World War II. Anne and her family hid in an attic for two years. In August 1944, German security police discovered Anne and her family and sent her to Auschwitz concentration camp. She was 15 years old when she died. 2. Read about Amy Winehouse. Are the sentences true or false: a. Amy was from the UK. b. Her voice wasn’t very good. c. Her first album was “Sweet ‘n’ Sour”. d. She was addicted to drugs and alcohol. e. She wasn’t very famous. Some of the biggest names in rock were waiting to collaborate with her. George Michael said: "Amy is the best female vocalist I have ever heard in my entire career, as well as one of the best writers." Winehouse was constantly the focus of media attention. She was a drug addict and alcoholic. Her battles with drug and alcohol abuse and her self-destructive behaviour was often tabloid news. Finally, she died in July, 2011, when she was twenty-seven years old. She died from accidental alcohol poisoning after a period of abstinence. 2.2.Use the underlined information to write 4 WH-questions with was/were: 1. _______________________________________________? 2. _______________________________________________? 3. _______________________________________________? 4. _______________________________________________? 3. Write about this woman: Anne Frank was a young Jewish German girl. She was born in 1929 in Germany. Her father was a German officer from World War I. Anne was a very good student. She moved to Amsterdam with her family after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. She attended a Montessori school and was a very energetic and extroverted girl. Name: Frida Kahlo / Born: July 6 th 1907 / Place of birth: Mexico / Died: July 13 th 1954/ Occupation: surrealist painter / Marital Status: Married to Diego Rivera / Famous for: her self-portraits expressing her physical pain and suffering, revolutionary woman, bisexual, loved by feminists, communist supporter. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter. She was born on September 14 th 1983. She was known for her marvelous voice and controversial private life. She debuted in 2003 (when she was 20 years old) with the album ‘Frank’. Music lovers everywhere were excited about her talents. She formed a rap group called Sweet 'n' Sour with a childhood friend. She got her first guitar when she was 13 and she began writing music. She won dozens of awards, including five at the 2008 Grammy’s.
  44. 44. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 43 Who were these people? 1. Read the following years: 1979 1812 1942 1903 1900 2020 2013 2. Listening. You will listen about the life of 4 people. Where were they from? Listen and match NELSON POLAND GARIBALDI ITALY CHOPIN FRANCE JOAN OF ARC ENGLAND 3. Listen again. When were they born? Complete the sentences with the years of birth: Chopin was born in ___________________ . Joan of Arc was born in ________________ . Nelson was born in ____________________ . Garibaldi was born in ___________________ . 4. Listen again and complete the sentences. Why were they famous? Chopin was __________________________________________________________________________ . Joan of Arc was _______________________________________________________________________ . Nelson was ___________________________________________________________________________ . Garibaldi was __________________________________________________________________________ . Simple Past BE Practice 1. Write the following sentences in the past: a. I am happy now. ____________________________________________________________________________ b. My friends aren’t at home today. _________________________________________________________________ c. Sam is on vacation now. _______________________________________________________________________ d. The weather isn’t hot. _________________________________________________________________________ 2. Complete with WAS and WERE: a. Gandhi ______ a great leader. b. ___________ you at school yesterday morning? c. When _________ your sister born? d. My bag ________ in this chair. Now, it’s disappeared. 3. Turn into negative form: a. The weather was cold last weekend. _______________________________________________________________ b. Frida Kahlo and Joan of Arc were British. ___________________________________________________________ 4. Write the yes/no question: a. Anne Frank was German. ______________________________________________________________________? b. Mandela and Martin Luther king were black men. ____________________________________________________? c. The weather was rainy last week. _________________________________________________________________? 5. Write the WH question: a. Amy Winehouse was born in 1983. Where _______________________________________? b. Frida was famous for her self-portraits. Why ______________________________________? c. Chopin was a composer and pianist. What _______________________________________? d. The weather was freezing last Monday. What _____________________________________? e. The conference was at 7pm. What time __________________________________________?
