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RFID Technologies for Inventory Management


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RFID Technologies for Inventory Management

  1. 1. By Salman Abdulaziz
  2. 2. LinTRAK TAGSYS’ LinTRAK RFID UHF tags have been specifically designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry in terms of shape, robustness and ease of fixation. LinTRAK is based on a unique and patented concept developed by TAGSYS. It uses a very small UHF device coupled to a sewed secondary antenna made of an innovative and flexible thread. LinTRAK is easily affixed onto textile products using a standard sewing process. Specifically designed for flat linen and uniforms identification, it can be sewed along the edge of the item or incorporated in the hem. LinTRAK enables reading distances over 3 meters with TAGSYS UHF readers. MuTRAK TAGSYS’ MuTRAK UHF tags have been designed to meet specific itemlevel tracking requirements in terms of size, robustness and read performance.An innovative design makes MuTRAK the smallest (7 x 7 x 1.4 mm) and sturdiest encapsulated UHF tag available on the market, able to resist harsh processes such as injection molding. MuTRAK provides excellent read performance (up to 15 cm) using TAGSYS fixed and portable UHF RFID reading stations. To obtain greater reading distances, we recommend TAGSYS’ LinTRAK UHF tag.
  3. 3. AK™      Innovative packaging and labeling solution for item-level RFID. Incorporates two leading technologies: a universal low cost "adaptive kernel" and a high-performing secondary antenna optimized for specific product and application requirements. Capacitive coupling minimizes tag de-tuning and increases performance in dense tag environments. Fast, low cost tag design optimized for application performance, cost, size and placement requirements. Typical Applications:Full suite of off-the-shelf designs for a broad range of applications. GemTRAK TAGSYS’GemTRAK RFID UHF Label has been specifically designed to meet the tracking requirements of the jewelry industry in terms of size, shape and ease of fixation. The UHF RFID Tag is embedded in a white patented adhesive label adaptable to any type of jewelry piece, including rings, earrings and necklaces. The GemTRAK labels enable jewelry to be quickly and reliably identified all along their distribution chain, from warehouses to pointof-sales.Whether in bags, on trays or on shelves, several pieces of jewelry can be easily inventoried using fixed or portable RFID reading stations. FashionTRAK tags TAGSYS’ EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 ultra high frequency (UHF) FashionTRAK RFID tags are designed to meet the specific needs of the Fashion manufacturing and retail apparel industries. FashionTRAK tags have been designed to meet unique application criteria such as item proximity, tag directionality and read range, delivering highperformance levels and critical data accuracy required in UHF itemlevel applications within the fashion manufacturing and retail apparel industries.
  4. 4. BluTAG TAGSYS’ rugged BluTAG offers superior performance and reliability in the identification and tracking of textile products in industrial environments. -BluTAG is one of the sturdiest and most resilient encapsulated HF tags available on the market today. It has been specifically designed for industrial textile products, including flat linen identification in rough industrial laundry environments. -The new tag performance is improved up to 25% compared to previous generation tags. -BluTAG is small and unobtrusive, sewn into textile products either in the hem, inside a fabric pouch or heat sealed under a patch. -BluTAG is multiread and performs very fast even with high temperature, providing a reliable solution when clean items have to be read just after the ironing process. -BluTAG is highly resistant to tunnel washers, water extractors (up to 60 bars), tunnel finishers, tumblers and calendars (up to 200°C). Ario™ 370L-DL     Most rugged encapsulated tag available. Small size and white color make it ideal for incorporating into clothing. Designed for garments, flatlinens, mats, and mops. Chip ID laser-marked directly on tag for additional visual identification. Ario™ 370L-HL    Small, rugged button-like tag. Features two holes for easy attachment to any textile product. Easily sewn to personal items such as garments of nursing home residents.
  5. 5. Ario™ 370-S SDM   Smallest tag available. Ideal for encapsulation into small items such as pharmaceutical vials Ario™ 370-S SM    High performing tag coupled with a compact form factor. Form factor ideal for plastic injection molding into item-level packaging. Specifically optimized for use in various plastic injection molded items such as pharmaceutical bottles, plastic crates, gas bottles etc. in rugged environments. Ario™ 370-S DM   High performance ruggedized module. Ideal for asset tracking applications requiring a disk format. Folio™ F3 HF Tags  Specifically optimized for use in paper materials such as books and magazines. Folio™ ISO HF Tags    Specifically optimized for use in paper materials such as books and magazines. Industry standard form factor. Highest performing flexible tag available.
  6. 6. Folio™ CD HF Tags The TAGSYS Folio CD tag is designed to be applied to CDs and DVDs. It is available in converted white PET label format. Folio™ FM HF Tags   Small form factor designed for item-level packaging. Converted paper labels with different ICs PATRON CARD The TAGSYS Patron Card is a contactless identification card. It can be used in many applications such as libraries, jewelry stores, luxury and retail industries.The Patron Card serves as an access control badge or identification card, as well as a loyalty card. The key advantage of this RFID card is the convenience it brings in the rapid and reliable contactless identification by the RFID stations recognition field.The TAGSYS Patron Card is customizable: it can be printed on with graphics, holograms and signature pad and graphically and electrically. The TAGSYS Patron Card contains a 13.56 MHz (HF) passive RFID inlay compliant with the ISO 15693 standard, and encoded with a unique encrypted ID number. The card ID number can be linked to patron or shopper information.
