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Kv-tiimi 190908

  1. 1. Fairtrade Action Network FANE * EU project, years 2006-2008 * Pro Fairtrade Finland and Association for promoting Fairtrade Finland are the coordinating partners * Creates an international (European wide) network for people who volunteer for Fairtrade * One employee, works in Finland
  2. 2. Fairtrade Action Network Autumn 2008 Two international meetings: * October 13 th a meeting for volunteer coordinators around Europe * November 8 th a meeting for International Volunteer Board * Both meetings will be held in Helsinki
  3. 3. Fairtrade Action Network Autumn 2008 International Volunteer Board - Keeping the network alive * Updating the FANE web page * Marketing the network * Inspiring other volunteers * Searching for funding sources for future * Finland lacks representative for the FANE International Volunteer Board: Would you like to join?
  4. 4. Fairtrade Action Network Autumn 2008 Total renovation of www.fairtradeaction.net ! * New look for the frontpage * Activation of the Forum * Activation of the Material Bank * Everyone's help is needed!
  5. 5. Future Plans * International Volunteer Board will be in charge of all kinds of practical and other things * www.fairtradeaction.net will be updated by volunteers * Newsletter comes out 4 times /year * Funding will be applied (European Union Youth in Action application for organizing an international seminar is already being planned!)‏
  6. 6. What can I do? ” Story Hunters” * Search for interesting Fairtrade related material in the Internet * Write short stories or little articles about the news for the Newsletter (edited by Kai Schirdewahn), FANE web page * Translate interesting international news or stories into Finnish to be published in www.repu.fi
  7. 7. What can I do? ” Organization Hunters” * Search the web in order to find organizations in other countries that work with Fairtrade, ethical or ecological consuming etc * Produce a list of potential partners to be used by other teams * Invite them to join the network
  8. 8. What can I do? ” Material Hunters” * Search the web and ask partner organizations for material (web material, print material in electronic form, campaign ideas etc) and Fairtrade related photos they would like to share with other network organizations * Add the materials found to the Material Bank of www.fairtradeaction.net * Main Goal: Help Fairtrade oriented organizations in creating web and print material – Not every organization in every country should have to invent the wheel all over again!
  9. 9. What can I do? ” Web Page Activators” * Go to the web page www.fairtradeaction.net * Take part in the conversation, start a new topic * Make this a daily or weekly routine: visit the page, take part, comment, talk, share ideas inspire others... * Main Goal: to make the web page appear active and interesting for old and new visitors!
  10. 10. What can I do? ” Marketing People” * Keep marketing the network internationally: sending e-mails, forwarding the Newsletter, inviting people to join the mailing list * Sending links to the (renewed!) web page * Sending the Fairtrade Action Network banner to the organizations in order to make them use it in their own web pages * Main Goal: Let all the people know FANE exists!