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Ilsi conference final biomed presentation brain game change israel leadership in cns hds 6 10-13


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Ilsi conference final biomed presentation brain game change israel leadership in cns hds 6 10-13

  1. 1. “Deeper understanding of how the brain operateswill enable us to better understand ourselves.”His Excellency Shimon Peres, President of theState of Israel6/9/2013ISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 1
  2. 2. Israel Brain Technologies and the $1MB.R.A.I.N. Prize September 12, 2012:$1 Million Global B.R.A.I.N. PrizeAnnounced by Israel Brain Technologies. $1M Prize forBreakthroughs in Neurotechnology Inspired by Israeli President Shimon Peres, Prize WillRecognize a Breakthrough Achievement in BrainTechnology That Will Change Lives. Winner to be announced at BrainTech Israel 2013Conference 14-15 October. 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 2
  3. 3. Obama Brain Mapping Initiative April 2, 2013. President Obama on Tuesday announceda broad new research initiative, starting with $100million in 2014, to invent and refine new technologiesto understand the human brain6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 3
  4. 4. What are neurological conditions? Neurological diseases and disorders are those whichaffect the brain, spinal cord and nerves throughout thebody. They refer to a malfunction in a portion orseveral areas of the nervous system, which cause anumber of difficulties to occur immediately orprogressively over time. Some of these challengesinclude problems with mobility, mental tasks (such aslearning and memory), basic functions (such asswallowing and breathing), or emotional changes inmood. In the worst cases, a neurological deficit canlead to a shortened life expectancy.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 4
  5. 5. The USA Business Conference Boardgive us a human reason for interest Cognitive neuroscience, by showing us how we look atthe world, can teach us new ways to improveperformance. Knowing how the brain works — how people thinkand why they act and react as they do — can be anadvantage in the workplace, where leading change andconvincing people to follow are cornerstones ofeffective leadership. Decision making, it turns out, is not all logical; it isemotional, too.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 5
  6. 6. Huge and unsustainable costs as areason for concern, research & action. The cost of caring for Americans with Alzheimers andother forms of dementia may now be as high as $215billion a year -- more than the cost of caring for heartdisease or cancer, a new study finds. And that number is expected to escalate as the elderlypopulation grows.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 6
  7. 7. There are, correct, emotional, humanreasons for brain disease focus Americans fear developing Alzheimer’s disease morethan cancer, stroke, heart disease and any other life-threatening illness, according to a Marist Institute pollreleased this week on behalf of Home-Instead SeniorCare.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 7
  8. 8. There is a visual ecomap of the largeextent of Israeli brain research 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 8
  9. 9. BioNess BioNess is the world leader developing and marketingNeuro-Stimulation devices for the leg and arm to givevictims of stroke and other neuro-conditions, such asMS and CP, effective motion. The devices know therelevant nerves and how to stimulate them to enablepatients to walk and grasp, for example.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 9
  10. 10. BioNess enables young woman with MSto resume full life 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 10
  11. 11. Alpha Omega Engineering Alpha Omega is a leader in developing and marketingsophisticated and pioneering systems and micro-electrodes that enable online neural stimulation andrecording for Neurosurgery & Neuroscience Customer base: About 500 hospitals and research labsthroughout the world6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 11
  12. 12. Alpha Omega systems for neuro-surgery The MicroGuide Pro™ by Alpha Omega is the world’s most advancedintra-operative MER (Micro Electrode Recording) system for functionalneurosurgery - a comprehensive guidance unit available for targetlocalization in the surgical treatment of movement disorders. NeuroNav Si™ is a state-of-the-art MER system used clinically in thelocalization of surgical targets for the implantation of Deep BrainStimulators (DBS) or ablation of target structures, in the treatment ofneurological and psychiatric diseases. The NeuroNav Si ™ allows for thesafe an accurate introduction of electrodes into the brain, whilerecording neural activity, stimulating neural tissue, and guiding theuser to the optimal target.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 12
  13. 13. Insightec InSightec® is the pioneer and global leader in MRI guided focusedultrasound technology for image guided acoustic surgery. InSightec’s ExAblate® Neuro integrates high intensity FocusedUltrasound Surgery with continuous Magnetic Resonance imaging(MRI) to provide a non invasive, acoustic surgery platform for treatingneurological disorders without ionizing radiation through an intactskull. ExAblate® is the first system to use the MRI guided focused ultrasoundtechnology. In November 2012, ExAblate received the CE Mark for thetreatment of three neurological disorders, Essential Tremors,Parkinsons and Neuropathic Pain.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 13
