TradeCard product development partnering


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Product development partnering success story

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TradeCard product development partnering

  1. 1. Case StudyProduct Development Partnering with a Global Supply ChainManagement Solution Provider www. sabretch.comTradeCard Inc. is a leading provider of on-demand supply chain management solutions. The TradeCard Platform synchronizes financial transactionswith physical events in the global supply chain to help customers automate transactions from purchase order to payment and charge-backs.Buyers, suppliers and their trading partners manage transactions through a web-based platform with online financial services integrated into theworkflow. This turnkey transaction management enables customers to improve margins and enhance growth, with extra-organizational supply chainvisibility. TradeCards on-the-ground trade experts throughout the world assure superior supply chain agility.
  2. 2. The ChallengeWith frequent changes in the marketplace it was important for TradeCard to ensure that the system evolvedrapidly to meet the demands. Recognizing this, TradeCard decided to increase the number of releases theyrolled-out each year. Up until this point, all of TradeCard’s developments, implementation and product supportwere handled by internal teams. Therefore product partnering was untested waters for the ISV. A rapidly growing customer base, evolving marketplaceOne option to meet the rising demand was to extend the internal development team at a higher cost, but needs, the challenge ofTradeCard opted to engage Sabre to provide them with support services such as Software Quality Assurance, increasing product roll-outsTesting, Technical Documentation and Product Enhancements.Another critical aspect that required attention as TradeCard’s operations expanded was the need for a tool forsuppliers to capture data directly from factory floors and integrate with the web based system. While the on-demand web based platform of TradeCard was a superior system in many cases, the need to minimize the dataentry burden and eliminate errors was high on the agenda. 2
  3. 3. The EngagementProduct Support Services Product EnhancementsSabre’s initial engagement with TradeCard Inc. was to provide critical As confidence levels grew, Sabre got involved in Productsupport services needed at that stage to achieve TradeCard’s business Developments. The TradeCard Supplier Enablement tool was builtgoals. A dedicated team of specialists were assigned to provide the with Sabre’s product specialists working in close collaboration withfollowing services – the Client. Quality Assurance The tool enables automatic data uploading to the system reducing additional time and cost wasted for separate data entry and Product Testing empowering suppliers to identify and correct discrepancies before Technical and Business Documentation goods or information is sent to buyers.Aspects of involvement included providing documentation on BusinessProcess Procedures, End-User training guides and online help manualswhile software testing was carried out by developing unit test cases and A Product Extension developed to support the coreend-to-end test cases considering all applicable business scenarios. Web based TradeCard platform. 3
  4. 4. ResultsTradeCard was able to realize true benefits of Technology partnering, The Joint Venturewith Sabre making investments in specific skill development, sharingknowledge, doing research to add value to the innovation process.  Reinforces TradeCard’s global services and provides support for the regionSignificant efficiencies were brought to TradeCard’s productmanagement cycle and product enhancements were carried out to  Supports product developments and helps respond to customerimprove supply chain visibility. specific requirements  Pursues Business Development opportunities in the regionThe relationship grew and a Joint Venture was formed to handle specificbusiness functionalities of TradeCard. A subsidiary of Sabre Technologies Contact Us 752 Orion IT Park Email: Colombo 09 Tel: +94 11 44768800| +94 77 2364597 Sri Lanka