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  1. 1. TCS Customer Newsletter PAKISTAN The Spirit of Enterprise2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1 TCS Employees become EmployersCorporate Scene Taking the initiative and seizing the moment have never been a problem with the TCSMAP Convention 2 people. The TCS Management has been strategizing for over two years a sustainableMeeting & ExceedingExpectations 3 path to greater growth and prosperity through franchising. Dubai based FranchiseInternally Displaced People 4 Development Services, was tasked with setting the process in motion in late 2005 inEndorsements 11 line with TCS Chairman Mr. Khalid Awan’s vision of expanding the TCS Network. ThisThank You! 13 would see TCS grow from 204 locations in Pakistan to 500 locations and beyond.Developing Human Capital Pioneering the franchisingHyde Park Juniors 21 model at TCS have been itsSidra Iqbal 22 employees who have servedOctara Review 23 the organization with distinctionWorld of TCS and shown the necessary flairChairman’s Message 2 for business.Editorial 3Franchisees 6 As a consequence 11 TCS NadeTale of Ten Tales 9 Rana Atique Arshi Saleem em Alv i employees have becomeTCS Veterans 18 employers.MAK the artist 19 Continued page 06Spotlight & HeadSpeak 20Editorial BoardPatron Khalid N. Awan er Amir Nazar Javaid HydChief Editor Jamil Janjua Zafar Masood Tariq You Asif Najam safEditor Adil Ahmad teams up withGraphic Designer Syed Shahbaz The TCS people are making aMember of voluntary donation of over Rs. 1.5Editorial Committee Million every month towards the Salman Akram financial and material support leading Ali Leghari to the resettlement of the Internally Rizwan Hafeez Rashid Ahmed Khursheed Displaced Persons Saqib Hamdani Arif Kamal Ahmed ... more on page 4 & 5
  2. 2. TCS Customer Newsletter My sincere best wishes to our readership, and I hope businesses are coping well in these very dynamic and challenging times, made more so by the turmoil in Northern Pakistan that has resulted in an unprecedented displacement of human population. I have directed the TCS people to spare no effort in providing relief to the internally displaced. TCS embodies the same bedrock principles which have enabled us to serve you with a commitment that has won your trust over the last 25 years. It gives me great pleasure to announce the elevation of Mr Saqib Hamdani to the position of Chief Executive Officer of TCS Private Ltd. This appointment is in recognition of his outstanding performance as Chief Operating Officer for the past 5 years. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jamil Janjua for his tireless services that have seen TCS grow under his watch as CEO and Group CEO. Jamil is now taking a well earned retirement, but only in the formal sense of the word, having reached that magic number when one traditionally takes retirement. However, given his enormous store of experience and business acumen, as also his youthful vitality, JJ will continue to engage with TCS as a Consultant, a priceless resource inMessage Chairmans these very challenging times. So even as I wish him a fond farewell, let me extend to him a hearty welcome back! and may we continue to harmonize together in the exploring of new horizons for many more years to come. In the midst of a global recession, we at TCS are redoubling our efforts and taking stock of our processes with a view to enhancing efficiencies across the board in the service of our valued customers. In this connection we have introduced franchising to our business model, and encouraged our employees with a flair for business to set up their own shop under our TCS colours. Our human resource"TCS will be recognized and is what will make the difference and decide on the level of our success, as indeedrespected as a professional, it has in the past. In this Issue of CONNECT we have celebrated the TCS people,innovative and profitable and their efforts that have won us kudos from our valued customers.information and knowledge Thank you very much for reposing your trust in TCS.based logistics services Khalid N. Awanenterprise"Mr. Khalid N. Awan (Chairman TCS) presents a memento to Mr. Shaukat Tareen (Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance) at the 11th Convention of the Management Association of Pakistan. Mr. Asif Qadir (President,Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited) and Mr. Shafiq Ahmed (Chairman MAP Convention Sub-committee) are also seen in the picture.02 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  3. 3. TCS Customer Newsletter Meeting & Exceeding Expectations Overseeing the relentless dynamics of a 24/7 operation, Saqib Hamdani, CEO, TCS Pvt Ltd. receives the coveted ‘BRANDS ICON OF PAKISTAN 2008’ as well as ‘BRAND OF THE YEAR 2008’ Awards from Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani. Message Chief Editor’s EDITORIAL I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to TCS on attaining its Silver Jubilee, a considerable It is a great, albeit somber pleasure achievement for a Pakistani enterprise given the being here with you again with our rough and tumble of our operating environment. It special Silver Jubilee issue in these comes at a time of financial turmoil in the world. troubled times. TCS has weathered many a storm in its young history, relishing the challenges that have come itsMy sincere thanks to our valued customers, who have been way, and rising to the occasion each time. We havevery generous in their applause for the TCS effort, and we learnt to seek the silver lining and find opportunitycarry their encouraging feedback in a special section. In the in adversity. These are testing times, possibly ascover story we raise the curtain on our band of intrapreneurs never before, and it will take the combined resolveturned entrepreneurs as TCS revisits its business model and of the TCS people to face and overcome the currentexplores further its franchise options. We take a fond trip down economic impasse. But overcome we shall, of thatmemory lane and revisit the Banking Contract that really put there is no doubt, and in doing so we would havethe whiz in TCS! made our contribution to the economic well being of the country at large.I would like to thank Mr. Khalid Awan for his very kind words,and wish to express my deep gratitude for the opportunities It continues to be a rare privilege and pleasurethat he has made available for me through TCS, and the putting CONNECT together for TCS and its valuedmany learnings and wisdoms that he has imparted over the readership. The seriousness with which TCS hasyears of our association. taken this corporate publication has enabled me to earn a respectable living as a researcher and writer,I look forward to keeping my boots on in my post retirement and for this I shall be forever grateful. My thanks toperiod, and continuing to be of service to our most valued all the wonderful people whose input has madecustomers. CONNECT the success that it has become.Thank you for your vote of confidence. Adil Ahmad / adil.ahmed101@gmail.comjamil janjua www.tcs.com.pk 03
