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Cloud Africa 2018 -Report


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The Cloud Africa 2018 report was by F5 and World Wide Worx

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Cloud Africa 2018 -Report

  1. 1. By Arthur Goldstuck (Twitter: @art2gee) F5 Networks, 18 April 2018 Cloud Africa 2018
  2. 2. Nairobi movie hire and digital accessories store, July 2011 Then …
  3. 3. Now…
  4. 4. Hub, Incubator, Accelerator, Co-sharing, Workspace … only the beginning.
  5. 5. African innovations transforming farming, fishing, financial services
  6. 6. The Cloud Africa research project
  7. 7. Interviews with 300 IT decision-makers at medium and large enterprises in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
  8. 8. Cloud computing has taken off dramatically across Africa’s major markets, but its benefits are experienced very differently in each region. Cloud is not a country
  9. 9. Use of the Cloud among medium and large organisations has more than doubled in five years. Fewer than 50% in 2013. In 2018, use is pervasive. Massive intensification
  10. 10. Companies in three of Africa’s major information technology markets are making up for lost time in allocating budgets to cloud. Cloud is the leapfrog
  11. 11. Government at the party?
  12. 12. Respondents in Nigeria (80%) and Kenya (75%) named Business efficiency and Scalability by far the most important benefit. Only 61% in South Africa. Dictates of infrastructure
  13. 13. In SA, Time-to-market or speed of deployment came in as the most prominent, at 68% of respondents. Only 48% of companies in Kenya and 28% in Nigeria named it as a key benefit. All about competition
  14. 14. Internationally, cloud is ideal for establishing a global footprint. In these 3 markets, benefits are being recognised, but a long way from being a priority. The cloud is here, but not yet its full benefits. Not yet a Netflix
  15. 15. Nigeria is impact central
  16. 16. Cloud = Innovation
  17. 17. Service apps critical to 68% of Nigerian, 67% of Kenyan companies; only 40% in SA. 43% in SA named HR apps as critical; Kenya 19%; Nigeria 10%. Apps reveal cloud psyche
  18. 18. The Word Cloud
  19. 19. Ultimately, the cloud is about better ways of doing business. That is reflected in cloud priorities and budgets across Africa. Business is a country
  20. 20. Thank you Arthur Goldstuck (011) 7827003 Twitter: @art2gee