jesus faith blood of jesus holy spirit cross confession quickening ‘awakening’ leading to repentance guilt & godly sorrow deliverance redemption the function and purpose of the law covenant healing born again cross at calvary repentance propitiation sanctification (experiential) diseese justification imputation reconciliation to god virus forgiveness baptism god conviction conscience sanctification (positional and experiential) fellowship intuition heart salvation trust transformation the law spiritual authority persuasion holy spirit. faith and repentance in sanctification1 cognition sanctification love reconciliation intervention judgement truth justice mercy faith and repentance needed for revival vivification mortification regeneration sin sanctification (positional) judgment sorrowful turning from sin & hopeful turning to go believer's need for consistent repentance unbeliever's sorrowful turning man’s sinful nature consecration freedom quickening evangelism back to basics eternal covenant cross at calvary born again planner master foresight passivity credulity the life the truth the way faith repentance law justification jesus holy spirit holiness salvation sanctification regeneration transformation faith the glory of god resurrection “knowing” & divine revelation incarnation death in adam exalted christ knowledge of good & evil holiness faith and repentance freedom from sin romans romans 6 reckoning god propitiation empowerment the spirit of christ walk with god gospel sovereign cross calvary glory guidance encouragement sovereignty adversity
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