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Tools For Communication 131008


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Published in: Technology
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Tools For Communication 131008

  1. 1. Fairtrade Action Network – communication tools for everyone FANE has got its own web page with plenty of tools that can be used by both volunteers and employees the page can be found at
  2. 2. the new at the moment is under construction, and it hasn't been updated in a couple of months the new page will be opened during October the new face of the page is ready, and site is just waiting for the technical update before re-opening:
  3. 4. the web page tools the Material Bank material bank is meant for all the material that the organizations have got full copyrights for through the material bank photos, logos, slogans and even whole brochure outlines can be shared not every organization has to make up the wheel all over again
  4. 5. the web page tools the Forum the forum is a perfect place for interaction between employees and volunteers campaigning ideas can be shared through the forum, new ideas can be tested amongst Fairtrade volunteers and professionals, and making new contacts is possible an ideal place also for recruiting volunteers for a joint action (e.g. appeal campaigns, live or virtual events organized, anything that can be done via Internet)
  5. 6. the web page tools the News Column on the front page news about campaigning, different types of events and happenings, new ethical and FT products etc. are always welcome to the page both volunteers and employees can benefit: new ideas, information and interesting, current stories can be shared through the news column
  6. 7. FANE Newsletter entirely written and edited by FT volunteers interesting stories, reviews and interviews about what's going on in the Fairtrade volunteer field published four times a year, delivered through the web a good option to market successful campaigning, share ideas and campaigning outlines
  7. 8. the FANE mailing list through a Fairtrade Action Network mailing list about two hundred FT and ethical consuming oriented volunteers from all over the world can be reached in order to join the mailing list, go to in order to send a message to our volunteers send your e-mail to [email_address]