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Your Customer's Success IS Your Success

  1. Your Customer’s Success IS Your Success 1 Dave Ng General Partner Altara VC
  2. Dave Ng General Partner, Altara Ventures What is on the menu today? ● A way of life ● Support != Success ● Segmentation and Prioritization ● Framework, Ops flow and Stack ● Key Takeaways
  3. It takes more than Sales to get to $100M ARR What we often hear about: Sales PS CS Conclusion: Customer Success is one function of a successful SaaS
  4. But it takes MUCH more to get to $100M ARR! Here is the reality: Sales 3 - 6 months PS 3-12 months CS Forever / Ongoing / Indefinitely Customer’s success encompasses every single touch point of the journey
  5. The No. 1 mistake many make You believe you are doing this … when you are actually doing this
  6. End-to-end experience matters 5 common pitfalls for customer churn: • Disjointed engagement (Silos) • Being bounced around (Ping pong) • Over promise, under deliver (Salesy) • Stuck in no man’s land (Dead zone) • Who is my CSM? (Clueless)
  7. End-to-end experience matters: Zuora From fuzzy buzzy to concrete customer lifecycle engagement From single digit to crossing $50M in revenue within 3 years
  8. Know your customers, prioritize your customers How much do you really know about your customers? What is the annual spend? Why do they spend? Renewal, upsell, churn rate? Areas of complexities? How often do they login? Who is the champion?
  9. Know your customers, prioritize your customers: Oracle • Strategic engagements vs account management • Focus on Value vs Pricing • Conversations around Insights vs Use cases • Do X -> Unlock Y -> Achieve Z Strategic Mid market Enterprise Emerging
  10. The magic that your amazing Ops team (and tools) do Operating framework Platform & tools Reporting Ops Team
  11. Key Takeaways 1. Customer Success is not a function. It is a huge mindset shift, a way of life. 2. Do your homework and focus on key customer value drivers – externally and internally. 3. Have your dedicated ops team and tech stack, especially as you scale up. Dave Ng General Partner Altara Ventures
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