  4. 4. TCS Customer Newsletter IDPs! and The Longing For Peace in NWFP.... and GEOs PUKAR team-up for Relief Work Innocent people have had their lives disrupted and routines shattered by those who would force their irrationality upon civil society through brute force. As a service provider to civil society, TCS too has borne part of the brunt of this trauma, and shares in the resettlement concerns of the Internally Displaced People. ... Alongside the TCS TCS is doing its bit in alleviating people are making a voluntary the suffering of the affected from donation of over Rs. 1.5 Million Swat, and has teamed up with every month towards the GEO TVs PUKAR, an NGO financial and material support involved in relief work. leading to the resettlement of the Internally Displaced TCS Couriers throughout its Persons ... Network will respond to donation calls made in response to GEOs public service announcements, collect the cheques and deliver them to GEOs PUKAR for onward distribution to the needy. A number of TCS Couriers have been caught up in the Swat upheaval, and have been provided timely relief by the Company for as long as required until matters return to normal.04 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  5. 5. TCS Customer Newsletter Memo From: Muhammad Javaid (Area Business Head - Peshawar) Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 4:16 PM To: Rizwan Ali Kapoor (Regional Director Operations - North), All TCS People Subject: Subsistence to Company Employees of Swat, Matta, Dargai and Timergara This morning I received a call from CEO Mr. Saqib Hamdani who expressed his grief over the National Calamity in NWFP in which heavy exodus from Swat and adjoining areas took place involving over a million persons, being termed as the largest ever displacement in the world within the short timeframe concerned. TCS staff of Swat, Matta, Dargai and Timergara Branches also had to leave their homes in search of safety for their families. In these testing times, CEO Mr. Saqib Hamdani not only has shown his personal resolve to help out the needy displaced people but at the same time asked me to communicate the Company’s commitment to our affected staff. He has very generously announced a sum of Rs. 10,000/- per month per family as subsistence allowance till such time as they return to their homes. In addition to the subsistence allowance the families requiring medical care will also be provided the same from the Company’s side.Pictures of Sheikh Yaseen and Sheikh Shehzad Relief Camps at Mardan on 17th May 09. Donations worth Rs. 153,000/- were distributed amongst the IDPs of SWAT. www.tcs.com.pk 05
  6. 6. TCS Customer NewsletterContinued from Cover The Spirit of Enterprise EMPLOYEE EMPLOYER Arif Kamal Aviation Services Pvt Ltd. does so well rather than venture into joined TCS clearing, forwarding, technical uncharted waters this late in life. as a Banking aircraft landing permissions, and Asif is blessed with four daughters Courier in ground handling services for and one son. He is very fond of aircraft both passenger and cargo. traveling and has toured the length 1986, and after As Director Operations Al Meeqat and breadth of Pakistan. riding a motorbike for the last 22 International Travel and Tours Pvt years he discovered there is a Ltd he services the Hajj and direct co-relationship between the Umrah traveler, and as sole age and the waist (Umar and proprietor Maria Enterprises he Kamar)! In short, he began finding operates the TCS franchise. Talk the need to throttle back a bit and about entrepreneurship and a very Nadeem Alvi take life easy. Arif says he had full plate! Khursheed is passionate has been in never imagined that one day he about cricket, having played the this line of would be running his own game as an all-rounder. work for 11 years, having business, and when the idea was joined TCS in 1990 broached to him by the TCS as Sales Executive. In July 2008 Management he was startled and he gave up his job as Business entirely unsure how he would Development Manager TCS handle the transition from Logistics to take up the Franchise employee to employer. He says Asif Najam offer. Married with three kids that he is now beginning to find has come to (boys), moving from employee to his feet, and for the last six months the TCS self-employed is a big step in since acquiring the franchise his Franchise the Nadeem’s life. “Raising a family entire focus has been on hard way. He on a salary in these inflationary marketing. “Business has joined TCS in 1985 times is at best an uphill task”, as a Courier, and 23 years later says Nadeem. “As a franchisee exceeded expectations!” says Arif, had risen to Business this is my own business, and it will who has been blessed with three Development Manager Corporate prosper in direct proportion to the grown up sons, two of whom are Sales. In January 2008 Asif effort that I put into it.” His game- engineers with jobs, and the succumbed to the entrepreneur plan is to grow the Express Center youngest is in college intent upon that had lurked in him his whole and take it to the next level and becoming an engineer as well. life, took retirement from TCS, and beyond in terms of profitability. invested in catering business intent upon becoming a late blooming millionaire. However, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip, a lesson that Asif learnt the hard Khursheed way after his partners and Rashid Ahmed associates had cooked his goose Ahmed Khan nice and proper. “One only learns joined TCS in obtained his the depth of a well after 1991 as TCS franchise in descending into it,” says Asif Operations 2003, and he is an philosophically. His old employers Assistant, and was aviation veteran with time spent came to his rescue upon hearing working in the Customers Services as Duty Station Manager with Aero of his misadventures, and the TCS department when he resigned six Asia and General Manager Management suggested he take months ago to set up his own TCS Operations with Safe Air. His own on a franchise and take further Franchise. “I am enjoying myself company Track Triangle the business that he already knew a lot!” says Rashid.06 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  7. 7. TCS Customer Newsletter“The activity is increasing, and my He continues with his photographygood relations with the old hobby, and enjoys cooking andcustomers are proving extremely Arshi Saleem playing cricket, and is very upsetuseful.” There was initially the fear started her about the terrorism relatedof the unknown, he says, but his TCS negative image that Pakistan hasgood knowledge of the business Franchise on acquired that has dispatched itshas stood him in good stead, and the 1st of cricket tourism sector for a hugehe would like to acquire a second October 2008 six clear out of the stadium.franchise in the next year. “One having joined the company on thecant depend upon walk-in 1st of February 2004 as Retailcustomers, and one needs to get Sales Officer. In the short periodout and acquire business from that her franchise has been inpeople. There are five hospitals, operation she has doubled theand plenty of schools and colleges Amir Nazar sales, and is intent upon furtherin my territory, and business joined TCS in improving the targets given to heractivity increases when operating 1993 as a by TCS. Arshi is in her elementsone’s own business. I used to work Courier, a running her own business whichbefore as well, but the passion as position in which she does with the help of her