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Chalk About it Analysis


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Published in: Education

Chalk About it Analysis

  1. 1. Channelso o  Pinteresto  Facebook o  Slideshare o  Foursquare o  Twittero  Google+ o  Youtubeo  Instagramo  Too many channels were usedo  Should have chosen a few channels & reallyadvertise & encourage their useo  More time was needed prior to event toestablish a following & create a communityo  Traditional Media was needed to connect with alarger audience
  2. 2. Doodle.lyo was shared on Facebook pageo  Only a few people made a doodle"(Ben, Camille, Nick & Tye)o  Shared their doodles on Twitter & Facebooko  Account needed more time & awareness to encouragepeople to participate Camille’s  ‘K’  
  3. 3. Facebooko  Facebook was used as central hub but could have been more utilizedo  Total of 25 likeso  Classmates posted constant updateso  Videos & Photo was shared prior and post evento  Logo created had all necessary information to keep community updated Facebook  Logo  Design  
  4. 4. Foursquareo  Three “ChalkAboutIt” locations were addedo  Market Square had 8 check-inso  Downtown had 4 check-inso  The Hub had 1 check-ino  Check-in points had photos posted Chalkabou:t  Check-­‐ins  
  5. 5. Google+o  32 invited guests but only 4 participated in hangouto  Had a lot of potential if more students participatedo  3 students at different stations showed what was happening in the momento  Great tool to use for future events Chalkabou:t  Hangout  
  6. 6. Instagramo  30 uploaded pictures in total to accounto  45 photos uploaded to #chalkaboutito  45 followerso  Pictures of various ‘K’s ChalkAboutIt  Instaphotos  
  7. 7. Pintersto  22 Pins in Totalo  2 Boardso  4 Followers, 51 Followingo  Posted clues on the flash mobo  Posted Pictures of Kingston Frontenacs ChalkAboutIt  Boards  
  8. 8. Slideshareo  Presentation prior to flash mob had 62 viewso  15 Followerso  Presentation post flash mob had 74 viewso  Very Informative & well laid out o  Included guidelines & strategy of each channel ChalkAboutIt  Slideshare  
  9. 9. Twittero  Hashtag was created for event #ChalkAboutIto  Was really easy to keep community updatedo  Information was tweeted prior to evento  Photos were tweeted during flash mobo  Many of the photos & infos. were retweetedo  Twitter users posted ‘Thank-You’ messages post event
  10. 10. Youtubeo  First Video was created to inform students and community details about the evento  #1 Video had 178 viewso  #2 Video had 186 viewso  Video was really well done and promptly posted post event ChalkAboutIt  Videos  
  11. 11. Successo  Slideshare account was successful in viewso  Very creative idea that involved IMC studentso  First event launched gave us ways to improve for next yearo  Unique out of the classroom learningo  Instagram had a lot of pictures uploadedo  Great experience to use for future projectso  Market Square location was optimal & had lots of potential for user engagement
  12. 12. CMOSTo   Facebook tried to post updates from various social platforms (Pinterest &  Should have been more consistent & frequent with Facebook pageo  Integration of traditional media would have made event more exposed to communityo  Too many platforms caused certain networks to be ignored and under utilized " (Ex. Pinterest)o  Engagement with established communities would have benefited overall participation " (Ex. Fronts Fans)
  13. 13. Missed Opportunitieso   Time of event was too short & with more time a community could have been built to increase engagement o  Missed opportunity to include ‘Influencers’ (Professors, Fronts Coaches, Hockey Players)o  Took too long to establish an idea for the " flash mobo  Event was during an away game of the Frontentacs, more planning could have helped us coordinate with the teamo  Minor Mistake: Didn’t use actual sidewalk chalko  Traditional Media would have enhanced the opportunity to reach a different audience
  14. 14. Contento   Some channels had great content while others lacked in content curation o  Youtube was very prompt with uploading the video, which allowed for audience to keep the event on their mindo  With the exception of Instagram & Google+ other channels didn’t frequently keep audience updated DURING the evento  Although Facebook was a “Hub” should have created unique content was well using video & photos
  15. 15. Recommendationso   Launch channels prior to the event for a longer period of time to build community of followerso  Choose fewer strategic channels so as to not overwhelm followers with too many accounts o  Incorporate traditional channels to engage a different target market o  Email Influencers to invite them to the event & include Frontentacs team