  7. 7. Zebra Technologies is a global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization's assets, people and transactions, enabling organizations to unlock greater business value. The company's extensive portfolio of marking and printing technologies, including RFID and real-time location solutions, illuminates mission-critical information to help customers take smarter business actions. Wheretag Battery-powered active RFID tags - WhereTag asset tags enable the realtime locating system (RTLS) precision tracking needed to access accurate, up-to-the second information on the location and status of assets. WhereTags are fully sealed for a RTLS application that can withstand tough indoor and outdoor environments. WhereTag is part of the Zebra WhereNet family of products.
  8. 8. Dominate RFID is a global RFID company headquartered in the United States with additional sales & support facility in Dubai, UAE. Dominate RFID can deliver products next business day regardless of where you are located. As a growing company, more facilities are being established in other parts of the world. In our global effort to better assist and support businesses, you can communicate with our staff in the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog just to name a few. Dominate RFID enables you to focus on your core competencies by providing you with extensive training and great technical support. DOMINATE RFID TECHNOLOGY CAPABILITIES Dominate RFID Tracking Solutions is a web based application with no limitations on its configuration capabilities. It utilizes an innovative “Item properties” feature that allows you to match it perfectly to your specific inventory requirements. Dominate RFID Tracking system can enhance your existing system with RFID capabilities through integration and therefore safeguards your investment or use it as a standalone Tracking System. The amazing feature of the Dominate RFID Tracking is that it does not require you to change your method of operation or procedures. Dominate RFID Tracking solution tremendously improves three major parts of your business: Inventory  Quick stock count allows you to scan entire store in minutes instead of hours.  Audit your inventory in no time.  Quickly find missing or misplaced items.  Quickly organize the store by scanning a location and see what items do not belong to that location.  Real time visibility of your inventory regardless of their location. Security  Protects you against theft and counterfeiting.  Receive alerts in real time via Screen Pop-ups, SMS and Email.  Automatically lock doors and take many actions when un-authorized item is leaving.  Directly associates the video surveillance with the un-authorized item leave. Sales    Know which item has been shown to customer the most. Know which item has never been shown. Valuable statistics to help you make better purchasing decisions.
  9. 9.  Dominate RFID Tracking system is comprised of several independent and tightly integrated modules to provide you with a complete tracking solution. Inventory Quick Count  This module is designed for quick stock count of your entire inventory. It is usually used for end of the day stock counts. You can select the entire inventory or select by Item Type or item properties and the handheld will count the inventory and provide you the result in real time.  Inventory Audit  This module is designed for auditing the inventory including the periodic cycle counts. The handheld will capture found, missing, and misplaced items and will report the audit results to the application for further processing.  Misplaced Search  This module is designed to scan a location and look for items that do not belong to that location. It is a great tool for cleaning up and organizing the inventory.  Inventory Search  This module allows you to search for and pinpoint the precise location of missing item. Visual and audible proximity indicators direct you to the item you are looking for. As the user gets closer to the item, the handheld reader beeps more frequently and visual indicator displayed on the screen shows the distance to the item.  Features  Rapid and accurate inventory capture.  Automate the identification and status change of hundreds of items at once. No miscounts. No double counts. Deliver more precision, repeatability and control into your system.  Easy to use and easy to maintain.  Misplaced Search allows you to scan a location and search for items that have been misplaced or don’t belong to that location.  Automatically lock doors and take many actions when un-authorized item is leaving.  Rapid report generation.  Designed to work with Barcode, RFID or combination of the two.  Increase inventory turnover ratio and make decisions based on accurate data.  Know exactly what you have, how many you have and where it is.  Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against theft, loss and counterfeiting.  Extensive real time Alert system with video surveillance for monitoring item movements.  Quick daily stock count and audit your inventory in no time.  Know which items have been shown to customers the most.  Increase real-time inventory accuracy and visibility.  Scan items that are in a box without even opening the box.  Eliminate wasted time looking for missing or misplaced items.  Eliminate errors in receiving, put away, picking, transfer and shipping.  Valuable item activity statistics to help you make better purchasing decisions.  Works with RFID, Barcode or combination of the two.
