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Advantages of consulting intergraphia


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In this short presentation, you can read about the advantages of consulting our translation company.

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Advantages of consulting intergraphia

  1. 1. © Intergraphia | March 17, 2016 Consulting Intergraphia ADVANTAGES
  2. 2. The Art of Buying Translations Buying translations might seem like an uncomplicated thing to do, especially since the whole internet is overflowed with translation companies. But, this is exactly why you need to be extra careful. In this document, we outline the main reasons for hiring a smaller, more personal translation agency like Intergraphia. Advantages of Consulting Intergraphia - We offer multilingual solutions and specialize in English, German, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish (other languages by request). - To ensure high quality, we only work in our fields of expertise (see Fields of Translation). - As our client, you can order translation, transcreation, language revision, quality control and file conversion. - Just like larger companies we use CAT tools to ensure a consistent terminology. Your texts are automatically saved, which enables us to offer you special discounts for future orders. - We have the latest translation software (2015), which minimizes the total cost of each translation. - You get personal service from a smaller translation agency like Intergraphia and always communicate with the same contact person. - We have a shorter supply chain than many larger translation companies. This makes it easier for us to offer consistent translations. - Did you know that the best translators do not normally work for the large translation companies? Why? Well, larger translation companies are not always able to offer translators a reasonable payment (as a consequence of their long supply chain). - The choice of a translator is not an automated process in our company. Our work always starts with a thorough and careful analysis of your text followed by the handpicking of a translator. We always make sure that our translator has the appropriate background. - We only work with a limited group of translators.
  3. 3. - We can offer efficient file conversion and, just like larger translation companies, we handle several file formats. - We follow the native speaker principle, i.e. if you order a German translation, we will select a translator whose mother tongue is German. WELCOME TO CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE.