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Industrial Design Portfolio


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This is a showcase of some selected works done during my post graduation at Design Programme, IIT Kanpur.

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Industrial Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Mukund Mundhada product design portfolio
  2. 2. CONTENT1 Interior Design / Furniture2 Household Appliances3 Accessories / Sport Equipment4 Concept Art5 Social Innovation Design
  3. 3. As a motivated and innovative individual, I amalways looking to create new and unique designs.I focus on product design, furniture, interior designand retail design.The designs in my portfolio are modeled andrendered in 3D Studio Max.
  4. 4. baithakA POSTMODERN FURNITURE DESIGN• Inspired from the Indian Chaarpai, its materials and functionality.• A modular furniture solution for compact spaces.• Can cater requirements of diffrent spaces like roadside Dhabas, etc.• Units can be taken anywhere as per the nature of use.
  5. 5. Need Statement :- To design a postmodern furniture for modular space. ( Inspiration - Indian Khatiya / Chaarpai) Moodboard After going to some rural places, an idea about the traditional chaarpai got clear. The way people weave the chaarpai shows how complex yet simple is the process. There are some typical knots which are being used for the production. Market survey and some interviews, gave an insight about the materials being used in the production of a Chaarpai. The strength eventually depends upon the basic structure and the materials used. Colors are also playing a vital role in the desirability factor.
  6. 6. Objectives of the Study :-• To deal with post modernist theory and hence, how does it work in the context of Furniture Design as well as space management.• To apply the post modernist theories to design a modular furniture meant for sitting and resting. NEED STATEMENT Cost and Material Design Brief Market Study User Target User survey Market Survey Understanding Trends and abnormalities in the data Ideation Revisions/ Alterations Prototype development Selection of Final DesignIdeation :- Mockup of the design Materials Used:- Woolen Threads, Medium density fibre 6mm High density polyethelene Chloroform
  7. 7. BENCHMARKA LAPTOP PODIUM• A workstation for Designers.• Caters requirements of both a space to work and to discuss.• A modular furniture solution for compact spaces.• Can be used at different spaces like Design studios and IT industries’ workstations.
  8. 8. • Stable enough for Three Laptops to be placed at once.• Perforated metal sheets provide ventilation to exhaust fans of the laptops.• Rubber washers provided for a frictionless rotation of the plates.• Central axis provides a route to the wires to remain fixed at one place.
  9. 9. Ideation process proves to be an important stage where a designer comes to know about the real status of the product.As far as this Laptop podium is concerned, the stability of the unit has its importance. Hence, the accessories and the parts which aregoing to be provided in this unit have to be thought upon.The beams beneath the plate which are supposed to be a supporting part, should have to be strengthened . This will ensure securedplacement of laptops on the plates. To cut short weight and material as well, some circular punctures are provided on the sides of beams.Laptops are going to be placed on the metallic sheets. Laptops have their exhaust fans at the bottom. Hence, the sheets are perforatedso that a good ventilation can be provided to the laptops.The cirular disc at the bottom will hold the whole unit. Hence, for sure, it will have to be stronger and thicker.
  10. 10. perch A GARDEN CHAIR FOR 2020• Concept generation for Garden Chairs in 2020.• Continuous form, suitable for fast production.• Hollow section provides space for stuffs like baggage ,eatables, etc.• Ergonomically designed so as to provide a comfortable sitting units in the gardens where people come to relax and have some leisure.
  11. 11. Exploring form while keeping in mind the material to be used and the type of usage.
  12. 12. continuità CHAIR FOR RAILROAD TERMINALS‘Share the Bench’ Concept • Furniture solution for Railway stations. • A continuous metal sheet moulded into one chair and in a grouped format it gives a compact cluster for people. • Open slot beneath the seat provides space for baggage. • Ease of stacking six chairs in one set maintaining space management as well.
  13. 13. Da Bin REDESIGNING A TRASH CAN• A refreshing form welcomes users to dump garbage into it.• Cutout integrated at the top provides space for handles.• Small Anchors at the bottom will help to keep this can steady.• Handles on top provide a grip to move this can to diffrent places.
  14. 14. • This is a straight comparison between the existing trash cans available in the market and my new concept of user freindly trash can.• As the existing trash cans provide very less opportunity of handling them with minimum contact of hand to the dustbin, there is a need of some innovative solution.• Some grooved sections at the bottom will solve the problem.• The user is supposed to put his/her leg in the slot at bottom and then user will surely be able to remove the trash bag filled up with garbage, without spreading it out of can.
  15. 15. A URA ROOM FRESHENER• Four different fragrances in one unit.• Fragrance will be set by the users themselves as per their mood and the place where this unit is going to be placed.• Ease of operation with suitable set of parts.• Refillable with the set of new fragrances which will be available in the market.
  16. 16. Available room fresheners in the market provide one fragrance in on e pack. What if one pack gives more choices to the users….? Package design for 3 cubesForm generation following the data analysis of Existing and the New one….
  17. 17. Lanterne’ PORTABLE LIGHTING ACCESSORY• An accessory which helps to minimise the intensity of light in tents and such places.• A compact unit which can be placed in the regular luggage consuming less space.• The existing bulb can be covered or the torch can be placed in the unit.• The clip provided can also be used as a hanger, which helps to hang the unit.
  18. 18. USID GurukulOptimizing Linear Food Chains System Design for Waste Disposal in IITK Campus
  19. 19. Proposal comprising two different ways of disposing waste off.
  20. 20. Product Design and Development to make the task safer and easier.
  21. 21. A complete system solution which involves stakeholders and some incentives.
  22. 22. SPORT CYCLECONCEPT GENERATIONConcept generation of a sport cycle…. A Cockroach being my inspiration.
  23. 23. The expectation is to derive a form out of anatomy of the Cockroach….
  24. 24. The expectation is to derive a form out of anatomy of the Cockroach….
  25. 25. Extractation of some line drawings from its anatomy….
  26. 26. Few lines seemed interesting and were selected for the final form generation….
  27. 27. Some of the forms generated at the end. Process to be continued….
  28. 28. Product Sketching
  29. 29. Line drawings of old computer mice( An exercise to study its History and Anatomy)Product Design - VASE( An exercise of form generation, with naturebeing an Inspiration)
  30. 30. B. Arch. M. Des. Second Year Mukund E-mail - LinkedIn - Phone - 09532094946‘Excitement, Adventure and Mystery’ of imaginations give a new direction to design elements. Thank you for giving your precious time.