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Renaissance Woman


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18 slides with sound ushering in a 'digital renaissance' with our 'True Colour 3D' that re-visualises images with 'Pixel Accuracy' by showing 'Digital Colour Brightness'. This is the basis for 'Smart Monitoring', the automation of image analysis, leading to 'Digital 3D Metics' to compare images numerically.

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Renaissance Woman

  1. 1. Renaissance Woman The Art of Visualising and the Science of Measuring in the Intelligence of a Smart Knowledge Engine Sabine K McNeill © Copyright Sabine K McNeill 1996 - 2017
  2. 2. Why Renaissance [14th – 17th Century]?  Renaissance  Rebirth of Humanism in Greece  Protagoras  “Man is the Measure of all Things” The School of Athens by Raphael [1483-1520]
  3. 3. ‘Digital Renaissance’: Enlightenment through Data  Humanism  Art  Science  Music  Religion  Self-awareness  Classical antiquity  Study and imitate nature  Generic Software Methods  Re-Visualising Images  Layering Multi-Dimensional Data  Forecasting Time Series  Structured Numerical Data  Images  Graphs, Diagrams  Verbal Data  Measuring Units The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo [1475 – 1564]
  4. 4. Giordano Bruno [1548 – 1600] “There is no Time, there is only Movement. For if there was no Movement, there would be no Time.” “In this infinite space is placed our universe - whether by chance, by necessity or by providence – I do not consider here.”
  5. 5. “Renaissance Man” Leonardo da Vinci [1452 – 1519] Mona Lisa as a movable object in True Colour 3D opening her eyes as you tilt her
  6. 6. Leonardo Fibonacci [1175 – 1250]
  7. 7. Pythagoras of Samos [ca 570 BC]
  8. 8. Alexander von Humboldt [1769 – 1859] “Every discovery opens up the imagination further, stimulating more discovery: it enlarges the sphere of ideas, excites a taste for investigation, while the creation of new instruments of observation increases the intelligence.” Theodore Zeldin, An Intimate History of Humanity, London 1994
  9. 9. 1749 – 1832
  10. 10. René Descartes [1596 – 1650] 3 Dimensions are defined by orthogonal Axes at 900 Angles.
  11. 11. SI Units: International System of Units [1960] kg kilogram: 3D m meter: 1D s second: 4D cd candela: luminous intensity K Kelvin: thermodynamic temperature A Ampere: electric current mol mole: amount of substance Geo-metric Dimensions Physical Qualities Digital Colour Brightness
  12. 12. NUMBERS: where Physics meets Metrology Physical Constants of Nature Digital Colour Brightness: the numerical representation of Light and Colour – digitised by technologies
  13. 13. True Colour 3D: Quantifications of Light and Colour
  14. 14. Digital 3D Metrics = Measuring Qualities of Objects and Phenomena in Digital Images
  15. 15. Measuring Changes over Time by Comparing Digital Colour Brightness
  16. 16. Cassiopeia C – a constellation in the Northern Sky – named after a Greek queen
  17. 17. Johannes Kepler [1571 – 1630]
  18. 18. Smart Knowledge – a ‘Digital Renaissance’  The Space where Data and Images become Insights and Intelligence:   The Engine that creates  True Colour 3D with  Pixel Accuracy and  Digital Colour Brightness as digital yardstick  for Smart Monitoring to automate image analysis and produce  Digital 3D Metrics: 