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What was like in '08-'09, what we can learn for '20

We’re obviously in a very unique situation today. The pace at which Corona is impacting us all right now is so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Even just in the past 2 weeks, has gone from what we thought was one of the safest events out there to … rescheduled for September.

Today is different from other times but in SaaS, it will probably be like ’08-’09 downturn — just faster.

Join Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder of SaaStr, and Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, as they take a look back at what happened to them as a SaaS vendor in ’08-’09, and what learnings you can leverage.

Watch the webinar recording here:

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What was like in '08-'09, what we can learn for '20

  1. 1. Jason Lemkin CEO + Co-Founder SaaStr @JasonLK WHAT IT WAS LIKE IN ‘08-’09 … AND WHAT WE CAN LEARN FOR ‘20 Nick Mehta Gainsight CEO @NRMehta
  2. 2. AGENDA 1/ PRESENT: a- what are you seeing at Gainsight as a leading SaaS vendor? b- what are you seeing at Gainsight customers in terms of customer success vs. new bookings? any change yet? c- Jason/what seeing in market overall (some #s) 2/ PAST: a- talk about renewal rates, logo retention, and customer stress in past downturn b- who churned & why. who didn't c- what sales team did in tougher times OPEN AMA
  3. 3. What We Are Seeing Now Gainsight as Case Study / Leader Enterprise vs. SMB Stress in Venture Verticals (e.g., Travel vs. ERP)
  4. 4. ‘08-’09
  5. 5. ‘08-’09
  6. 6. ‘08-’09 companies-recession-report/
  7. 7. Summary
  8. 8. Just As Important
  9. 9. AMA / Q+A