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A quick survey of 2012 runway shows, ready-to-wear campaigns, fashion editorials and blogs will reveal that armor-inspired fashion trends are pervading the fashion world. Spiked heals and helmets, studded shoulder pads and bodysuits, metal eye-patches, industrial accessories, chain mail body jewelry and leather military harnesses are saturating the market. Designers are capitalizing on this fierce, “bad-ass,” urban-warrior motif, as they embellish every possible accessory with spikes and sharp geometric shapes. The season’s muse seems to be a fusion of medieval warrior (reminiscent of Joan of Arc), futuristic space voyager (think Prometheus) and post-apocalyptic combatant (Katniss Everdeen, heroine of The Hunger Games).

A woman, clad in this highly angular, metal-plated gear, delivers an assertive message that discourages contact and fortifies a barrier between herself and her onlooker. Is her objective one of defense by intimidation, or one of offense by preparation, as she is fully equipped to battle? I wager it is both. The overwhelming effect of this style is one of female empowerment.

Why do designers feel compelled to armor women? As I analyze this fashion trend, I ask: what is the threat? What do women need protection from? Inversely, what are women fighting against? In the context of social policy in the United States, I deduce that women are fighting for themselves. They are fighting to claim what is justly theirs: the controversial right to control their own bodies...

Read more & see mixed media painting: http://sabrinabrett.blogspot.com/2012/11/taking-up-arms.html

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"Taking Up Arms" Inspiration Slideshow

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