  10. 10. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Hardware RFID Tags RFID Antennas Fixed RFID Readers Mobile RFID Readers RFID Printers RFID Peripherals
  11. 11. DOMINATE ASSET AND RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES Dominate Asset Services has established a reputation for providing outstanding Asset and Risk Management services to organizations worldwide. We provide a wide range of solutions to help you with your Fixed Asset Management needs. Below is a summary of these solutions: Asset Registers Dominate Asset Services has many years of experience in the creation and maintenance of comprehensive asset registers that enable data to be sorted and grouped in many different ways. For each asset, we capture asset image as well as many asset attributes along with their attribute values. Our unique description builder provides you with a consistent asset description throughout your asset register. Our unique Asset Register categorization and classification system will enable you to maintain accurate and up-to-date financial information on your assets. You will be able to pinpoint and zoom in on your assets based on their specific attributes. Asset Tagging Dominate Asset Services’s Asset Tagging solution simplifies the complex process of surveying and tagging thousands of assets. We offer expert service on a wide range of asset tagging solutions. We use a variety of sizes and custom Barcode and RFID Tags to fit any asset. Each tag contains a unique identifier, associating the Tag ID to the asset it is attached to. After each asset tagging process, an extensive audit is done to verify the accuracy of the asset tagging against the asset register. Asset Audit Dominate Asset Services offers a variety of audit services to assist clients in identifying their fixed asset base. We have conducted countless largescale audits using a proven methodology. A comprehensive physical inventory is performed in order to determine the existence and location of every company asset, along with its location and status. Through the
  12. 12. use of PDA devices that run propriety software developed by Dominate Asset Services, the process is fully automated and the accuracy and speed of the audit is significantly enhanced. We assign an experienced team to each audit project, along with a seasoned Project Manager who is entirely responsible for the success of the project. The Project Manger ensures that the project meets all deadlines and requirements. In addition, the Project Manager makes sure that the client stays informed of project status at all times. Asset Financial Reconciliation Dominate Asset Services’s reconciliation services include:  Inventorying of all fixed assets to ensure that accounting records reflect assets on hand.  Identifying assets that are no longer on hand.  Validation of assets’ historical book value for use on financial statements. With this new information available asset records are updated with current location, status, disposition and value. Asset Valuation            Dominate Asset Services valuation professionals can provide appraisals and fair market valuations (FMV) of your assets for any of the following reasons: Investment Analysis Capital Budgeting Purchase Price Allocation Financial Reporting Fresh-Start Accounting Taxable Events Acquisitions, Mergers and Donated Property Adequate Insurance Coverage Account Regulations and Grant Compliance Capital Budgeting and Cost Projection
  13. 13. Asset Recovery Utilizing Dominate Asset Services for your Asset Recovery needs will ensure that you sell off or dispose of your obsolete, scrap, and surplus assets in a manner that maximizes returns and minimizes costs and liabilities. For assets that have yet to reach their end-of-life, you will receive maximum market value. IT equipment is disposed of in a hasslefree, secure and environmentally responsible manner. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about your sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. We remove all tags and labels from equipment, overwrite hard drives and shred inoperable disks. Asset Recycling Dominate Asset Services can help you recycle your IT assets. We specialize in the environmentally friendly recycling of your end-oflife IT and telecommunications assets including servers, desktops, laptops, wireless handsets, PDA’s, printed circuit boards (PCB), power supplies, VOIP equipment, PBX equipment, and other devices. Any sensitive data that resides on the equipment is overwritten and destroyed. We will apply significant time at Partner, Director and Manager Level to understand and advise on major issues facing your entity. Our dedicated team has a wide range of relevant experience and a blend of the necessary technical and commercial skills to handle your affairs efficiently and effectively. It is our stated policy to provide services to the highest technical, professional and ethical standards and, thereby, to maximize the benefits available to our clients.
  14. 14. MOJIX RFID SYSTEMS Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Mojix was founded in 2004 by some of the world's foremost experts in advanced signal processing technology, perfected for deep space communications. The company's mission is to leverage this technology to create a new generation of game-changing RFID systems that realize the vast potential and expand the utility of RFID throughout supply chains and enterprises. In re-defining RFID, Mojix is enabling organizations to re-invent and derive new levels of value from their supply chain management systems. Mojix STAR 3000 System The Mojix STAR 3000 is a game changer for RFID tracking, both in terms of technology and economics. Built on deep space communication technology designed to detect very weak radio signals, the EPC Gen2compliant Mojix STAR 3000 can read the signal from an excited passive RFID tag as far as 600 feet/182 meters away — which is 20 times the range of traditional systems. The world's longest range RFID receiver is now available at a lower cost with more functionality.  100,000 times the receiver sensitivity of previous solutions— 50dB link budget improvement indoors  20 times the range of conventional RFID readers—more than 600 feet/182 meters  1.2 teraflops signal processing power  100 times greater coverage area than conventional systems—up to 250,000 sq feet / 76,200 sq meters with one STAR system  Verification of 100% of tags on RF-challenged materials  Expanded utility of passive RFID—location estimation, security and authentication
  15. 15. Mojix STAR Receiver With the ability to detect extremely faint signals and freed from line-of-sight read restrictions, the STAR receiver works in concert with its satellite Mojix eNodes to support one or many business processes across the system's entire coverage area. A STAR receiver functions as a single point, phased array reader/receiver utilizing adaptive beam forming and steering, and managing up to 512 Mojix eNodes. It detects installed Mojix eNodes and selfconfigures accordingly, and is used to schedule interrogation zones. The STAR receiver controls the operation of eNodes, reads tag data, and communicates with the Master Controller. It can be configured to operate across the entire UHF frequency band (868-MHz to 928 MHz). STAR Master Controller The Master Controller provides a single point for data collection, communication with corporate business processes, and command and control of a Mojix STAR system. The Master Controller schedules resources, directs the Mojix STAR system to activate eNodes, processes tag information, and serves as the integration point between a STAR system and enterprise applications. The Master Controller also hosts applications that leverage the powerful Mojix STAR system to deliver new capabilities, and maintains statistics of successful reads in each interrogation space of the system. It uses these statistics and a proprietary set of optimization algorithms to adapt digital radio parameters for individual interrogation spaces to optimize system performance. Mojix eNodes: Flexible Solutions for RFID Coverage The Mojix STAR system uses Mojix eNode transmitters to define its three dimension coverage area and individual interrogation spaces. Up to 512 fixed, wireless or handheld Mojix eNodes are supported by a single Mojix STAR system. Operating within FCC-approved power limits, a Mojix eNode excites all passive RFID tags within its designated interrogation space, with a typical excite range of 30 feet and an excitation area of 2,500 sq. feet. eLocation With the ability to locate and track RFID tags within a 30ft radius of a Mojix eNode, and in addition determine location with up to one meter accuracy, the Mojix STAR system enables passive RIFD solutions to be deployed in a wider range of use cases and applications where location determination is required.