twoself-employed goes far beyond he retired in 2006 tothat” says Rashid who has one brothers. The territory that she is become a TCS Franchisedaughter and lives in a joint family servicing is known to her operator. “This is a great earningwith his mother, father, four intimately, being the opportunity and it saves me a lotbrothers and three sisters. He is neighbourhood that she has spent of time as well,” says Amir whosefound of deep sea fishing and goes the last 24 years of her life in. territory covers almost seventyoff whenever he can with his Alongside she is studying for her percent of the Korangi Industrialfriends in a launch. Master’s degree in Islamic History. Area, extending from Aventis “The business is my family’s bread Chowrangi to Murtaza Chowrangi. and butter, and we put in a lot of His target is to begin a second hard work into it with the franchise in the next three to five expectation that it will grow and Zafar years. “This line of work requires flourish and enable for us a better Masood good public relations skills. standard of living,” says Arshi for joined TCS in Working for myself I now realize whom her academic pursuits 1993 as that the time I spend with the provide her with a well earned Security Officer customer is actually my investment relief from the drudgery of work in Grade 4 and took in the business because he is while developing her mentalretirement in October 2008 as going to come back to me every horizons.Retail Sales Executive. In between time,” explains Amir, saying thathe pursued his photography hobby these are things one does notby doing assignments for the TCS always realize when working ininternal customer publication an employed capacity. “TheNetwork News. Last year Zafar passion is very important and itsuffered a heart attack and found results in a whole lot of purpose Javaid Hyderit difficult to perform the twelve that then translates into profits.” has been withhours stints required of him earlier. Amir is very happy with the way TCS since theThe TCS Management offered him cricket is turning out and is sure 19th ofa franchise, and it has turned out that Pakistan is going to emerge Septemberto be just what the doctor ordered! as the most sought after team in 1994, having joined“Financially this is much better the world. “A truly globe-trotting as Retail Sales Assistant. Hethan my previous salaried job, and team that only plays overseas per resigned from the Company ina whole lot less demanding since force of circumstances at home. March 2008 and started theI am now my own boss! Zafar’s I am sure Mr. Jinnah would have Franchise on the 22nd of April ofambition is to make the Express ‘approved’, and he would surely the same year. The return on hisCenter more and more profitable, have developed a cricket ground investment is yet to happen, heand is full of ideas on how to set behind his Ziarat residence!” says says, but he is very hopeful of theabout doing so. Amir tongue-in-cheek. years ahead. www.tcs.com.pk 07
  8. 8. TCS Customer Newsletter “Business in general has taken a beating with the global Tariq Yousaf joined TCS in 1986 as a Courier, and then economic recession and the transferred out to the TCS sponsored Sohni Express many troubles that Pakistan has as Station Controller, rejoining TCS as Sales Officer in faced in recent years,” says 1990. He left TCS to set up his own Franchise in August Javaid, who feels that this is the 2008 while serving the Company as Senior Sales Manager. time to redouble one’s efforts “While performing a job one is always a bit fearful about starting and position oneself for when a business,” says Tariq, the only franchisee to be running two outlets. “But the business activity begins to when the TCS Management made the offer to me it was too good to resist, pick up. He has found himself in specially since it concerned an area that I was well familiar with. My total pioneering roles with TCS having concentration is on making the franchise a success, and in this I follow Mr. opened its branches in Tauheed Jinnah’s exhortation of work, work, and more work!” Tariq says he has no Commercial and Shamsheer time for rest and recreation given the state of the economy and the call to Commercial. The ten years that action stations across the board. However, Tariq would do well to remember he spent at the Clifton Center in that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. But Tariq’s no Jack! And he SASI Arcade were very certainly ain’t no boy! educative, he says, and feels highly indebted to TCS from whom he has learnt a lot. He would like to see his business progress and is looking forward Rana Atique joined TCS in 1990 as Recovery Officer, to acquiring a second TCS and resigned his job in 2007 as Recovery Manager. It franchise in the not too distant has been seven months since he opened the Franchise, future. Javaid is saddened by and he says it is doing well and improving every day. “It the turn for the worse that cricket is not such a big deal, and I could easily manage another matters have taken in Pakistan, four such centers!” says Rana, exuding a welcome bravado and feels that people are entitled in these somewhat depressed times. “It is a neat and clean business with to some healthy entertainment little or no risk involved.” Rana is married with five daughters and one son, in their lives. and also involved in the property business. Franchise08 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  9. 9. TCS Customer Newsletter CONDUCTING BUSINESS UNDER FIRE Muhammad Kaleem and Ghulam Akbar filed a joint submission that dealt with the conduct of business under fire in the mega- city of Karachi gone berserk with pain, fear and rage. The 28th of December 2007 saw the country come to a screeching,Every year the rank and file at TCS gets invited to violent halt. Benazir Bhutto was no more, felled by an assassin’sshare with the CONNECT readership something bullet. From the Khyber to the Arabian Sea, for three daysextraordinary that might have transpired during the people lost their minds and vent their anger and anguish incourse of their daily routines. In the life of a courier unprecedented fearsome fashion. For three continuous daysno two days are the same, with every day bringing and nights Muhammad Kaleem andwith it a fresh set of challenges. What does remain Ghulam Akbar manned the actionthe same, however, is the courier’s commitment to stations on empty stomachs,his unwritten, self-governed mandate that puts the ensuring as best as they could the‘Customer and Company above Self’ in a corporate continuity of business at TCS. In aculture that celebrates the TCS Core Values of bizarre sort of way they had preparedQuality; Profitability through Efficiency; Justice; Ethical for this drill just six months before,Behavior; and Exemplary Conduct. These Core when the city was plunged into chaosValues, as defined by the TCS Chairman Mr. Khalid and confusion, murder and mayhemAwan, have shaped an organization that has on the 12th day of May 2007, withwithstood the test of time, and grown from strength riots, arson and killings at severalto strength in its pursuit of customer satisfaction. centrally-located places, terrorizing Muhammad Kaleem the whole city. TCS couriers bravelyThis time we celebrate Ten Tales of extraordinary weathered the life