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Sabreena noor pitch


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Sabreena noor pitch

  2. 2. Documentaries are known as ‘creative treatments of actuality’ They intend to document some aspect of reality, people, places and/or events.
  4. 4. Expository • Voice over • Informs the audience • Uses of Vox pop • Fly on the wallObservational • Long takes • handheld • The filmmaker and crew mixes withParticipatory the subject • Edited to appear natural. • Filmmaker is present on screenReflective • Provides us with a narrative • Interviews and activities
  5. 5. From all my research into documentaries I have come to the conclusion that my target audience for a technology baseddocumentary will be teenagers to late twenties (16 - 27)My target audience will be: aimed at both males and females Young people who attend high school, college, university or working My TA would be from different social groupings There film interest lies in sci fi and inspired by true event TV shows: Panorama, Dispatches, The gadget show
  6. 6. Through my primary research (questionnaires and online surveys) Ifound out that late teens (16-17) to early 30’s enjoy watchingdocumentaries therefore I am targeting my documentary from 17+There wasn’t a difference between genders when asking members ofthe public if they like a documentary based on technology e.g. gamingculture through my research I collected that both males and femaleslike watching technology types of documentary as both genders dohave a relation with technology.
  7. 7. My documentary genre is popular towards my target audience A majority of them do watch documentaries often as one teen stated that he watches them “because they come on channel 4 and BBC1 quite often”.Although 50% of individuals said that they like to watch an interactive documentary I have decided not to go with that and go for an Expository documentary as I think it will merge well with my theme of technology. KEY: Aged, 16-25 Aged, 26-35 Aged, 36-44 Aged, 50+
  8. 8. David Buckingham - ‘Growing up in the Age ofElectronics and Media’• Youth identity and childhood are ever changing or possibly non-existent.• Childhood is a very modern concept, that hasn’t been around forever.• As media and social concerns change, childhood will also change.• As the world becomes a more scary place children spend a lot more time indoors interacting with electronic media.• Recent advertising campaigns for games and the Sony PlayStation have been explicitly addressed to young adults, suggesting that the games console are now being marketed as an acceptable adult toy.
  9. 9. Double Page Spread in a Magazine Listings Magazine:o Purpose – to inform o Radio timeso Contents – summary, quotes, facts, o TV & Satellite stills o TV Times etc.
  10. 10. Newspaper Advertisement Broadsheet Newspapers: o The Guardiano Large Title - My newspaper advert will be on theo Clear Message ‘educating people’ section which provides an in-depth advert for my documentary.o Clear time and channelo Image
  11. 11. My documentary is based on the technology topic focusing on the impact of gaming culture on young people today. My topic will appeal to my audiences as it’s a topicfocusing on a relevant point that is affecting young people in this contemporary society.