  16. 16. Mojix eGroup Mojix eGroup enables true verifiability and electronic proof of delivery that can heighten levels of security and anti-counterfeiting. A long standing challenge for passive RFID is failure to excite tags on RF-challenged goods and and therefore the inability to read those tags. This can be due to tag failure, tag de-tuning from metallic package of the goods, or obstruction of the tag by other objects. A Mojix eGroup is essentially an electronic inventory or manifest of a targeted population of tags. An eGroup optionally can also provide a unique electronic signature. Tag data is compressed and distributed across all tags in a pallet to create a unique pallet code, verifying the collective tags upon reading, determining their originating source, and protecting against duplication and intrusion. Because the code is embedded in the RFID tag memory, the code remains with the pallet and the pallet's inventory information is available in real time, without necessitating communications with a backend database or software system. In addition to verifying and protecting tagged items on a pallet, Mojix eGroup is applicable to virtually any arbitrary shaped three dimensional population of goods, container or space including shelves and display cases. Mojix STAR USE CASES The Mojix STAR system addresses all use cases currently addressed by conventional passive RFID systems, but with greatly enhanced functionality, cost-effectiveness and scalability. It also enables organizations to leverage RFID for use cases that were previously uneconomical or technically infeasible. Retail – Stores can now locate products that have "migrated" from store back room to retail floor, from designated shelves, displays and departments. Shrinkage can be curtailed while items are still in-store with real-time monitoring of goods moving on the retail floor. And the exact location of items can be determined to optimize replenishment, returns and ordering of inventory. Shipping Docks, Dock Doors – Complete real-time visibility is provided not only into items passing through doors, but also into items staged near doors and passing by docks. Normal dock operations are supported, as well as exceptions, and the solution scales cost-effectively across all doors in a facility. Yard Management – Assets are immediately located and tracked for accurate inventory, loss prevention and more efficient operations across yards, lots, wharves and other outdoor areas. This leads to increased yard throughput, faster dock door turns, improved productivity, enhanced outbound carrier selection, and elimination of unauthorized
  17. 17. checkouts. Manufacturing – Manufacturers can better manage WIP (work in progress), increase product velocity, reduce inventory and achieve a more predictable flow on manufacturing lines through enhanced exception handling and real-time visibility into build status, resource utilization and misplaced materials and tools. Mobile Asset Tracking – Movable enterprise assets can be tracked and managed across entire campuses for improved asset utilization, more efficient operations, and better preventative maintenance. Fast Moving Goods Tracking – Perishable goods and food can be tracked and managed through each step of the distribution process within a complete warehouse with visibility from entry to exit of the facility. Factory Workflow Automation – Work flow automation of processes such as receiving, assembly and sorting systems from unassembled goods to finished products, can be tracked, providing full real-time visibility to various stages in the process,optimizing the work flow on the factory floor, as well as management and decision making.
  18. 18. AssetPulse's mission is to help businesses get a better handle on all their asset related data. At AssetPulse we believe that accurate and up-to-date asset data is imperative for any business that is looking to gain a competitive advantage through the optimal use of all its critical assets. To provide a truly comprehensive view of all assets, our AssetGather platform is uniquely designed to collect, aggregate and correlate asset related information from a wide variety of data sources including realtime data from RFID tags and sensors and existing data from databases, spreadsheets and applications. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Solutions by Industry Rental & Leasing Industry RFID-based solution to enable companies to keep track of their assets which are being leased out to different customers or job sites, or for tracking returnable assets. Construction Industry Track construction equipment using Passive or Active RFID. GPS, Cellular and RFID technologies can be combined to enable real-time tracking at construction sites. Solutions by Use Case Rapid Inventory A simple handheld solution to enable quick and regular inventorying with the room to grow. Inventory any kind of assets. Real-Time Tracking (Outdoor) GPS, Cellular and RFID technologies are combined to give you the power to track your assets as they are on the move. Oil & Natural Gas Industry RFID-based solution for tracking oil field machinery, pipes and other equipment. Designed to work in harsh environments. Jewelry and valuables HF or UHF Passive RFID based solution designed to inventory hundreds of jewelry items within minutes. Form factor of tags is suitable for small jewel items like rings. Real-Time Tracking (Indoor) Fixed reader based solution for automatic recording of asset movements within the premises. Using Passive, Semi-Passive or Active RFID. IT Asset Tracking Find out how AssetGather can improve efficiency of tracking and inventorying IT Assets like computers, laptops, servers etc.
  19. 19. Time and Attendance Tracking Find out how personnel movements can be automatically tracked for the purpose of regulatory compliance, emergency evacuation or time and attendance logging. SOFTWARE AssetGather Platform AssetGather is a web-based asset status tracking solution that gives enterprises the ability to view up-to-date status of all their critical assets and assess their impact on associated business processes from anywhere. It is designed from the ground up to accept and process realtime data from RFID, sensors, GPS devices and other realtime data sources to help automate the collection and update of asset related data. Further AssetGather is capable of integrating with and aggregating data from existing applications and data repositories. AssetGather Mobile AssetGather Mobile is a light-weight software application for RFID and Barcode handheld readers. AssetGather Mobile has capabilities to perform inventory scans of locations, perform check-out of assets to a job and perform physical searches of assets. At the end of scanning the scan data can be sent to the AssetGather server by performing a “synchronize” operation over a WiFi connection, or after connecting the handheld to a PC using a USB cable. Assetinformation can also be updated on the fly using AssetGather Mobile. AssetGather QuickTrap QuickTraQ is designed for users who wish to adopt RFID to improve their organizational processes, but don't know where to start. This stand-alone entry-level solution can be deployed with minimal infrastructure setup and investment. Use QuickTraQ to understand the benefits of faster inventorying and better asset utilization using RFID, before moving to a full-fledged web-based asset tracking platform like AssetGather.