threateningcourage and commitment, and are sure that there situation, and made as manyare many others that have gone unreported out of deliveries and pickups as wereeither modesty, or because the TCS Family has possible. Providing them with close-grown so used to traveling the extra mile in the in support were Muhammad Kaleemservice of the customer that it does not accord any and Ghulam Akbar who stayed backspecial significance to such acts. The stories for two days and nights workingpresented below have been translated and edited feverishly to keep things going onby Mr. Shafique Shah, the Editor of TCS Network empty stomachs and hearts full ofNews and TCS QuickCom, with their synopsis prayers that the madness would relent and better sense would prevail.provided by Adil Ahmad, Editor TCS Connect. Ghulam AkbarThe Ten Tales are split equally into the Winners and COOL & COURAGEOUSRunners-up categories. The winning filings werefrom Muhammad Kaleem (Operations Manager, ShiftA General, Karachi), Ghulam Akbar (Operations Zahid Iqbal was on duty at Faisalabad’s Circular Road ExpressOfficer, Shift A General, Karachi), Zahid Iqbal Centre the day Mohatrama Benzair Bhutto joined the hallowed(Administration Officer, Multan), Manzoor Abro (Team ranks of the Shaheeds. There was sporadic violence and highLeader Field Operations, Karachi), M. Sohail tension prevailed. Zahid Iqbal had a crisis on his hands with(Operations Assistant, Karachi), Siraj (Business two hysterical ladies, an elderly gentManager, Mardan), and Tariq Khan (Operations not in the best of health, a teenagerAssistant, Mardan). These are carried below. desperately trying to put on a brave face, and an injured man who hadThe five runners-up comprised of Muhammad crashed through the glass door ofMumtaz (Area Operations Manager,Rawalpindi), M. the Express Center while seekingAtif Minhaj Qasmi (Senior Sales Executive INTIANA, refuge from the street violenceKarachi), Muhammad Flower Iqbal outside. Zahid Iqbal kept his cool(In-Charge Debriefing, Multan), Maqbool Ahmed and courage and managed the(Accounts Officer, Lahore), and Muhammad Amir situation to the satisfaction of all(Area Accountant, Peshawar). Their stories have concerned, including the TCS Areabeen carried internally in QuickCom. Office which received its material Zahid Iqbal bag weighing over 16 kilos, delivered on foot. 09 www.tcs.com.pk
  10. 10. TCS Customer NewsletterAGAINST ALL ODDSM. Sohail found himself in the thick of things, playing hide CASE OF THE TWO SHAHJEES Siraj and Tariq Khan got into a most unusual tangle withand seek with rioters on Karachi roads the day following two consignees by the same name of Syed Munawwar AliBenazir Bhutto’s assassination. As per routine he had Shah, both collectors of antiques, and both expecting aembarked on pickups from Guru Mandir, Orangi and Tariq shipment from their dealer! Talk about co-incidents, and thisRoad Express Centres. By dusk he arrived at Banaras absolutely had to be the mother of all co-incidents! Weighingwhere several vehicles were on fire with a crowd of anti- 8.5 kgs., the consignment was received at Mardan fromsocial elements looting innocent people and damaging Lahore with insufficient address. A Mr. Humayoon arrivedprivate property. Then suddenly came the deafening sound posing as the consignees driver and insisted on receivingof gun fire and a big sharp-edged rock hit M. Sohail’s right the shipment. On production of his CNIC the consignmenthand which began bleeding. They fled through narrow was handed over to him. The next day Syed Munawwar Alistreets and finally reached Habib Bank Chowrangi where, Shah turned up to collect his shipment! The consignee waslike all other places, angry mobs were on the rampage. A flabbergasted and said he had no driver by the name ofpolice van with armed guards appeared to M. Sohail’s relief, Humayoon. The declaration made by the consignee threwand zigzagging through the side lanes they finally reached Siraj and Tariq into a quandary and they stood thereGolimar. Gulshan Hub was totally under control of the dumbfounded. The consignee hit the roof, and said therioters who were damaging, destroying and setting on fire shipment contained a 300-year old valuable piece of antique,private and government property. The pain in his injured originally from Indonesia, that had cost him some 15 lakhshand had unbearably increased and required immediate of rupees, and threatened to sue the Company for damages.bandaging. After what seemed Working through NADRA Humayoon’s address andan eternity they finally reached photograph were obtained, somethe Gulshan Hub and M. Sohail 20 miles off Mardan City in agot down from the van and rushed village known as Jamal Garhi buttowards the hub holding the bags the man had shifted from thatof material that he had collected. location. Inquiries from the areaHe then gathered the staff and Nazim bore fruit, and Humayoonescorted them to the van. A battle was traced to a village calledhad finally been won and he was Mirchkokali. It was late at nighthappy to have delivered the when Siraj and Tariq arrived there,goods. However, it was a and after some reassuringnightmare that is likely to haunt M. Sohail Humayoon came to the door andhim all his life. accepted that he had indeed Siraj taken the consignment and given it to his boss Syed Munawwar AliNEVER ON A SUNDAY!Manzoor Abro reports on how his plans for a restful Sunday Shah, who in turn upon being contacted on the phone accepted having received the consignmentwith the family got turned upside down when he decided to and admitted that it was an error,drop in at the office very briefly to check up on a pending a rare one at that, since he toomatter. Just his luck that a very agitated customer from was expecting a similarIslamabad was on the phone with the officer on duty, insisting consignment! The actualon speaking with the top management. For a moment there consignee Syed Munawwar AliManzoor Abro was tempted to duck the issue and carry on Shah was delighted to say thewith his weekend picnic plans. But like always the family least upon receiving his antique,had to take a back seat, and he and profusely thanked andvolunteered to help resolve the congratulated TCS for promptly Tariq Khanproblem, a very knotty problem tracing the consignment.that involved a passport and airlineticket that was two days behindscheduled delivery. It took the restof the Sunday and persistentfollow-up to trace the missingdocuments, and it was close tonightfall when they were finallydelivered and the customer’sagitation turned into gratitude. Manzoor Abro10 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  11. 