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  1. 1. Sean Allen Skyeward Productions Above and beyond the rest.
  2. 2. Why Skyeward Productions? Half of Skyeward is the word Skye. Sky symbolizes “above”, or “beyond”. However, there is an “e” in my spelling. I don’t have any children yet, but when I would talk of names to give my future daughter, Skye has been my first choice. The other half “ward” deals with movement. So basically the name Skyeward refers to an upward movement, or a movement beyond.
  3. 3. Strengths and Concerns The name gives you a since of direction. You get an idea of where the company is always heading. We strive to go forward, above and beyond where greeting cards have gone before. The only minor concern I believe may arise is in the spelling of Sky(e). It may confuse some viewers who may not know the background of the name.
  4. 4. Name Details Brand name is available according to It does not come up in the search on I feel Skyeward Productions would be both fanciful and descriptive.
  5. 5. Skyeward Productions Above and beyond the rest.
  6. 6. Logo Advantages When it comes to the Law of Shape, I feel the logo is easy to read. The font was chosen to show its youthfulness by its design and use of lowercase letters. Also being that the name would be for my daughter, I chose a font that was feminine. When it comes to the Law of Color, I chose pink to resemble a baby girl and brown to stand for ethnicity.
  7. 7. Logo Effectiveness Wordmark category I believe our logo is successful because of its uniqueness. It looks as if the logo has a personality. I hope the logo gives off a mood of friendliness because we want our customers to feel comfortable doing business with us. skye
  8. 8. Hallmark The font gives off a hint of elegance. The use of the crown exudes regality. The type is bold and easy to read.
  9. 9. Walt Disney Bold, recognizable, and kid-friendly
  10. 10. Corporate Culture Our vision is to build strong relationships with our customers as well as with each other as employees. We will never say no. If we don’t have the card you want, we’ll create it for you. We will ensure our company has what you need by having street teams conduct monthly surveys to find out what the public really wants.
  11. 11. Mantra “Speak from the heart, through us.”
  12. 12. Our Tagline The tagline of Skyeward Productions is “Above and beyond the rest.” As said before, we strive to go above and beyond where African American greeting cards have gone before. The tagline speaks to our customers letting them first know that we care. We treat each customer with the utmost respect and promise to give them dedicated and efficient service. We also go beyond by providing customers with the largest category selection of African American greeting cards in the market. Our tagline has a superlative connotation. The tagline distinguishes us from other competitors by standing by its claim of having the largest category selection of African American greeting cards. Our tagline is easy to remember and reflects excellence and positivity.
  13. 13. Skyeward Productions Above and beyond the rest.