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Nanosurfaces 2017 Conference London


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Five slides illustrating the gist of what is possible with our method to re-visualise digital images at nanoscale.

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Nanosurfaces 2017 Conference London

  1. 1. Nanoscale in ‘True Colour 3D’ An Innovative Software Platform offers New Research Potential for Nanoscience
  2. 2. A Matter of Scale: uncertainties and probabilities of measuring • • HUMAN • Quality of Materials in product design and development • Materials in Buildings, Welding • Surfaces, Coatings, Car Manufacturing • NANO • Biomedical materials • Cytology & Pathology research labs • Diagnosis and Therapy
  3. 3. ‘True Colour 3D’: a new Look and Feel for images as ‘movable objects’ The 1st step for monitoring automation: • Domain Experts • examine Reference Images • formulate Selection Criteria • and define Boundary Conditions • for ‘exceptional events’ • Operators of Automation • control quality • and monitor ‘normal situations’
  4. 4. What’s the Use? • Re-Visualisation for Domain Experts • More depth, detail and structure • Numerical Comparability for Computers • Series, singles, regions of interest • ‘Digital Colour Brightness’: a new Digital Yardstick • The potential to set industry standards • Reference Images + Reference Technologies [Scale] • Reference Materials [Displays and Screens] • Reference Specimen [eg. Car Varnishing, Stem Cells]
  5. 5. Smart Knowledge Space • What is Innovative? • True Colour 3D – a new ‘Visual 3D’ • Pixel Accuracy – a new ‘Metric 3D’ • Digital Colour Brightness – a ‘common denominator’ or ‘digital yardstick’ • Smart Monitoring – a new kind of ‘expert system’ • Smart Knowledge Engine – Try Before You Buy • ‘Visual 3D’ – for images • ‘Layers’ – for multi-dimensional time series