11. TCS Customer Newsletter Corporate World’s Congratulations on the Silver Jubilee I would like to over the past twelve years, congratulate TCS on encouraging us to introduce newI was truly delighted to find out that this important services for our customers and thusTCS has completed its Silver Jubilee milestone of their helping them improve their services toin providing the Pakistani consumers 25th anniversary. TCS their customers. I congratulate TCSwith pure excellence. A reliable logistics has been associated on its Silver Jubilee, and onpartner is a must for any growing with us as our courier agent for over establishing an excellent couriercompany, and I can say with full a decade. I sincerely appreciate the service based on internationalconfidence that TCS is that partner remarkable services provided by their standards. I wish them great successwhich we at Philips have truly relied marketing team through all these years in their future endeavours.upon, and they have always delivered. which is admirable, and I wish TCS M. M. KhanI take this opportunity of congratulating tremendous success. Chief Executive Officer,the TCS team for their dedication, and Tahir G. Sachak N.I.F.T.hope that they will continue to serve Managing Director &their customers with the same degree Chief Executive Officer,of dedication for another 25 years. EFU LIFE INSURANCEShahid ZakiChairman & Chief Executive Officer, On the occasionPHILIPS PAKISTAN Heartiest congratulations on achieving of your Silver 25 years of successful operation in Jubilee I would Pakistan by TCS. Bank Alfalah has like to take this opportunity to thank I hereby extend my enjoyed a mutually beneficial TCS for the services rendered to our heartfelt relationship with this esteemed Organization that have enabled us to congratulations on organization since the very beginning. achieve our goals in the distribution of the TCS Silver We wish more success for TCS in the expensive medicines all over Pakistan. Jubilee, and thank you future. I appreciate the method that wasfor the excellent services rendered by Ather Shehab adopted in processing Cool ChainTCS to our Organization. We Rotarians Executive Incharge, Establishment & Products which left no room for anyprovide humanitarian services; Administration Division, fault or failing. My best wishes go toencourage high ethical standards in BANK ALFALAH one and all for the good work that youall vocations; and help build goodwill have done. Keep it up! And may Godand peace in the world, as well asaddress the needs of the less privileged be with all of you and bless you Paramount abundantly. Pharmaceuticalspeople in our society. By expediting Kamran Nishatour work TCS has partnered with us We are happy to hear the news of TCS Managing Director,in this service to humanity. We salute achieving 25 years in the field of MULLER & PHIPPSTCS for its innovation, pioneering spirit, express logistics, and proud of ourcommitment and passion throughout association in the noble cause ofthe world. We wish TCS greater laurels serving ailing humanity. We have been We have had thein the days to come. your regular client for more than a pleasure ofAziz Memon decade, and look forward to a mutually working with beneficial association in the future.District Governor, TCS for our ‘Document Handling Nasir M. QureshiROTARY INTERNATIONAL Services’ as part of our countrywide Chief Executive Officer,DISTRICT 3270 (PAKISTAN & cheque clearing system. This PARAMOUNT PHARMACEUTICALSAFGHANISTAN) association has worked well and grown www.tcs.com.pk 11
  12. 12. TCS Customer Newsletter To all our valued customers who have brought us this farWhile TCS, the express logistics around, and what came to be operating environment that will nocompany, was formally inaugurated known as the Banking Contract doubt be less than enabling. Theon the 4th of May 1983, it gave occupies a preeminent place in the Company that Engineer Khalidnew meaning to the word ‘express’ history of TCS, an unrivalled Awan founded has found itself inin 1985 when TCS signed up with benchmark of what the private trail blazing roles, and made itsthe Pakistan Banking Council to sector can achieve when called contribution to the development ofexpedite the clearance of outstation upon in the service of national an entire industry focused oncheques, and reduce the express logistics.processing time from three weeks A lot of blood,to seventy-two hours. The enormity Core values as defined by theof what we accomplished at TCS sweat, and tears founding chairman have given theby the successful execution of that have gone into the robust Company a firm anchoringContract was such that we were and direction: Quality; Profitability humbled in no making of this through Efficiency; Justice; Ethical uncertain super brand. These Behavior; and Exemplary Conduct manner. As a have in turn created a corporate result of our have been stripes culture of ‘Customer and Company taking up well earned above Self’ at TCS. that most daunting, Engineer Khalid Awan has come and, in the a long way from those early days opinion of when TCS was a boutique some, foolhardy operation, with his craft well piloted challenge, the by his trusted aide and TCS Group velocity of CEO Jamil Janjua. Saqib Hamdani circulation of has manned the action stations money went up during a crucial period of the firm’s manifold in the growth, first as Head of Operations, national economy of interest. TCS has earned its stripes then as Chief Operating Officer, Pakistan, impacting meeting and exceeding and now as the Chief Executive positively the expectations in less than enabling Officer, overseeing the relentless prosperity of trade, environments. dynamics of a 24/7 operation. A lot commerce and of blood, sweat, and tears have industry. Given the storm clouds on the gone into the making of this super world’s economic horizon, there is brand. These have been stripes TCS helped turn a sense of urgency in the TCS rank well earned. the system and file as it gears up for an www.tcs.com.pk 13
  13. 13. TCS Customer Newsletter celebrating its Silver Jubilee. We were TCS from the rest of the industry the first insurance Company to appoint players. Happy 25th anniversary! TCS, and view with great satisfaction Amir Idris the innovative and cost effective courier Head of Supply Chain Management,It is a pleasure to know that TCS is solutions that have catered admirably NOVARTIS PHARMAcelebrating 25 years of unsurpassed to our requirements, and their qualityservice. We have been associated for of service has been beyond reproach.the past 25 years, and count ourselves Captain Shahid Ahmedamongst your first customers. TCS has Joint Senior Vice President & Head ofbeen, and remains a trend setter in Administration,the field of express logistics. TCS staff NEW JUBILEE INSURANCE We would like to congratulate TCS oncomprises of professionals who never COMPANY the completion of 25 years of excellentcompromise on quality. service to the corporate world. TCSDr. Pervaz Akhter Qureshi has provided us with complete logisticsManaging Director, We feel immense solutions with enhanced capabilitiesKAMAL LABORATORIES pleasure in extending over the years, and it is a nice, long our heartiest relationship that we have developed congratulations to TCS and enjoyed in the furtherance of our This year TCS is on achieving the respective businesses. We wish TCS celebrating its Silver milestone of 25 years a very prosperous future, and great Jubilee anniversary. 