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Sitting will kill you. Can mobile save us?


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A primer for conversation. This panel was submitted for SxSWi 2013. Read more, or vote at:

We all know the sad truth: the majority of working Americans are chained to their desks – namely, their computer screens – for eight hours per day and the “massive” obesity epidemic persists. Recent research suggests that sitting is killing people and the industry continues to debate the harmful health effects stemming from sedentary lifestyles, with many arguing that technology is only adding fuel to the fire. So if sitting is killing us, then can mobile save us? Forget fads such as standing desks, wearable pedometers and office pilates – the healthiest workplace is one where employees are actively mobile.

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Sitting will kill you. Can mobile save us?

  1. 1. Sitting will kill you Can mobile save us? A primer for discussion at SxSWi 2013Vote for this panel:
  2. 2. Really?....... Well, yeah “Every two hours spent just sitting reduces blood flow and lowers blood sugar, increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease” More than 90,000 new James A. Levine, MD, PhDcancer cases a year in theUS may be due to physical inactivity and prolonged periods of sitting American Institute of Cancer Research “For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking” Martha Grogan, cardiologist, Mayo Clinic Physical inactivity is now the Sitting down for more than fourth leading cause of death three hours a day can shave around the world a persons life expectancy by two years World Health Organization STUDY: Sedentary behaviour and life expectancy in the USA: a cause-deleted life table analysis; Dr Peter T Katzmarzyk
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  5. 5. But there’s hope Dr. Pam Peeke And we’ll talk about the tools out there that Expert, author, walks the talk can help cure the sitting disease and other @pampeekemd issues related to the topic Jane Sarasohn-Kahn Health Economist, fierce health blogger @healthythinkerSharon Mandler Dr. Peter T. KatzmarzykBelieves digital strategy will Head researcher on a study about thesave the world dangers of our sedentary behavior@Saatchiwellness@sharonmandler
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