  20. 20. RFID READERS UHF Passive Handhelds UHF Passive Fixed Readers Portable handhed RFID and Barcode readers with a touch-screen interface and Windows Mobile based operating system. Available with multiple polarization options. Up to 10 meter read ranges. Support for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol and more. Fixed UHF Passive readers with multiple antenna options like portal, ceiling, wall mountable. Integrates with input/output devices like sensors, lights and buzzers. Ethernet or RS232 (COM) based. Support for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and more protocols. Battery-assisted Passive Readers Active RFID Readers Fixed and mobile 433 Mhz active RFID readers for non-stop location awareness of assets. Reads up to 1,000 feet (with optional custom antenna configurations). Multi-protocol reader with best of both passive UHF RFID and battery assisted technologies. These readers are sometimes called as semi-passive or semi-active readers. Support for the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol. HF Readers 13.56 Mhz fixed HF Readers with read ranges from a few inches to a few feet for applications such as Jewelry, Laundry etc. Customizable antenna configurations. Support for ISO 15693, ISO 18000 and more protocols. RFID TAGS RFID Tags for IT Assets Tags suitable for electrical, electronic, electromagnetic, metallic or non-metallic IT equipment like computers, printers, monitors etc. Tags available with foam padding or rugged casing. Unique form-factor RFID tags Metal Mount RFID Tags Tags for direct mounting on metallic surfaces of any assets. Available in various shapes, sizes and mounting options including wrap around mount. Embeddable RFID Tags RFID Tags available for any kind of surface or equipment. Metal tie-wrap, nylon tie-wrap, cable tags, plastic wrap-around, flexible tags, ring tags, wristband, badge tags etc. RFID Tags for Harsh environments RFID tags which are embeddable into any material such as ceramic, wood, rubber, metal, and even concrete. The RFID tag can be read through the material in which it has been embedded. Rugged RFID Tags RFID tags designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, chemicals, etc. Perfectly suited for industries such as construction and oil. Packaged chip based (not inlay based) RFID tags, embedded in substances such as vulcanized rubber which are bolted or molded to a metal bar for high durability and ruggedness.
  21. 21. HF Tags Label Tags High Frequency tags available for various formfactors and applications such as jewelry and laundry tracking. Standard adhesive backed label tags for pasting on surfaces such as cardboard or wood. For applications such as pallet or document tracking. CONSULTING  RFID Consulting  RFID Development Services  RFID Training
  22. 22. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, Barcoding, Inc. has offices and systems engineers throughout the country including an office in Chicago. Our professional services group and software development team have implemented projects in all 50 states, US territories, and several different countries. We have staff on-call 24/7 as many of customers’ work day does not end at 5:00. We understand that distribution centers and warehouses operate around-the-clock, and so does our team. Right now, more than 2,500 organizations depend on Barcoding, Inc. as their trusted advisor for barcoding, wireless, and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions. We have premier relationships with all of the top manufacturers of mobile hardware (tablets, mobile computers, barcode & RFID printers, handheld scanners, wearable & vehicle mount computers as well as all of the peripherals, media, and consumables) and with the top software solution providers automating operations in your industries. RFID Tags & Labels RFID Tags & Labels, just like barcode labels, are unique to each application. Barcoding offers a broad range of smart media supplies for RFID printers and encoders for a wide variety of RFID applications and environments, including custom tag inlay placement designed for the needs of your specific RFID printing/encoding application. Many RFID labels, tags, and ribbons used in traditional barcode printing are also available for use in RFID smart label printing applications. RFID Smart Tags RFID Smart Labels provide unmatched data capacity, security, and flexibility for identification and data collection applications. RFID Wirestbands Use RFID wristbands for automated data capture, to increase efficiency, ensure accuracy, and reduce costly and dangerous errors. RFID RealView – RFID Asset Tracking System RFID RealView is an RFID tracking system designed to accurately track asset movement throughout a manufacturing or distribution facility. RFID RealView allows customers to:     Monitor Manage their assets Trigger on events Email/Text message notifications
  23. 23. RFID RealView gives users an instant visual view of their assets by using standard GEN2-based passive RFID tags and readers from all the major manufacturers.Operations can set up logical conditions to optimize manufacturing lines, trigger inventory transactions, and reduce spoilage. Assets can be linked to pictures, descriptions, and other data attributes to report and log in a meaningful manner. Our RFID tracking system utilizes the power of the RFID controllers to manage the read zones and readers to optimize real data – not just raw tags – with location optimization and directionality. RFID Handheld Functions Built inside RFID RealView is the ability to perform tag commissioning and physical inventory counts with ease. The RFID RealView handheld license allows:    Tag Commissioning (assign assets to tags) Perform inventory counts using wireless RFID handheld computers Locate tags using RFID Geiger Counter functions Features, Functionality, and Services!         Tracks assets using standard GEN2 readers and tags User Definable asset types – People, Inventory, IT, Totes, WIP, Vehicles Supports all the major RFID readers and manufacturers Triggers for certain business logic events Emails to department heads and stakeholders Text message line supervisors Displays last known location and dwell times History tables created for each asset RealView Spec Sheet         Asset maintenance screens ShipConfirm process built in Counts items loaded to a truck Filters out duplicate tags Exports and query screens available Filtered view based on asset type, tag ID, etc. RFID tag issuance Electronic interface to ERP/ WMS systems
  24. 24. RFID Tags Low Profile Durable Asset Tags » The IT36, IT75, and IT76 Low Profile Durable Asset Tags have been designed to provide superior performance and high durability on a variety of surfaces at a low cost. The three tag options share the same small, low-profile form factor and are offered at a very competitive price per performance. IT67 Enterprise Lateral Transmitting (LT) Tag » Intermec’s rugged IT67 Enterprise LT Tag is a passive UHF RFID tag designed for superior performance on metal surfaces. The tag is EPC Global Gen 2/ISO 18000-6c compliant meeting global standards. IT65 Large Rigid Tag » Intermec's IT65 Large Rigid tag is a passive UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder that delivers superior performance on a variety of surfaces and is available in both Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B versions. Compatible RFID Tags from Intermec Partners » These durable tags from select partners support Intermec's main RFID applications and are available in the Product Links section of the Intermec price list.