25 in the field of courier and express success during the years to come. years is a lifetime for logistics. We have always considered Zahid Iqbal many companies, and this TCS as our partner, and have been Director Support Centers,milestone is a great testament to your working with TCS for the last 10 years MOBILINKpast and present employees, and to to our utmost satisfaction.your customers worldwide. Thank you M. Kabir Salehfor your patronage and support for our Director HR & Business Development, We are pleased toOrganization. We wish you good luck SHAIGAN PHARMACEUTICALS learn that TCS hasfor years to come. very successfullyM. Sadiq Khan completed 25Director, years of expressBISMILLAH TRADERS logistics service in Pakistan. It has been a privilege to be We extend our heartiest associated with TCS for the last fifteen While wishing TCS on congratulations to the TCS family on years. We wish TCS all the very best its Silver Jubilee, it is the successful completion of 25 years. in the years ahead. certified that TCS is We acknowledge that it is indeed a Saad Mushtaq Malik rendering courier pleasure doing business with TCS, Executive Director Marketing, services to NIC and we wish you the best of luck and SCHAZOO PHARMACEUTICAL Production NADRA success in the upcoming years, and LABORATORIES since long. They hope that our ties are made strongerdeliver our ID Card and other with the passage of time and goodshipments throughout Pakistan in the business relations. I take this opportunityleast possible time span. It is further Liaquat Sagheer to felicitate TCS oncertified that during the last couple of Associate Director, Commercial the occasion of itsmonths TCS has put in extra effort to Services, 25th anniversary. Weclear our additional workload of card GETZ PHARMA have a longshipments, and deliver all association with TCSconsignments in time to the desired which we cherish, and are confidentdestinations. that our business ties will furtherSaeed Anwar Hamid strengthen in the years to come. IDirector Administration & Security We are proud to have a service extend to you warm and happy wishesNADRA PAKISTAN provider like TCS as our most on this truly special occasion. dependable business partner. The Naveed Hafeez Shaikh It gives us caring attitude, trained personnel, and General Manager, immense pleasure problem solving frame of mind are a THE BANK OF PUNJAB to know that TCS is few of the qualities that distinguish14 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  14. 14. TCS Customer Newsletter services provided by Team TCS to our Company. On this occasion we convey our heartiest congratulations, andBeing a satisfied customer we assure you of our best cooperation at TCS symbolizes not just a courierappreciate Team TCS Lahore for their all times. service but is an emblem of successefficient and reliable services extended Muhammad Umair Khan for Pakistani businesses. The way TCSto us during the last decade. We General Manager Logistics Support, has managed customer expectationscongratulate TCS on completing 25 SUI NORTHERN is iconic to blue chip MNCs. I wish toyears of express logistics. congratulate the TCS leadership andAmir Faisal Hashmi every team member on this veryCountry Human Resources Manager, special moment of completing 25COCA COLA years. I am delighted to inform you that it has Riaz Qureshi been a pleasure working with TCS. National Sales Manager, We take this We have worked together in so many PARAZELSUS PAKISTAN opportunity to projects, and have received complete congratulate TCS on support from your end. During the celebrating 25 years centralization of cheque books we got of unmatched service. your utmost cooperation for which weSince its inception TCS has provided are very grateful. Thank you once againinnovative solutions to all customers, for supporting us, and working inand set new standards for its collaboration with us. Happy 25thcompetitors. TCS has greatly anniversary! We are delighted to congratulate TCScontributed to our success by providing Mohammad Tariq on its Silver Jubilee, and for ensuringswift, safe and timely delivery of goods Head of Remittances & Clearing, their best efforts in the express logisticsand documents. A reliable courier THE ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND business. We congratulate the TCSservice such as yours has helped us team for bringing us the ultimate inmeet strict deadlines, and build our service!professional image by keeping On this M. Asad Zamanpromises with all our stakeholders. We auspicious Head of Procurement Department,wish TCS all the success in the future. occasion of the Admin Services Division,Lt. Col. (R) Shaukat Mahmood TCS Silver Jubilee I would like to UNITED BANK LIMITEDGeneral Manager express my gratitude for the servicesIndustrial Relations & Administration, that we have received over the years. It is a great pleasure to write this notePAK ELEKTRON LIMITED We wish TCS to progress further and at the Sliver Jubilee celebrations of continue to play its role in the TCS. Banking today is all about service We would like to development of the corporate sector. delivery, and to keep pace with the congratulate TCS Khawer Saeed growing internal and external on completing 25 Country Logistics Leader, competition we at UBL greatly rely on years. It has been DUPONT PAKISTAN the state-of-the-art logistics services a good provided by the TCS Network. UBLrelationship, and TCS has provided us has been associated with TCS forcomplete logistics solutions over the many years, but the bulk mailing andpast many years. TCS has arranged delivery tracking requirementsnationwide deliveries of our important Our philosophy is based upon building associated with Consumer Businessshipments. strong and long lasting relationships dynamics made TCS our ultimateAzmat Ullah Khan with our customers and alliance choice for our overall ConsumerDirector Administration & Sales, partners such as TCS. In an Business delivery requirements. WeLAHORE UNIVERSITY OF environment where deadlines are tight are strongly impressed by the reliabilityMANAGEMENT SCIENCES (LUMS) our consistent performance has been of their Network, and on this auspicious valued by our clients, and it is for the occasion of their 25th anniversary I same reasons that we value our wish TCS the very best for a successful We are pleased to learn association with TCS. Congratulations future, and look forward to a lasting that TCS has on your 25th anniversary! business relationship. completed 25 years Waqar Agha Muhammad Arshad of jubilant Country Manager, Divisional Head, Consumer performance, and GEMNET Operations, acknowledge the UNITED BANK LIMITED www.tcs.com.pk 15
  15. 15. TCS Customer Newsletter On behalf of the Corporate Secretary, TCS has completed 25 years of management I STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN providing perfect express mailing convey my solutions. We congratulate the team profound We congratulate TCS at TCS for bringing timely services to congratulations on on the auspicious all its customers. We hope that TCS the occasion of the occasion of their will prove more energetic, accurate TCS Silver Jubilee Silver Jubilee. TCS and responsible as it heads towardscelebrations. We are grateful for your has been the its Golden Jubilee.dedicated and timely services, and hallmark of quality Muhammad Nasir Memonyour commitment and affiliation with and customer Deputy General Manager, Bankthe noble cause of the hospital. We satisfaction, setting new benchmarks Properties Management,would like to express our gratitude for for the logistics industry. We hope that HABIB BANK LIMITEDthe quality of courier service your TCS will continue to innovate andCompany has provided to us for over provide even better services, and We have beena decade. exceed customer expectations. rebranded