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Final future of hotels


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Future of Hotels by Sabina Huh and Collins Ferebee

Analyzing Trend Final

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Final future of hotels

  1. 1. The Future of Hotels Collins Ferebee & Sabina Huh
  2. 2. HypothesisUse of hotels as a social networking space for both guests and city residents
  3. 3. Forces: TechnologyTechnology driven culture- Where technology and its devices are implemented intrinsically and used comfortably in society (ipads, smartphones, apps, facebook.. etc) People try to keep up with rapidly changing technology.Code:Transformative/ Portable
  4. 4. CNN’s Survey:* Six out of 10 Americans get news from the Internet,survey says* Pew Internet report also says peoples online newsexperience is a social, interactive one* Most people said they have from two to five mainnews sources online Technology: Example
  5. 5. “Hurricane Sandy: Twitter, Facebook Emerge As Portable: 33% of cell phone ownersLifeline During Disasters Despite Pranks” now access news on their cell phones.- International Business Times Personalized: 28% of internet users have customized their home page to include news from sources and on topics that particularly interest them. Participatory: 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or disseminated it via postings on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. 75% get news forwarded through email or posts on social networking sites and 52% share links to news with others via those means. Pew Reasearch Center/ CNN article Technology: Example
  6. 6. Forces: SocialPeople constantly want to feel connected and be able to exchange information and ideas with speed and ease. People want to be current with the latest practices and news. People want to interact and network in spaces with others who share similar interest (Linkedin, Social Networking sites)Code: Collective/ Selective
  7. 7. Pew research 2011:Social NetworksAs for the things people are sharing online: Internetusers sent 360 billion pieces of content acrossFacebook over the year, which included links, notesand photos. Flickr, just one of a number of popularphoto sites, saw 130 million photos uploaded to the siteeach month.-New York times Social: Example
  8. 8. Forces: EconomyDue to the financial recovery after the downfall of previous years, people are very conscious of where they are putting their money and when they do they want the most value and experience for the money. Customers want the most experience for their money with package deals and special offers and information on city eventsCode: Value
  9. 9. * “The Rise of Gilt Groupe: The Great Recession Fuels the PerfectStorm” -Frobes 1/02/2012* Six in 10 affluent Millennials read user-generated product reviewswhen shopping for luxury goods*55% have learned about a product in a store, but preferred topurchased it online * “Millennials are often turning to* 18% recommend luxury brand purchases through social network flash sales and daily deals to getsites, reports the Luxury Institute. luxury goods at a bargain.” -David Bakke, Money Crashers* “Affluent Millennials are very early adopters of new digital, social Personal Finance.and mobile technologies. They use these new tools to crowd source Economy: Exampleinformation from peers even while they are shoppingat retail.” -Forbes10/02/2012
  10. 10. TrendHotels integrating new technologies to services and amenities. (Ex. digitized lobby, hotel’s smartphone applications, free Wifi…) LobbyFriend application
  11. 11. TrendContent marketingcreating and distributing relevant and valuable content toattract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understoodtarget audience – with the objective of driving profitablecustomer action.Facebook pages for business L’Oréal’s Garnier Fructis + Rolling Stone: news emerging musicians and their styles.
  12. 12. Trend-Multi functional spaces for collaboration where different companies work within the space to exchange information and get feedback. (Ex. Interiors of Dogpatchlabs Dogpatchlabs “A Community And Workspace for Entrepreneurs.”)
  13. 13. TrendPublic Space for Networking (Ex. Ace Hotel- open lobby with an accommodating environment for connecting, leisure, and working, Bryant Park- offers online social networking site) Ace Hotel Lobby
  14. 14. TrendCustomized Search Engine:Choosing a Hotel by‘Experience’ and Neighborhood HipmunkAirbnb: “What king of neighborhood are you looking for?”
  15. 15. The Out NYC Trend Guests desire niche experiences targeted to their specialized interest and local cultureLibrary Hotel NYC
  16. 16. Culture & Language- Subculture: TECH Geek-"Geek" no longer seen as a negativeterm-immersed and connected bytechnology-work and play interchangeably-network virally and need spacesdesigned to accommodate
  17. 17. Travel spending by Millennials rose 20% in 2010.-New York Timesmillennials are the fastest-growing age segment in for travelservices in 201, growing 20 percent. Hotels are responding byadding more technological amenities like complementary high-speed Internet and iPads in every room.-American Express
  18. 18. Insights- Spaces accommodating for variety of purposes.- Promoting connection and collaboration through a secure platform.-Providing services or events conducive to organic connections.-providing technological devices within the space/ lobby to help effectively and easily exchange and obtain information-A friendly environment implementing high technology without seeming cold-Spaces designed for selective interest-bringing events formed online to offline settings.-developing content marketing sites/ apps
  19. 19. Profile of ClientMarriot : Mass chain hotel.-implements uniform service and environment in chain hotels needs to alter to the current specified interest demands of the millennial.-lacks special features-does not change to the social and environmental setting of the city-lacks up to date technology-too traditional, not relaxing-not up to date with the change from luxurious/ over the top hotel decor, to todays more relaxed/ modern aesthetic
  20. 20. Trend Insights-lobbies as social spaces with tech devices consoles-offering social events and special deals-developing smartphone applications-relaxed décor to match more laid back attire-multiple bars/lounges with different themes to drive city residential customers-digitizing and making the process of check-in and check-out quick and easy-highlight the local culture of the city and create specializedenvironments-diversify appeal