  25. 25. HF RFID (13.56 MHz) Embedded Readers SkyeModule Gemini The SkyeModule™ Gemini marks the next generation of SkyeTek HF reader modules. The Gemini is a low-cost, and ultra-low power, MIFARE and NFC reader/writer module. A cutting edge ARM Cortex microcontroller and latest HF transceiver technology coupled with the reader's intelligent operating system make this module the most versatile HF RFID module at the bottom tier price point. Manufacured and tested in the United States, quality is a top priority for all SkyeTek modules. SkyeModule M1 The SkyeModule™ M1, a multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs, provides a low-power, high-performance, and cost-effective option to embed RFID as a feature in a variety of products SkyeModule M1-mini Smaller than a US Quarter, the M1-Mini is the world’s smallest, self-contained multi-protocol 13.56 MHz OEM module. In essence, it is a multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs SkyeModule M2 The SkyeModule M2, industry's most secure multi-protocol embedded HF RFID reader module for OEMs, was designed specifically for encrypted authentication across a range of vertical markets.
  26. 26. SkyeModule M4 The SkyeModule M4 is a feature-rich, easy-to-use embedded RFID reader module for HF especially designed to serve three distinct market applications: product authentication, access control and contactless payment. UHF RFID (860 - 960 MHz) Embedded Readers SkyeModule M7 The SkyeModule M7, is the world’s smallest, globally compliant UHF module for embedded RFID. Its one of-a-kind combination of high performance, security, and cost/space/power efficiency makes it the industry’s price per performance leader. SkyeModule M9 The SkyeModule M9 is a tiny, embedded UHF RFID reader module for OEMs. Manufacturers add RFID as a feature to a broad range of products with this high performance, secure, power-efficient solution. Supporting every EPC Gen2 tag this module addresses item-level inventory and asset tracking applications at an unprecedented price. SkyeModule M10 The SkyeModule™ M10 UHF module leads the embedded module industry in price-performance. Fully FCC certifified, the M10's compact size, with up to a 42% smaller footprint than other 1 watt embedded readers, provides unprecedented price-performance. The M10 optimizes performance through power control (10 – 30 dBm), noise reduction technology, and power management – essential for embedded applicati
  27. 27. Beacontree Technologies brings together an extraordinary level of experience and expertise in both the technical and business aspects of RFID innovation, application and implementation. Each member of our senior management team brings over 20 years of directly related experience to this new and exciting enterprise. One branch of the Beacontree operation involves the acquisition of RFID technology products and the negotiation of partnership relationships with manufacturers that enables Beacontree to always have access to reliable equipment that meets our clients needs. Another branch of Beacontree requires unique technical operation capabilities. With the arrival of UHF RFID, knowledge of the technological complexities of RFID rises to the level of corporate IT Management when it's being applied to specific customer demands. The third branch of Beacontree calls for exceptional Project Management skills. It requires intuitive business, organizational and operational understanding as well as the talents it takes to see an implementation through from initial discussions to final customer satisfaction. SOLUTIONS Library Though Beacontree solutions are developed, based on customer specified need, we do offer one pre-existing, 'off-the-shelf' RFID solution that applies to libraries - all types of libraries. This RFID solution has already proven successful in several library operations and what works so well for them, can be applied equally well in any library, including yours. If you are thinking that implementing such a standardized library RFID program could mean a substantial saving in development and testing costs, you'd be correct! Beacontree chose to build this library RFID program because libraries have proven to be one of the most noticeable examples of how RFID technology can make a dramatic difference in operational efficiency. Libraries have thousands of assets (books, CD's, etc.), continuously circulating to the general public and back to the shelves. The need for accurate tracking is obvious. Beacontree Technologies is currently very active in implementing its RFID system in libraries. RFID readers can be installed directly in book return chutes to simplify the tracking process. Modular system components can be easily and integrally installed in a library environment. The check-out and check-in process becomes automated to the point where the patrons simply do it themselves. The tags
  28. 28. can be attached to the books in a way that isn't noticeable to borrowers and today's RFID tags will not harm magnetic media such as DVD's. Perhaps most importantly, a good RFID system functions as a reliable anti-theft device. The existing Beacontree RFID solution can be applied in both small and large public libraries as well as university libraries, government libraries and any other library environment where many books (or other library media) are circulating and must be tracked. It interfaces directly with SIRSI, the standard library database software that handles all 'backend' library functions. It's a stand-alone system with easy touch screen operation. Asset Tracking Every industry and organization has valuable assets that must be kept track of. Especially if they are being transported. Probably the most common use in this area is parcel delivery (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) They know where every package is at any given time, largely due to RFID. Larger assets such as computers and even vehicles can be embedded with RFID tags and located and accounted for when in range of RFID readers. Supply Chain To most businesses, their supply chain is their lifeline and the more control they have over that, the more profitable their operations can be. Many enterprises are finding worthwhile ways to implement RFID across the full range of their supply chain. This way they can reduce cost through reduced waste, more efficient logistics and reduced inventory levels. It can also help them protect against counterfeiting and theft. It can also minimize the impact of today's heightened government security measures as well as various international import/export law logistics. Most companies using RFID within their supply chain management realize greater efficiencies and cost savings through increased productivity at their distribution centers. Security and Access Control Security applications unlocked the door to the initial widespread use of RFID technology. Virtually all of us possess and constantly use an RFID embedded card that conveniently and securely allows you access to locked building doors and interior rooms without the need for keys. Applied to products and other items, RFID helps identify theft problems. In the corporate world, RFID can automate security at offices and stores and provide better personal safety for security workers. RFID can even be embedded in phones and internal communications equipment to allow for simple and secure 'touch and report' site checks.