  14. 14. TMS—TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation The next two companies use TMS technology Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasivetechnique used to apply brief magnetic pulses to the brain.The pulses are administered by passing high currentsthrough an electromagnetic coil placed adjacent to apatients scalp. The pulses induce an electric field in theunderlying brain tissue. When the induced field is above acertain threshold, and is directed in an appropriateorientation relative the brains neuronal pathways,localized axonal depolarizations are produced, thusactivating the neurons in the relevant brain structure.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 14
  15. 15. Neuronix Neuronix is the only company in the world that has developed a systemthat is clinically proven to increase cognitive levels in early and mid-stageAlzheimer’s patients every day, and, based on the CE mark, is sellingsystems and treating patients every day. Neuronix systems utilize surface TMS in six cognitive areas of the brain,the left and right parietals, the left and right frontal lobes and Broca’s area(integrates speech) and Wernicke’s area (integrates hearing) with aninnovation that combines the TMS with a relevant “cognitive event”. For example, when TMS is applied to Broca’s area for 20 seconds, thepatient reads for 20 seconds, and repeat; TMS is applied to Wernicke’s areafor 20 seconds and a recording is played for 20 seconds. In a small but compelling trial at Harvard-Beth Israel, the Alzheimerspatients increased their cognitive ability by about 1/3, from 20 on thestandard ADAS-COGS scale, they realized an improvement by 5.83 points.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 15
  16. 16. 6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 16Neuronix Treatment ProcedureHow is it actually performed?1. Pre-Treatment:a) Perform an MRI scan on patient’s brainb) Locate and mark brain regions ofinterestBrocaWernickeDorsolateralPrefrontalcortexSomatosensory AssociationCortex3.Cognitive Training:a) “Tailor made” exercises, set to fit withpatient’s specific abilities2. Focused Magnetic Stimulation:a) Position coil to stimulate specific regionConcurrentTMS coilPatientCognitiveTrainingscreen• Treatment phase– 30 sessions:5 days a week, 6 weeks, 45-60 mins– Each session: 3 regions per day
  17. 17. BRAINSWAY Brainsway has patented deep TMS, penetrating 4-5 mm into the braincompared to the 1.5-3mm penetration of standard TMS. Deep TMS isthe non-invasive analog to the very invasive deep brain electrodeimplant. Brainsway has CE approval for the following indications Major Depressive Disorder (FDA indication) Bipolar Depression Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Schizophrenia (negative symptoms) Parkinsons Disease Chronic Pain Brainsway has FDA approval for depression. Brainsway has been doing clinical trials for indications such as PSTD,bi-polar disorder, autism, Tourette’s, MS, MCI & Alzheimer’s andADHD.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 17
  18. 18. Mazor Robotics Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance™ , FDA approved, is transforming spinesurgery from freehand procedures to highly-accurate, state-of-the-artrobotic procedures, with less radiation—even for minimally invasivesurgery (MIS), scoliosis, and other complex spinal deformity cases. Powered by Clinically Validated Technology -- Highly Accurate and Safe Based on surgeons’ experience with thousands of SpineAssist® surgeries worldwide tens of thousands of implants placed No cases of permanent nerve damage 1.5 mm accuracy Wide Range of Clinical Applications Hardware and software tools enable a variety of spine procedures Open, MIS, and percutaneous posterior thoracolumbar approaches Scoliosis and other complex spinal deformities Pedicle screws – short and long fusions Transfacet screws and translaminar-facet screws Osteotomies Biopsies6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 18
  19. 19. CNS Companies in Clinical Trials Brainstorm is using mesenchymal stem cells converted to secreteneurotrophic factors successfully to slow down always fatal ALS, LouGehrig’s disease.Neurim has successful phase 2 clinical trials for its Circadin to showattenuation of cognitive deficits is early stage Alzheimer’s patients andPiromelatine to be an effective non-hypnotic and non-narcotic soporific.Brainsgate is developing a medical device to increase blood flow to thebrain to treat ischemic stroke and vascular issuficiencies.ElMindA’s Brain Network Activation Pattern technology is in trials to give anobjective measurement of concussion and other neuro-indications bysophisticated processing of high-channel EEG information. Nervomatrix is using automatic probes to diagnose and treat lower backpain.Novocure is doing a Phase 3 clinical trial for glioblastoma in the brain usingan external, non-invasive AC generator to disrupt the tumor cells.6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 19
  20. 20. Summary Neuro-cognitive and degenerative (CNS) diseases, withAlzheimer’s leading, are among the most intractable and costlyand distressing diseases. Without effective therapies withminimal side effects, these diseases will break the healthcaresystems, patients and caregivers. Current therapies are inadequate and so many standardpharmaceutical responses have failed in late stage trials. Only the most innovative solutions will yield effective therapies. Israel, with its history & culture of scientific innovativeinnovation, government support & early recognition of thechallenges of CNS, is poised to be a leader in effective CNStherapies. How can we make Israel’s leadership known to the world?6/9/2013 9:19 PMISRAEL AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 20
  21. 21. For copy please email: howard.david.sterling@gmail.com AS LEADER IN INNOVATIVENEUROLOGICAL THERAPIES 21