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Bulletin #36 5 9-11

  1. 1. JEFFERSON EDUCATION AND CAREER CENTER LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT ~~ DIVISION OF ADULT AND CAREER EDUCATION BULLETIN Week of May 9, 2011 #36 Approved by Ann L. Reed, PrincipalCALENDAR PREVIEWMay 10 & 11 CAHSEEMay 18 Graduation MeetingMay 30 Memorial Day Holiday- School ClosedJune 15 JCAS GraduationASIAN-PACIFIC AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTHOne made a splash riding waves in Hawaii. Another made his mark walking the halls of Congress.Still another made history designing an American landmark. As athletes, politicians, architects,and scientists, theyve not only changed the way we view America—theyve transformed theway we experience the world. This month you will meet ten of our countrys most accomplishedAsian Americans. Duke Kahanamoku- King of the WavesDuke Kahanamoku came to be known as the father of international surfing, but the Hawaiian native madehis first splash as a swimmer at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in Honolulu in 1890,Kahanamoku struck gold by setting a world record in the 100-meter free-style and earned a silver medalin the 200-meter relay. He won two more gold medals at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics, silver at the 1924Paris Olympics, and a bronze at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. Kahanamokus swimming and surfingtalents caught the attention of Hollywood, and over the course of nine years, he appeared in nearly 30movies. Kahanamoku went on to serve as sheriff for the City and County of Honolulu for 26 years. Whenthe legendary swimmer and surfer died at the age of 77, he was remembered for his athletic talent andsportsmanship.
  2. 2. Dalip Singh Saund - A Political PioneerDalip Singh Saund made history in 1956 when he became the first Asian elected to Congress. Born inIndia in 1899, Saund came to the United States in 1920 to study at the University of California,Berkeley, where he earned a doctorate degree in mathematics. Despite being highly educated, Saunddiscovered that his career options were limited due to anti-immigrant feelings in the U.S. As a result, heworked in farming for the next 20 years. At the same time, Saund began fighting discriminatory lawsagainst Indians. In 1949, he and other Indians finally earned the right to become U.S. citizens. In 1956,Saund left the fields of California for the halls of Congress. He served three terms in the House ofRepresentatives, working to improve U.S.-Asian relations. Saunds political career was cut short when hesuffered a stroke while campaigning for a fourth term. Still, he opened the door for Asian Americans toenter U.S. politics. Maya Lin - A Monumental ArchitectMaya Lin rose to fame in 1981. Just 21-years-old and still an architectural student at Yale University, Linwon a contest to design the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Her design beat out morethan 1,400 entries. The Memorials 594-foot granite wall features the names of the more than 58,000U.S. soldiers who died during the Vietnam War. Each year, four million people visit the wall to pay theirrespects to these war heroes. Less than a decade later, Lin designed another famous structure—theCivil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. The monument outlines the major events of the CivilRights Movement. Today, Lins designs can be found in several American cities and continue to inspirethe entire nation.MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SELF-DEFENSE TRAININGA comprehensive, women-only course in self defense is being offered at Jefferson High School. Thecourse includes lecture, discussion, and self-defense techniques. The course is Saturday, May 21, 2011fro 9am to 5:309m. The cost is $10.00. For more information contact the Parent Center at323-521-1200 xt. 303.CCAE/CAROCP CONFERENCEKUDOS to everyone who participated the CCAE/CAROCP Spring Conference on Saturday, May 7, 2011.The conference was well attended and offered many exciting and informative workshops. Specialcongratulations go to Ms. Cynthia Oliva, APACS, and Ms. Claudia Javier, Academic Teacher Adviser onthe success of their workshop, How to Identify More Graduates. Well done!DEMOGRAPHIC LISTSReaching out to students with that personal touch can make all the difference when it comes tomotivating someone to continue with his or her studies. You may request a demographic list of your classfrom the main office or through any administrator. Please take a few minutes each week to phonestudents whose attendance may have dropped off a bit and let them know they are missed.REMINDER-CBET TUTORING LOGSPlease make sure your students are making weekly entries on their CBET Tutoring Logs. We mustcontinue to be diligent in maximizing our efforts to tap into all available funding sources for the
  3. 3. remainder of the school year. CBET funding is very important to the health of our ESL program and thetutoring hours directly impact resource allocation.JCAS SCHOLARSHIP FUNDPlease don’t miss your opportunity to donate to the JCAS Scholarship fund for this year. No donation istoo small and every donation will help a student. Make checks payable to JEFFERSON CAS FACULTYSCHOLARSHIP FUND. THANK YOU. Yes, cash is always accepted as well.CALPRO WORKSHOP- Enhancing Learner PersistenceWhat’s all the excitement surrounding the topic of learner persistence, how does it differ from studentretention and motivation, and how do I encourage my students to persist in their learning? Based onresearch on factors that promote learner persistence, this workshop engages participants inbrainstorming implications for changing practice in the four areas of intake, orientation, instruction, andprogram activities. Come see what all the excitement is about!Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011Time: 2:15 PM – 5:15 PMRegister online. http://calpro-online.orgLocation: Oxnard Adult School (Oxnard) CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS CALPRO Instructors Forum Webinar Series Thursday Learning to Achieve; Instructional May 26, 2011 http://calpro-online.orgStrategies to Support Adults with Learning 2:30-3:30pm Disabilities Facility Alert-Parking-High School Activities on CampusPolicy Review-The LAUSD and all its employees are subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976. Unlawfulcopies of copyrighted materials may not be produced or used on district-owned equipment, withinDistrict-owned facilities, or at District-sponsored functions. Employees who knowingly and/or willinglyviolate the District’s copyright policies do so at their own risk and may be required to remunerate theDistrict in the event of loss due to litigation. Please see Bulletin # 714 for more detail. Thought for the Week A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)
  4. 4. MISSION STATEMENTWe are an education and career center in south Los Angeles. Our mission is to provide educational opportunities toenhance students’ personal, academic, career, and social abilities, as well as facilitate participation in our culturallydiverse and technologically advancing society.Expected School wide Learning Results (ESLRs) 1.) JECC students will be able to use life skills learned as part of their education to improve their lives in a culturally diverse community. 2.) JECC students will be able to adapt to a changing world by setting personal, academic, and/or vocational goals. 3.) JECC students will be able to apply learned skills in their everyday lives such as technology, reading, writing, speaking, and listening.