as oneNauman Majeed Adnan Hamid Ali of the top MiddleManager Human Resources & Head of Administration & GSD, Eastern Banks,Administration, BANKISLAMI and after properSHAUKAT KHANUM MEMORIAL due diligence TCSCANCER HOSPITAL & RESEARCH was selected byCENTER Samba Financial Group as their authorized courier company. Samba, formerly known as Crescent We congratulate TCS on the occasion Commercial Bank Limited, has found of their Silver Jubilee. TCS has been the services rendered by TCS asWe congratulate you on the successful a leading service provider in the extraordinary. We congratulate TCScompletion of 25 years in the field of financial sector, and is a hallmark of on their 25th anniversary, and lookexpress logistics. We wish you many quality and customer care, always forward to a lasting association.happy returns on your Silver Jubilee setting new standards of service for Muhammad Sabih Akbercelebrations. We are proud to have an the express logistics industry. We hope Vice President, Centralized Operations,esteemed courier service like TCS that TCS will continue to lead the CRESBANKworking with us. We appreciate TCS logistics industry with its competentwhich is a team of professionals with team members, and provide evena high level of quality service and better services to its customers.customer relationship. They have Agha Asadullahexhibited their commitment and Executive Vice President, Logisticresponsibility in handling our projects. Support & Security Wing, Operations Barclays takes this opportunity toMay Allah bring success, peace and Group, congratulate TCS for completing 25prosperity to us all. NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN successful years. We have beenAbdul Hafeez Butt working with TCS since theGroup Head, Branch Banking commencement of our business, andOperations, Central Office, We congratulate TCS the services provided by TCS areALLIED BANK OF PAKISTAN on achieving the commendable. We look forward to milestone of 25 working with TCS in the future and years of building a healthy relationship. We understand maintaining the Rafif Ghauri that TCS is customers’ trust Manager Administration, celebrating its through their BARCLAYS BANK PLC Silver Jubilee. On service standards. We at HBL strongly this occasion we believe in upholding corporate values, wish to congratulate and hope TCS will maintain their valuesyou, and thank you for rendering high and further gain the trust of customersquality of courier services to the State in the future.Bank of Pakistan. We hope that your Abid Rafiq Ghazi We have been associated with TCSCompany will continue to maintain the Deputy General Manager, General for the last eight of its twenty-five yearshigh quality of service, and further Administration, of existence, and wish them well onexpand its scope in the future. HABIB BANK LIMITED their Silver Jubilee. Our businessAftab Mustafa Khan relationship with all representatives of16 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  16. 16. TCS Customer NewsletterTCS at all levels has been pleasant given this Company so much success our courier provider keeping in viewand mutually beneficial, and they have in the courier industry. its unparalleled track record. We alsopromptly responded to our impromptu Irfan Amir chose TCS to fulfill our logistics needscalls. We wish TCS well in its journey Manager Administration, as well as awarding it the contract forahead. AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE an outsourced warehouse. Many timesLt. Col. (Retd) Zia Tahir Hussain COMPANY the exceptional personalized attentionSenior Manager Administration, and timely action by TCS staff hasUFONE It is indeed saved the day for us, and we heartening to note appreciate the professional manner in Our heartiest that TCS is which TCS is run. We value your congratulations to celebrating its Silver cooperation, and do not hesitate in the TCS Jubilee in the field considering us as business partners. Management for of express logistics. Our management wishes TCS all the achieving 25 years We value the best in its future endeavours. of pioneering services provided by you to our Bank, Kashif H. Rajpootservice excellence. We can proudly and congratulate your Management Manager OSS-North,say that TCS is by far the best Courier team on this occasion, and pray for TELENORand Mail Management Solution greater success of your OrganizationOrganization in the country. Every team in the future. Over the last fewmember of TCS deserves the highest Asad Ali Sajun years of ouraccolades for the unprecedented, Deputy General Manager & Head of association theround the clock dedication, Administration/Procurement, services renderedcommitment, hard work, and loyalty to BANK AL HABIB by TCS areits valued clients. Indeed, TCS is the unblemished andfirst choice for all Mail Solution in meritorious. Keeping inPakistan. We wish TCS greater view the top secret nature of thesuccess in the years ahead. documents of this section TCS hasIkram Nabi We are delighted to learn ensured the delivery of documentsHead of GSD, South, that TCS has completed 25 under safe and secure conditions. WeMUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK years in the field of express logistics appreciate the services rendered by with great success. Our relationship TCS.Being a satisfied customer we dates back to 1992, and we have no Abid Hussain Sattiappreciate the efficient and reliable hesitation in marking TCS as the Assistant Controller Secrecy,services provided to us by TCS. The number one courier company for very ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITYtrustworthiness and timely facilitation valid reasons as follows: TCS is theof Team TCS during the last decade only company that provides us with We have a greathas been laudable. Congratulations transport facility for our cold chain workingon completing 25 years in the field of sensitive medicinal products; TCS is relationship withexpress logistics. the only company that provides real TCS built over aFarrukh Nadeem time online access for consignment number of years ofVice President GSD, status; TCS is the only company that close collaboration,MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK settles claims at short notice whenever and we are at fault; TCS provides international delighted that they courier services that are comparable have completed 25 TCS has with market leaders like DHL, TNT, years of truly extraordinary service in been FEDEX, and others. Good luck in the the crucial sector of express logistics associated future! and contributed to our success, as with us for Mohammad Younis Wattoo indeed the success of a host of otherthe last 10 years providing logistics (Plant Manager) businesses throughout Pakistan.services to our Head Office and 27 Bashir Ahmed Habib Congratulations, and may TCS growbranches all over Pakistan. TCS has (Materials Control Manager), from strength to strength.always given timely service, with their MEDIPHARM, Licencee of Hussain Adamdedicated staff in Sales, Customer SCHERING. Manager Sales,Service and Operations giving us INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION &special attention. On this special We started GARMENTSoccasion of its 25th anniversary I would operation inlike to commend the Chairman TCS, late 2004, andMr. Khalid Awan, whose efforts have chose TCS as www.tcs.com.pk 17
