Target group presentation


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Target group presentation

  1. 1. THE THRILLER OVERVIEW By Sam, Aaron, Nathan and Angus
  2. 2. OVERVIEW  A modern thriller opening, set in present day in a wood.  2 friends walking through wood, having a normal conversation, then stumble upon a body. One checks the pulse and find it’s dead, while the other tries to ring for help, he doesn’t get a signal.  Next there is a shot of the sharp object in the hand of the killer, next it jumps back to the two friends.
  3. 3. OVERVIEW  Then a point of view shot from the killer walking behind the two, a branch snaps and the two friends see him and then run.  The killer does not chase him but is seen in various places as the two of them run away.  One of the two falls and the killer murders him, the other catches his breath behind a tree. Then looks up into the eyes of the killer and then the it cuts to black.
  4. 4. CHARACTERS Cast  Aaron – killer  Nathan- Good, main character in the opening (friend) and Nathan is also the director  Angus– victim (friend)  Sam- Dead body and Sam is also the lead camera man
  5. 5. LOCATION  Our location is in chartwell wood in Wingerworth. These are some location shots:
  7. 7. SUGGESTED NAMES These are the names we have come up with for our thriller:  Purgatory  Damaged beyond repair  Dispensable  The wicked end