  45. 45. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 44 William Shakespeare 1. See the following Prezi presentation and answer the teacher’s questions: shakespeare-oral-presentation-2nd-year-technical-school-no-25-caba/ 2. Now, read about William Shakespeare: William Shakespeare was the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. He was born in 1564. He was born in England, in Stratford-upon-Avon. Stratford-upon-Avon is near London. If you travel to England, you can see Shakespeare’s house. He was the writer of 38 plays, 154 sonnets and poems. He was married. His wife’s name was Anne Hath Away. They were the parents of three children. If you go to Stratford-upon-Avon you can also visit Anne’s cottage. He died in 1616 when he was fifty-two years old. If you go to London, you can visit “The Globe” theatre. It was Shakespeare’s theatre. Some of the most famous Shakespeare’s plays are: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, Macbeth, Taming the Shrew, A Midsummer Night Dream and As You Like It. Shakespeare’s English is not Old English. Old English is a completely different thing. His language is Early Modern English. It is difficult to understand because he wrote in verse, and most of the words, phrases and sentences have multiple meanings. 3. Match the pictures with the following concepts: SHAKESPEARE’S PLAY, SHAKESPEARE’S WIFE, SHAKESPEARE, SHAKESPEARE’S COTTAGE, ANNE’S COTTAGE, SHAKESPEARE’S PLACE OF BIRTH, SHAKESPEARE’S DATE OF BIRTH, SHAKESPEARE’S THEATRE. ___________________ ______________________ ___________________ ____________________ __________________________ ______________________ _____________________ ______________________ 4. Write 6 questions about Shakespeare’s life: ____________________________________________? ____________________________________________? ____________________________________________? 1564 ________________________________________________? ________________________________________________? ________________________________________________?
  46. 46. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 45 SIMPLE PAST BE MOCK EXAM 5 SIMPLE PAST BE 1. On the Website “Who is your Hero/heroine?”, a woman called Kate left the following comment: Hi everyone! My name is Kate, I am from the USA. My heroine isn’t a famous person. My heroine is my grandmother. Her name was Suyan Woo. She was tall, slim and her hair was really long and back. She was a funny person and generous. But her life wasn’t easy. She was born in China in 1927. At that time the situation was very difficult in China. There was no food. By 1937, my grandmother was married and had two children. One day, the husband and the children were killed by the Japanese. She was alone and desperate. So, she took a ship to the USA. In the USA, she was an immigrant. She suffered a lot. She didn’t speak English and many people discriminated her. But she was brave and very religious. Finally, she married again and had one daughter, my mother. My grandmother died 5 years ago, she had a long life. I really admire her! What about your hero/heroine? Kate Answer the questions: A. Who was Kate’s heroine? _________________________________________________________________________ B. Where was Suyan born? __________________________________________________________________________ C. Was Suyan married in China? ______________________________________________________________________ D. Were Suyan’s children killed by the Japanese? ________________________________________________________ E. What was Suyan like? ____________________________________________________________________________ F. Was her life long? _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Write the questions about the first person in space: 1. _____________________________________? His name was Yuri Gagarin. 2. _____________________________________? He was born in Russia. 3. _____________________________________? He was an astronaut. 4. _____________________________________? No, he wasn’t. He was married. 3. Give true answers: 1. Where and when were you born?_______________________________________________________________________ 2. What day was it yesterday?___________________________________________________________________________ 3. What was the weather like yesterday? ___________________________________________________________________ 4. Where were you yesterday evening?____________________________________________________________________ 5. Was your mother at home yesterday morning? ____________________________________________________________ 4. Choose one of the famous persons of the unit and write some facts about his/her life (80-120 words)
  47. 47. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 46 V O C A B U L A R Y B A N K 1. Days of the week: 1. MONDAY 4. THURSDAY 7. SUNDAY 2. TUESDAY 5. FRIDAY 3. WEDNESDAY 6. SATURDAY 2. Month of the year: 1. JANUARY 4. APRIL 7. JULY 10. OCTOBER 2. FEBRUARY 5. MAY 8. AUGUST 11. NOVEMBER 3. MARCH 6. JUNE 9. SEPTEMBER 12. DECEMBER 3. Family: 1. MOTHER 7. DAUGHTER 13. SISTER 20. NIECE 2. FATHER 8. SON 14. BRTHER 21. HUSBAND 3. PARENTS 9. CHILDREN 15. AUNT 22. WIFE 4. GRAND-MOTHER 10. GRAND-DAUTHER 16. UNCLE 23. GIRLFRIEND 5. GRAND-FATHER 11. GRAND-SON 17. COUSIN 24. BOYFRIEND 6. GRAND-PARENTS 12. GRAND-CHILDREN 18. NEPHEW 25. STEP-MOTHER / STEP-FATHER / STEP-CHILDREN: 26. GOD-MOTHER / GOD-FATHER / GOD-CHILDREN: 27. MOTHER IN LAW / FATHER IN LAW / SISTER IN LAW / BROTHER IN LAW: OTHERS: __________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Numbers: 5. Personal Pronouns and possessive adjectives: 6. Adverbs of frequency, HOW OFTEN? FREQUENTLY, ALWAYS, NEVER, USUALLY, OFTEN, SOMETIMES, OCCASIONALLY, RARELY, HARDLY EVER, EVERY DAY, ONCE A WEEK, TWICE A WEEK, THREE TIMES A WEEK,
