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Asking question

  1. 1. Asking QuestionBy: SARI RAHMA CHANDRA
  2. 2. Main Purpose1. To increase the students participation in their teaching-learning interaction2. To arouse the students interest and their curiosity in the topic they are learning3. To develop the students active way of thinking and learning4. To help students concentrate on the topic under discussion
  3. 3. Types of questionQuestions seen from their purposesQuestions seen from their uses (Bloom’s Taxonomy)Questions based on their scopes
  4. 4. Components for asking questions1) Clarity and Relevance -The question must be short and clear to the students, andthere are relations between one question and other.Ex: What is the definition of cube,rectangle,and circle?2)Speed and PausesThe question must not be presented in a hurry , and must never bepresented one after another continously without any pauses..3)Distribution of questionsThe questions must be distributed evenly to all students in theclassroom.All of student can give comment for question from teacher
  5. 5. Asking questions technique1. PostponeEx: after teacher give question,then teacher give a timefor student to thinking and then say that raise your handif you can answer my question.1. ReinforcementEx : i sure that you can do it. Are u sure? Can u check u’reanswer?3. Prompting and ProbingEx: if the student can’t answer this question teacher cangive question again with the simple question.
  6. 6. 1.Compliance QuestionsEx: Could you tell me about what is statistics?2. Rhetorical QuestionsEx: is it clear for rectangle have four side?3. Prompting QuestionsEx: Do u know what is the characteristics of cube?4.Probing QuestionsEx: How do u know that triangle is congruent?
  7. 7. 1. Recall QuestionsEx: what is relation in function?2.Comprehension QuestionsEx: can you explain the difference between linear equation 1 variable and 2variables?What is the difference between cube and cuboid?3. Application QuestionsEx: how long the longest stem that can be placed in a box measuring 6 cm x4cm x 3cm?4. Analysis QuestionsEx: proven that (a+b) kuadrat = a kuadrat + 2 ab + b kuadrat.5. Synthesis QuestionsEx: could you find the distance between padang and bukittinggi?6. Evaluation QuestionsEx: do you agree about phytagorean theorem like this c quadrat = a kuadrat +b kuadrat,how we change like this , b kuadrat= c kuadrat – a kuadrat?
  8. 8. 1. Narrow Questions a. Direct narrow questions ex: 5x7=... b. Centered narrow questions ex: how we prove the phytagorean theorem?2. Broad Questions a. Open-ended questions ex: give examples of fractions that result 2/3 b. Valueing Questions ex: What do you think about conclusion thatmade by your friend?