  29. 29. Inventory and Warehousing RFID technology is being increasingly implemented in warehouse operations and for inventory control. Where barcode tracking was once the standard, using current RFID technology allows inventory to be updated in real time without product movement, scanning or human involvement. Barcode readers can malfunction when wet or in harsh conditions. RFID technology enables total asset visibility, can read the item's complete inventory history, help reduce shelf space, almost eliminate errors and contribute to overall reduced warehouse operation costs. Manufacturing Second Generation UHF RFID technology is being increasingly used to control various aspects of the manufacturing process in a wide range of industries. It's superior tracking ability helps increase the accuracy of on-time production and decreases manufacturing overhead due to reduced labor costs. Some manufacturing process experts believe that extensive deployment of RFID technology throughout the process can change the current concept of "just-in-time" manufacturing to "realtime" manufacturing. Potential One of the things that inspires Beacontree management and staff is the virtually unlimited potential of RFID technology applications. Practical and economical new uses for it are continually being developed. And, compared to the complexity, timeframes and cost of developing software applications, RFID applications can be implemented with relative ease. Keep in mind that an RFID tag can even be embedded in a mobile phone. Here are just a few of the innovative RFID applications we've seen put into operation recently:       In hospitals. An I.V. unit can cost over $1,000. Yet somehow they mysteriously go missing. An RFID system can easily maintain total control of them. In hotels. Maids can carry an RFID embedded device that can identify and report to a reader unit in each room. Maintenance and repair personnel can use RFID 'touch and report' systems resulting in time and cost savings. Utility workers (gas, electricity, etc.) can use RFID to read meters, transmit data and receive updated instructions in the field. Government workers in areas such as public safety, health care and administration can use RFID-based communication for accurate reporting with minimal paperwork. In the automotive industry, RFID tags are now being widely used for error proofing and data collection in the assembly process.
  30. 30.   RFID tags can be used as sensors for instantaneous parameter changes on some types of machinery and even robotics. The pharmaceutical industry has been a leader in RFID technology application. RFID tags can be attached to bottles and other medicine containers. They've proven to be an effective tool in forgery prevention. SERVICES Consultation This is where you tell us what to do. A Beacontree RFID expert will visit your site. We'll briefly explain RFID and its wide-ranging new potential. You'll tell us about your business and what application you expect RFID technology to accomplish for you. You'll be happy to know that this initial consultation is free! Needs Analysis. If agreed on, following the initial consultation, Beacontree will prepare a Needs Analysis report. This is a very comprehensive and clear document created specifically for your organization and your proposed application (not a standardized form). It spells out your objectives, the nature of the work involved and the implementation phases. It also tells you your precise cost, including our fees and the overall equipment procurement investment you'll need to make. Beacontree charges a reasonable fee to take your project to this definitive stage. Feasibility Study. There are numerous critical technical, physical, business and even human factors that go into a problemfree RFID installation. Considerations such as: nearby magnetic fields, ambient electronic noise and many other issues must be identified. This study is done on your site, under actual application conditions, by a technician using a tool called a spectrum analyzer. Additional follow-up testing may be done in our own lab. This stage eliminates any unexpected and potentially costly problems in the implementation stage. Project Management. Our Project Management team is involved from the start of the project, but they take over during the implementation stage to ensure the installation is completed correctly, on time and on budget with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Site Assessment Every environment is unique. The success of an RFID implementation requires clean transmission and reception between the tags and the readers. Other wireless transmissions interfering or competing in the RFID frequency range can certainly become an obstacle. Factors such as humidity, absorption and reflection will also impede successful implementation. A site assessment puts physics ahead of guess work. Using a Spectrum Analyzer, one of our trained technicians will conduct a site audit looking for ambient electronic noise (AEN).
  31. 31. We'll come on to your site and review existing maps and floor plans prior to a physical facility walkthrough. We'll then determine the areas requiring RF coverage, evaluate the data, cargo, property and traffic flow. Next comes an RF survey covering the identified areas, using a Spectrum Analyser configured to sample the RF energy in a band which includes the operating frequency of the system to be installed. We allow the Spectrum Analyser to gather data overnight or for 24 hours, if possible. We then repeat the survey at your various proposed locations. Finally, we'll document our findings in a survey report, delivered to you that will provide the required information for planning and corrective action, if necessary. Laboratory Testing Antennas, Readers, Tags, SKU size, SKU Packaging, SKU content, Tag Placement, Tag Orientation, Read Distance, Conveyor speed. Variable factors that will impact the readability success rate of your products. Take out the guess work and have your SKU's tested in our lab. If it doesn't work in the lab, it isn't going to work in your environment. Send in a sample of SKU's to us and we'll test the readability of your products against different manufacturer's products and vary the attenuation, speed, distance, tag placements and tag orientation. We'll send you a comprehensive report detailing the results that will enable you to make sound and well-informed decisions surrounding which hardware will best work for you. Network Impact Assessment RFID will generate tremendous volumes of data and network traffic. What are your storage and backup requirements? Can your existing network infrastructure handle the extra traffic? The challenge will be to establish the best way of handling all this data and traffic so that network performance is not compromised. We will take a look at the number of various data collection points, the amount of data that will be captured and the frequency of collection. We can then take benchmarks and apply them to a baseline performance to project what the impact will be. Using this information, we will be able to provide recommendations on any network infrastructure upgrades that may be required in advance of implementation. Training Training Services Exam Certification preparation courses: Working with our partners, OTA Training, based in Dallas, Texas we provide RFID training for exam Certification preparation. Certified RFID Associate (CRFID/A) CRFID/A is the foundation of the RFID Professional Certification program. Covering a broad range of topics related to RFID, CRFID/A brings those who are new to RFID technology up to speed quickly.
  32. 32. Certified RFID System Engineer (CRFID/SE) The CRFID/SE is a professional level RFID certification. CRFID/SEs demonstrate the skills required to plan, conduct, and troubleshoot an RFID implementation project. The CRFID/SE certification path combines RFID technical training and training in supplemental skills to enable the CRFID/SE to successfully lead complex implementation projects. Certified RFID Solution Architect (CRFID/SA) The Certified RFID Solution Architect (CRFID/SA) certification is the most advanced level of RFID certification. Holders of the CRFID/SA certification have the technical expertise and business acumen to help their company or organization achieve their business vision by the effective use and deployment of RFID. CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS "If you haven't yet heard, every RFID program manager needs to understand three things: slap and ship has no ROI; RFID is just more data to be managed: ROI demands integrating RFID data with enterprise operations. The good news? Many organizations are working out best practices in three key areas: technology, strategy and business process." D'Anne Hotchkiss RFID News & Solutions "The cost savings and accuracy improvements are immense. Advances over traditional barcode scanning include no line-of-sight requirements for scanning, finding misplaced items, faster read times and the ability to scan multiple items at once. Making the transition to wireless technology isn't easy but it's looking like the benefits, so far, are outweighing the initial costs." Kerry Eberwein, General Manager Bell Enterprise Wireless Solutions "It's worth the expense. There are lots of very high-volume, critical items that we sell out the shelf during the day, and while the store prides itself on its inventory management, only one of 12 of these items actually got restocked on Saturday afternoon. In most cases that means lost sales for us and for our suppliers." Linda Dillman Walmart RFID initiative
  33. 33. ActiveWave was established to provide leading edge RFID solutions to businesses and organizations in order to help them overcome problems associated with tracking of equipment and inventory. Founded in 2001 by veterans of the RFID industry, the company is focused on providing complete RFID solutions using our own exclusive ActiveWave technology. ActiveWave Inc. has positioned itself as a leader in creating a total RFID solution specifically targeted toward our customers' needs. We hope you will agree that ActiveWave Inc RFID systems provide the best overall RFID solutions in the industry. Competitive Advantage        100% real-time detection of equipment and assets Low cost and very reliable RFID active tag Unique approaches in the tag design with a very long read range (combining several frequencies in one product) Low cost RFID reader and system Portable database with flexible memory size Flexible user-friendly software Overall inventory cost reduction for the customer RFID TAGS Recent developments in technology have allowed us to develop a low cost and highly reliable RFID active tag solution. ActiveWave RFID tags have many advantages over conventional RFID passive tags and RFID active tags. Advantages Over Passive Tag Solutions: - Longer Read RangeRFID Passive tags have read ranges limited to a few feet. ActiveWave RFID tags have a read range of up to 85 meters (~279 feet). - Larger Data Storage CapacityPassive tags have limited data storage capacity compared to the ActiveWave RFID active tags. - Data Can Be Sent at Designated TimesPassive tags send data only when they are in close proximity to the RFID reader. Because of the large read range, ActiveWave RFID tags can send data at pre-designated intervals or at certain locations.
  34. 34. Advantages Over Other RFID Active Tags:    Longer Life- ActiveWave uses the latest technology to achieve reliability and life that rivals other active tags. Lower Cost- ActiveWave RFID tags uses the latest technology and integration to provide you with a very cost effective tag. Smaller Size- ActiveWave RFID tags are smaller than Active tags based on older technology. Summary of Features:      Very low cost, read-only tag, for access control Compact-size tag for wrist bands Standard, long-range, read/write tag High-security, long-range, bi-directional, read/write tag Available in different sizes, based on the application Read Only vs. Read/Write Tags ActiveWave offers Read Only and Read/Write RFID tags. Read Only Tags: The transponders generally provide a fixed factory-set identification code, which is tamperproof, and are known as Read Only (R/O). The unique code, known as a License Plate, enables the tag to be cross-referenced with a database, thereby allowing the tagged item to be closely followed and monitored. Read/Write Tags: The customer can modify the tag's data. This offers advantages in many applications where the identification code needs to be changed, or where variable data is more important than a unique identity.