  48. 48. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 47 7.WH words: 1. WHAT? 8. HOW MANY? 2. WHICH? 9. HOW MUCH? 3. WHERE? 10. HOW OFTEN? 4. WHEN? 11. HOW OLD? 5. WHY? 12. HOW LONG? 6. WHO? 13. WHAT TIME? 7. HOW? 14. WHAT…LIKE? 8.Action verbs: 9.Daily routine verbs:
  49. 49. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 48 Have Affirmative Affirmative (short form) Negative Interrogative I have got a car. I’ve got a car. I haven’t got a car. Have I got a car? Yes, you have. / No, you haven’t. You have got a car. You’ve got a car. You haven’t got a car. Have you got a car? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. She has got a car. She’s got a car. She hasn’t got a car. Has she got a car? Yes, she has. / No, she hasn’t. He has got a car. He’s got a car. He hasn’t got a car. Has he got a car? Yes, he has. / No, he hasn’t. We have got a car. We’ve got a car. We haven’t got a car. Have we got a car? Yes, we have. / No, we haven’t. They have got a car. They’ve got a car. They haven’t got a car. Have they got a car? Yes, they have./ No, they haven’t Can GOING TO were: they/we/you Simple Past verb BE was: I/he/she/it Affirmative (long form) Affirmative (short form) Negative Interrogative I am at home. I’m at home. I’m not at home. Am I at home? Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t. You are at home. You’re at home. You aren’t at home. Are you at home? Yes, I am. / No, I am not. She is at home. She’s at home. She isn’t at home. Is she at home? Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t. He is at home. He’s at home. He isn’t at home. Is he at home? Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. It is at home. It’s at home. It isn’t at home. Is it at home? Yes, It is. / No, It isn’t. We are at home. We’re at home. We aren’t at home. Are we at home? Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t. They are at home. They’re at home. They aren’t at home. Are they at home? Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t. Affirmative Negative Interrogative I can speak English I can’t speak English Can I speak English? Yes, you can / No, you can’t You can speak English You can’t speak English Can you speak English? Yes, I can / No, I can’t She can speak English She can’t speak English Can she speak English? Yes, she can / No, she can’t We can speak English We can’t speak English Can we speak English? Yes, we can / No, we can’t They can speak English They can’t speak English Can they speak English? Yes, they can / No, They can’t Affirmative Negative Questions Short answer Short answer I'm walking. I'm not walking. Am I walking? Yes, I am. No, I'm not. He's walking. He isn't walking. Is he walking? Yes, he is. No, he isn't. She's walking. She isn't walking. Is she walking? Yes, she is. No, she isn't. It's walking. It isn't walking. Is it walking? Yes, it is. No, it isn't. You're walking. You aren't walking. Are you walking? Yes, I am (we are). No, I'm not (we aren't). We're walking. We aren't walking. Are we walking? Yes, we are. No, we aren't. They're walking. They aren't walking. Are they walking? Yes, they are. No, they aren't. Affirmative Negative Questions Short answer (AFF) Short answer (NEG) I work I DON’T work. DO I work? Yes, I DO. No, I DON’T. He works He DOESN’T work. DOES He work? Yes, he DOES. No, he DOESN’T. She works She DOESN’T work. DOES She work? Yes, she DOES. No, she DOESN’T. It works It DOESN’T work. DOES It work? Yes, it DOES. No, it DOESN’T. You work. You DON’T work. DO You work? Yes, I DO (we DO). No, I DON’T (we DON’T). We work. We DON’T work. DO We work? Yes, we DO. No, we DON’T. They work. They DON’T work. DO They work? Yes, they DO. No, they DON’T. I am going to travel tomorrow I am not going to travel tomorrow Am I going to travel tomorrow? Yes, you are. / No, you aren’t. You are going to travel tomorrow You aren’t going to travel tomorrow Are you going to travel tomorrow? Yes, I am. / No, I am not. He is going to travel tomorrow He isn’t going to travel tomorrow Is he going to travel tomorrow? Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. We are going to travel tomorrow We aren’t going to travel tomorrow Are we going to travel tomorrow? Yes, we are. / No, we aren’t. They are going to travel tomorrow They aren’t going to travel tomorrow Are they going to travel tomorrow? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. Affirmative Negative Questions Short answer (AFF) Short answer (NEG) I WAS I WASN’T. WAS I ...? Yes, I WAS. No, I WASN’T . He/she/it WAS He WASN’T. WAS He …? Yes, he WAS. No, he WASN’T . They/we/you WERE They WEREN’T. WERE they …? Yes, they WERE. No, they WEREN’T . BE Present Continuous Simple Present
  50. 50. Subject: English 2nd Year Date: ________________,2014 Página | 49