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So many ways to skin a cat presentation


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My presentation to the Connecting Up 09
conference 12 May, Sydney, Australia. I talked about the process of bringing CommunityCentral into life. The focus is on a 'user stories' method to bridge the gap between the way talked about what we wanted and what the developers needed to know.

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So many ways to skin a cat presentation

  1. 1. So many ways to skin a cat: using stories to envisage the CommunityCentral website Stephen Blyth Presentation to Connecting Up 09, Conference Sydney, Australia 12 May 2009
  2. 2. What I’ll cover today.... 1. Before: deciding on what we wanted the CommunityCentral to achieve 2. The middle bit: planning with user stories, building, and testing 3. After: did we get there? Feedback and reflections on the user stories. common knowledge
  3. 3. entral as a c rough erve ctor th S will s the se “CIM up and b for ons hu to set nicati e able works mmu ill b ns net tions w co ganisa nicatio ich or ommu dge.” h c knowle w ir own ge the cific IT a ing spe man requir ithout w Naj Dehlavi, former Communications Manager NZFVWO
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  5. 5. 11 September 2007 workshop
  6. 6. 11 September 2007 workshop meeting arranger website links widgets e-newsletters email list archiving calendar workspaces search toolbar notifications training & events listings
  7. 7. My CIMS Page - concepts About CIMS Hot topics Project Broadcast Sector-wide People networks Notice-boards partners discussion workspaces newsletters projects home My groups Your recent news Welcome to My CIMS page Centre Managers news from Groupings blog, Kaupapa Maori NZCOSS, CommunityNet... healing Old Friends, Bebo and ✴ Join or quit groups MySpace are a hit in NZ My newsletters by Miraz Yesterday 1:23 pm ✴ Manage my email address and subscriber ANGOA mailout Apparently Kiwis are big users Volunteer NZ news information of social networking sites such as MySpace, Bebo and Sign up to another newsletter, or change how I ✴ Facebook.... Hot topics receive stuff Blogs, wikis? Learn to use I’m watching Update up my public profile new internet-based tools ✴ by Miraz Feb 5, 2008 5:34 pm IRD payroll giving Request a new workspace for a project I’m ✴ Register now for the Engage coordinating Your Community My projects conference. Add a notice ✴ 2010 conference Using blogs, YouTube, and committee other tools to achieve your Find my peers and chat. ✴ groupʼs goals aims to help Regional asset tangata whenua, community mapping team and voluntary organisations. Collaborative radio show More Home | Contact Us | Help | Licence
  8. 8. User stories used to..... • Define website functionality (or requirements) • Checking by developer for site behaviour eg member search • Understanding what explanatory text and rules will be required • Staff orientation • Testing completeness of website against what was expected. common knowledge
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  11. 11. Resources The Bucket Fountain - CommunityCentral - Wikipedia - Wikispaces Google docs - Flickr creative commons images - common knowledge
  12. 12. Get in touch: stephen at] ph 021 0325177