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Appying inspirational music videos to my own work- Post production


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Appying inspirational music videos to my own work- Post production

  1. 1. TORI AMOS ‘SPARK’ •In Tori Amos' video ‘Spark’ the hand tie is symbolic of the artist's helplessness to save her baby and I interpreted the blind fold to connote depression. Therefore, it perhaps suggests that she is not ready to face the world and is overridden by the darkness and depression of losing her child. Blind fold: The blindfold is a symbol that represents the lack of light in her life which links to the lyrics ‘She's afraid of the light in the dark’. There is a real emphasis on her depression. Hand tie: helplessness of saving her baby. Mouth cover in my music video: It is a symbolic reference to the artist’s lack of voice in society The mouth cover in my video and blind fold in the music video ‘spark’ are both black reinforcing the theme of depression and contributing to the dull like atmosphere. These symbols play a great part in constructing the narrative and trigger the emotion of utter helplessness in this video. This has inspired me to use symbols in my music video to suggest meaning rather than making it very literal, for I felt like the use of symbols added an enhanced meaning to the music video and made it more intriguing to watch. Therefore, in my music video I used the mouth cover to translate the key theme of a lack of voice.
  2. 2. LINKIN PARK ‘NUMB’ • The theme of isolation is captured in ‘Numb’ through its special effects, which I aimed to achieve in my music video, which shares this common theme. The isolated girl is shown in normal motion. In contrast the people in the background are sped up, which differentiates her from everyone else, deeming her as an outcast. I applied a similar effect into my own video to represent the girl as an outsider akin to the video ‘Numb’ . To achieve this, I instructed my actress to stand still amid a swarm of people, with a helpless and sad facial expression, for around 10 minutes. Subsequently, at post production, when it came to editing I increased the speed duration of the shot to 950%. Therefore, it appears to show the girl in normal motion without movement, which is juxtaposed with the fast moving world surrounding her, enhancing her isolation. Just like the music video ‘Numb’ I feel increasing the speed duration, I drew more attention to the outsider because she was still, deeming her as abnormal.
  3. 3. LINKIN PARK ‘NUMB’ continuation I experimented more with speed duration throughout my music video, often increasing the speed duration to 950% when showing the public to enhance the artists segregation from society. I used these speeded shots as a reoccurring theme/image throughout my music video, just like the music video ‘Numb’. After observing many other music videos I also found that many included such reoccurring images to reinforce the key themes of the music video. In my case, using the reoccurring shots throughout the video reinforced the artist’s isolation and showed as well as binding the structure of my music video. Including such shots in the beginning, middle and end of my production suggested the endless day to day process of the artist being ignored as well as the lack of change in her life (monotonous lifestyle).
  4. 4. RÁJ ‘GHOST’ • This music video has inspired me due to the sheer sadness and depression conveyed and sustained throughout the music video. One way in which this has been achieved is through regular closeups/medium close-ups of the actress , which emphasises her facial expressions, which displays signs grief of losing a loved one. One example of this is the close-up shot showed below. I liked this because the women’s face is at the edge of her frame, perhaps indicating her vulnerability. In contrast, many pop songs, when reinforcing a confident women, shows a women in the middle of the frame a lot of the time, looking at the camera, signifying that she is in control. Additionally, the beautiful background contrasts and therefore enhances her glum mood. My music video RÁJ ‘Ghost’ • In my music video, I also showed regular close-ups of the girl in various locations to portray her sadness. Placing her in beautiful settings like the locations in ‘Ghost’ represents society as a façade of beauty, with the music video suggesting the reality of life beneath such beauty. Additionally, it shows no matter what location she is need sadness prevails. This music video has driven me to follow the life of the isolated girl in my story through regular shots of her in various different places and to represent her in isolation, like the music video shown above has successfully achieved. Additionally, the shot in ‘Ghost’ has blue tints to consolidate the artists sad emotional state. Similarly, in my video I included this blue tinge in few shots.
  5. 5. CONTINUATION RÁJ ‘GHOST’ Additional close-up/medium close-up shots I used to emphasise sadness and distress like shown in ‘Ghost’.
  6. 6. CONTINUATION RÁJ ‘GHOST’ • I loved the location shots here, which made me realise the importance of location in conveying a tone as well as its aesthetic beauty. The woman here is surrounded by natural imagery, which is a contrast to her deep sadness. Through the various different locations, the message I took was that wherever she went, no matter how beautiful, she dragged this bitterness with her. Therefore, for my music video I captured various natural sceneries to conflict with the main actress’ mood and to show that there is no escapism. RÁJ ‘Ghost’ My music video
  7. 7. KANYE WEST ‘DIAMONDS FROM SIERRE LEONE’ • I admired how Kanye left a message to the audience at the end of his music video. • Therefore, I was influenced and inspired by this and have used a quote at the end of my video to leave the message that everyone has a voice and to integrate secluded individuals into society. Like Kanye West’s video I feel like the end quote reinforces the themes portrayed in the video.