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The Power of Software Vision - applied to the Science of Cells


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These slides are meant to introduce the concepts between new software methods that aim at building 'Smart Knowledge Portals' - as a new kind of 'expert system' or 'artificial intelligence'. ENJOY!

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The Power of Software Vision - applied to the Science of Cells

  1. 1. 3D Metrics The Power of ‘Software Vision’ through ‘Software Lenses’ Revealed
  2. 2. The Value Unfulfilled Need Everybody needs this technology in science and business because it deals with TIME and NUMBERS better. Technology With 3 software methods it provides forecasts, depth, detail & perspectives. Market The market is big for each of the 3 software methods. Route to the market Software as a Service is the product. Web presence is already extensive.
  3. 3. Sickle cells (anaemia) Seeing more about cells and their environment applies to sickle cells, stem cells and red and white blood cells as examples. The offer is to let you define what you want to differentiate in terms of cell characteristics.
  4. 4. Just one Example • Image analysis in cytology is underperforming because humans a poor instruments: lazy, slow and make mistakes. 3D Metrics solves that. • 3D Metrics ‘software vision’ is better: – offers new capabilities and ultimately a fully automated pre-screening process. – Competitors don’t have ‘pixel accuracy’. • It is a multibillion market (cytology / pathology) and growing.
  5. 5. Stem cells Just as sickle cells, so can stem cells be identified: 1. We see more visual depth and metric details 2. We see the difference made by colour 3. We can provide you with a new tool of observation!
  6. 6. Cells for Diabetes • Image analysis in cytology. – The technology improves productivity through faster analytical process, automated or semi- automated tagging of images, intelligent image search and comparison – Could be used in medical diagnostics, clinical trials and biomedical research – Potential customers: hospitals, clinical trial consultancies and academics
  7. 7. USPs • 3D Metrics’ unique ‘software vision’ approach • Complementary to human pattern recognition capabilities • Automatically generates metadata • Enables intelligent image search, comparison and sharing • Competitors: CellProfiler, FuzzyFluid, Labman 3.0. 3D Metrics’ unique multidimensional data analysis algorithms are much more powerful and add a new level of precision • The ultimate objective: the fully automated pre-screening system as ‘on-demand service’!
  8. 8. The Market • Huge Market: US anatomic pathology and cytology market was estimated by Washington G-2 Reports to be slightly over $12 billion in 2006. Growth of 60% between 2003 and 2006. • The worldwide market is several times bigger • Around 14,000 board-certified pathologists actively practising in the United States: potential customers of 3D Metrics’ Software-as-a-Service
  9. 9. Route to Market • Develop software based on 3D Metrics algorithms in collaboration with ‘domain experts’, ‘image technologists’ and ‘subject specialists’ • Software-as-a-Service: – highly scalable, fast and cost-effective • Deploy it on a commercial infrastructure • Sell as a ‘web service’ to cytology / pathology practitioners and researchers on a pay-as-you-use or subscription basis
  10. 10. Definitions • Cytology is the branch of life science, which deals with the study of cells in terms of structure, function and chemistry • Software Vision – 3D Metrics method that generates the digital representation of the image, derives “image metrics” such as shapes, objects, patterns, colours and contrasts and analyses this numerical data to make decisions about grouping images into collections and sorting, ranking or selecting them.
  11. 11. Input Images 3dM Digitised Images: multidimensional graphical representation of the original images. Easy to quantify! 3dM Cytology Vocabulary by Subject Experts: translates digitised images into image descriptors and proprietary quantifiers. For setting Quality Standards! 3dM Metadata for Computers: • Image intelligent grouping, sorting and ranking • Measuring image shapes, patterns and objects • Selecting, searching and comparing images • Image identification The unique Software Vision approach 3D Metrics for Cytology
  12. 12. Input Image 3dM Re-Visualised Image: multidimensional graphic of the original image. Easy to quantify! 3dM Vocabularies: describe qualities of multi- dimensional data with proprietary quantifiers 3dM Metadata: • Proprietary algorithms • Protected by ‘black boxing’ • Generic for 3 Software Methods: •Forecasting Time Series •Layering Dimensions •Re-Visualising Images Smart Knowledge Portals to ‘Visual’ and ‘Metric’ 3D 3D Metrics