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Fevered kerala


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Fevered kerala

  1. 1. Fevered kerala
  2. 2. Monsoon brings with it a plenty of diseases. Theclogged drains and unhygienic surroundings providethe ideal breeding grounds for many disease-causingmicro-organisms.
  3. 3. •The major causes of these water borne diseases are the nonhygienic situation and the lack of proper awareness.•Typhoid, jaundice, dengue fever, leptospirosis andchikungunya have become common during the rainy season•Alappuzha, Kollam, Pathanamthitta,Ernakulam, Kannur,Kasaragod, Wayanad ,Kollam and Kottayam districts, wheremost of the epidemics had been reported this year
  4. 4. Malaria is one among the diseases that may easilyaffect the common people during monsoon season.The malaria is spread by the mosquito called asanopheles mosquito. These mosquitoes are actuallyfemales. The monsoon season is the perfect seasonfor them to lay eggs and to breed. The untidysurroundings make it easier for them to breed. Thisis the worst disease that effects several thousandpeople a year and leads them to death.Symptoms of Malaria - Repeatedfever, shivering, weakness, joints and muscle painCAUSES ,SYMPTOMS AND PREVENTION OF DISEASE
  5. 5. Prevention from Malaria –Take care of the following points to stay away from malaria: Use mosquito nets during the night time•Use mosquito repellants• Get rid of stagnant water•Dont hesitate to visit the doctor if you see the symptoms.•Use DDT and other mosquito repellants in stagnant water.
  6. 6. DENGUEThe next common disease is dengue.This is caused by viruses which getstransmitted by mosquito.Fever , rash, headache are the main symptomsof dengue followed by bleeding gums and palms. Dengue is also knownby the name "dandy fever" or "break bone". Aedes Aegypti mosquito ismainly responsible for the transmission of dengue. As dengue is causedby viruses there is no specific treatment for dengue other than properintake of fluid and food.
  7. 7. COMMON COLDOne of the common diseases in rainy season. This disease can affectanyone. But this disease is not so serious. This disease will easily catchus in case of we get wet of rain.Symptoms of Common coldThe given below are the symptoms of Common cold:1. Sneezing2. shivering3. Fever4. Sore throatPrevention from Common coldTake care of the following points to stay away from Common cold1. Stay away from rain2. Avoid cold food items
  8. 8. SYMPTOMSchikungunyaChikungunya fever is a viral disease caused by analphavirus that is transmitted to humans by the biteof infected Aedes Aegypti mosquitoessymptoms.fever Which Can Reach 39 C, (102.2 F)Rash Usually Involving the Limbs and TrunkMultiple Joints.Headache, vomiting,pain abdomen,constipation.