  17. 17. TCS Customer Newsletter TCS VETERANS Employees who have spent 20+ years with the Company Godfrey he is one of five sisters and two Syed Joseph brothers. Iqbal is married with two sons Naushad joined DHL on (Suffiyan and Samad) and daughter Haider October 17, Misbah who is a budding artist and the joined TCS as 1982 and recipient of a TCS award in 2002. a sales officer then in year 1988, transferred to Iqbal has played cricket and hockey, and was born in TCS upon likes to watch the National Geographic Sukkur on the its inception, channel, has no preferences in movies 10th of March a fact that or actors, and his favourite food 1962. His late father makes him a proud member of comprises of yellow Lentil (Daal) eaten worked for EXXON in Daharki, and hethe senior employees club! He was with plain rice, potato cutlets and green has two brothers and a sister. Naushadborn on the 18th of January, 1963 in salad. has been very active on the sportsKarachi, and is married with three sons field, and has played Squash andand a daughter. Bruce Willis and Mohammad Table-tennis professionally, with anStephen Segal are his favourite movie Yousuf interest in Hockey, Baseball,stars, and he cites Mercury Rising, Die (Bhai) was Badminton and Swimming.Hard, Black, and Koi Mill Gaya born on the 13th(featuring Bruce Willis?) as his favourite of April 1958 in Posted in Dubai for the last 10 years,movies. Athletics, basketball, football, SUKKUR, and Naushad is currently responsible forand swimming have been part of is one of four the Wholesale business in the UAE.Godfrey’s action in life. Godfrey’s brothers and Had he not joined TCS Naushad wouldfavourite food is Chinese fusion, a term five sisters. liked to have been an actor. Naushad’sthat bears further explaining. Prior to joining TCS he favourite food includes Chinese and was a hand crafted carpet designer, vegetable dishes prepared by his wife.If not TCS, which other career would and cites TCS as his first and last job. Amongst his favourite actors areGodfrey have liked to pursue? “I would He wove a carpet with the TCS mascot Naseeruddin Shah, Amitabh Bachan,have liked to utilize my skills by Speedy and presented it to the and Shan, with Khuda-Ke-Liya hisdevoting my energies towards the uplift Chairman TCS Mr. Khalid Awan in the favourite movie.of Special Children and contribute midst of much praise.towards providing a better quality of Syed Imranlife for the mentally and physically The TCS Management has selected Ali Shahchallenged,” says he. Yousuf several times to officiate as joined DHL on Area Manager Karachi, as well as the 31st of July, Mirza Iqbal officiating Manager Network of 1982 and then Baig joined Pakistan. He is presently Manager transferred to TCS on the 6th Airport Operation with TCS Express TCS upon its of August, World Wide L.L.C in Dubai. Married inception. His 1985 as a with five daughters and one son-in- father was in banking law, Yousuf favours seafood, cites Government courier, and Mohammad Ali as his favourite actor, service, and he is one of three brothers was born in and the Dawn of Islam as his favourite and two sisters. As his most Karachi on movie. He is partial to Cricket, and memorable moment he cites the day the 15th of amongst his mentors at TCS he cites in 1983 when the Chairman TCS Mr.January, 1965. His father worked as Qamar Zaidi, Moin Malik, Adil Badshah, Khalid Awan rode with him on hisAssistant General Manager for May & Naveed Awan, Azeem, Imran Aslam, motorbike delivering and picking upBaker pharmaceutical company, and and Jamil Ahmed. consignments all day long.18 2009, Vol: 8 / Issue: 1
  18. 18. TCS Customer Newsletter“At that time I was a Courier Officer, and it became the most “I felt very elevated and proud to be part of such a highlyimportant day of my professional life having the Chairman regarded service provider,” says Mujahid, citing Arif Malikspend the whole day with me on my motorbike,” says Imran. and Tahir Amin as mentors who have motivated and groomed him.Imran’s favourite food is Mutton Karahi. He enjoys actionthrillers and Arnold Schwarzenegger is his favourite movie Zafar Nawaz Awan wasstar. His romantic streak and penchant for tragedy is reflected born in Dera Ismail Khan on thein his choice of favourite movie, the Titanic. Imran was born 23rd of October 1958, and joinedon the 9th of June, 1961 in Rawalpindi, and enjoys playing TCS on the 1st of March 1984. Hecricket. is one of eight siblings, and his late father was in Government service. Syed Mujahid Ali joined TCS His most memorable moment was on the 1st of December, 1984. His the road accident that he was father was in the Government involved in on the 23rd of September service, and he has one other 1991 on Motorway 1 at Kundian. sibling, a sister. Born on the 11th Zafar not just survived the crash, but in a traumatized state of January, 1960, Mujahid has went on to complete his deliveries, an act for which he a penchant for Chinese Food received an appreciation letter from TCS (#PERS 15/6) for and white meat. He likes a job well done, a document that he treasures. Zafar is fond watching old classic movies, of cricket, cites fish as his favourite food, and likes watching and his favourite movie stars include Daleep movies that feature Amitab Bachan.Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Rekha, and Shlpa Shetty. Mujahidhas played Badminton and Hockey. His success as an administrator is possibly due in part to the patience of an artist, as also the artist’s attention to detail. “I do not want to bind myself to a specific philosophy or theme,” he says. MAK has displayed in Islamabad’s Jharoka Art Gallery in Islamabad alongside some formidable names like Hajra Mansur, Mansur Aye, and Mugees Riaz who teamed up with 30 others in a group exhibition of contemporary artists of Pakistan. On the 11th of July, 2008 two of his paintings were put up on permanent display in the University of Zurich’s Department of Geography in Switzerland. For the last two years he has been working on the personality development of less privileged children through art in Karachi’s Landhi Industrial Area. Soon after passing out from Karachi University MAK joined TCS (Private) Limited as Admin Officer on March 19, 1997. On June 1st, 1999 he was promoted to Assistant Manager Administration, and then Manager Administration from July 1st, 2003. “I whole-heartedly enjoy working in our country’s leading international courier company, and looking after the administration of more than 350 offices across the Network. This has broadened my understanding and knowledge in practical terms”, says MAK. Reading, traveling, gardening, hiking, running and fishing comprise MAK with appreciative guests at his exhibition MAK’s other interests.Muhammad Arshad Khan, popularly known as MAK, The World Art Foundation in California (USA) has invited MAK to takeis the Manager Administration at TCS and a gifted part in its grand exhibition in June this year, and sponsored his galleryartist alongside. MAK is inspired by nature and the fee of $500. Ron Barsano, MAKs Internet friend since 2001, haspeople around him which is why he prefers to keep offered to host him at his residence during his visit.his paintings close to reality. www.tcs.com.pk 19