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Senegalese presentation


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A wonderful country from western Africa

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Senegalese presentation

  1. 1. Senegal
  2. 2. Senegal is a small country located in western Africa.We have Mali in our east, Mauritania is in our north, the two Guinée are in the south. We have also Gambie enclaved in our country. In our western country,there the Atlantic oceanIn my country, people speak many languages like toucouleur, bambara, etc. But French is our official language while wolof is the national
  3. 3. The areas of SenegalSenegal has 12 millions of inhabitants in his 196,722 km2.There is 14 areas divided in departments of 3 apart from Dakar and Kaolack
  4. 4. Dakar, the capital city has a superficy of 550 m2. It is concidered to be the most populated area in my country with its 2 millions inhabitantsDakar hosts the presidential palace and many interesting buildingsIts position has made it the entry of many goods from the remaining worldDakar is also a busy town with its shops
  5. 5. There also other important areas in my country:Saint-Louis was the former capital city. It has many landmarks like the Faidherbe Bridge.Kaolack is known to be the hottest area and a point of attraction of many people. In Kaolack, people usually use motorbike as a taxiLouga is a cultural city and most of its inhabitants use to emigrate
  6. 6. Goree islandGorée is the only island in my countryIt is an important landmark for humanity above all for black race.Gorée was a port for the triangular trade. Most of african slave have passed there before reaching AmericaIn Gorée, there are many builings which were created since the slavery time: La maison des Esclaves. This was a room where slaves were kept before the trip.
  7. 7. ToubaTouba is an important city in SenegalIt is the capital of Mouridism( a fiary created by Ahmadou Bamba.)Once in the year, the mourids all around the world make a pilgrimage at Touba.The Touba mosque is a product of the work of many followers.
  8. 8. Agriculture in SenegalAgriculture is one of the most important sector in Senegal.The most important crop is groundnut.It is cultivated in the center of the country in the Groundnut Basin.There are crops like millet, maiz and other cereals. Vegetables and fruit are very extended in the litoral
  9. 9. Fishing in SenegalFishing is an important activity and is very helpful for the populationIt is dominated by the Lebou community. They are the best fishermen in our country and are experts of the sea.Fishing is above all practised in the Atlantic ocean and also in Senegal river.The most important fish is the sardine
  10. 10. Farming in SenegalFarming is the main ocupation of the Peul comunity. These nomadic people travel in the whole country with their cattle during days..They usually breed sheep, cows, goats in the Nothern SenegalIn southern Senegal, there horses, doneys and also some pigs.The capital is the main producer of chickens
  11. 11. Other ocupationsIn Senegal, there are other work sectors:The Laobé who are the main craftsmen create a variety of work of art: sculpturesThey make also potters and local accessoriesThe tie-dye is monopolized by the Halpoular and the Bambar
  12. 12. Senegalese food and drinksSenegalese main dish is thiebou diene( rice and fish).There are also other plates like mafé.The bissap juice is very popular in my country.In Senegal, we usually eat with the whole family in the same plate, that make the food more enjoyable.
  13. 13. Senegalese transportsSenegalese most common mean of transport are the car rapide (fast car) and red black taxisThe horse cart is also very popular above all in the villagesIn areas like Kaolack, motorbike is very usedIn the capital, we have Dakar Dem Dikk (roundtrip bus) and the TatasThere is boat called Coumba Castelle which is the only mean of transport that can take you to Gorée.
  14. 14. Games in SenegalIn Senegal, the most important traditional sport is wrestling or Lamb. It is a fight between two men and lose the first who is down.There are also other sports like football, handball.There is a show called false lion. In fact, the false lions who are real men dress up as a lion.The Kankouran is typically from Casamance
  15. 15. Senegalese cultureThe sabaar is the main music instrument of Senegal.There are also the Khalam, the balafon, the kora, the banjo and many others.The most common music is mbalax
  16. 16. Sengalese landmarksThe Renaissance monument is very important in my country: it represents African rebirthIn the capital city, there are too others importants places like the Porte du troisième millenaire.The Place de lindépendance hosts most of the demonstrations in Senegal.
  17. 17. The Palais de la République and most of the ministry are in the Capital.The Place de lobélisque hosts the independence ceremonies.In Saint-Louis, we have the Djoudj parc. Its a place where you can find any kind of birdIn Tambacounda is located the park of Niokolokoba dedicated to animals: lions, giraffe, and so on
  18. 18. The National theatre of Sorano is the point of meeting of many artists. They have formed a lot of people.In 2011, The big national thatre was created by the former president Wade.There are also many important places in the other areas
  19. 19. Senegalese believesIn Senegal, 95 percent of the population are Muslim. The christians and the traditonal believes practioner form the 5 percent.The muslims are divided in fiaries : Mouridism, Tidjania, Khadria, so onThe traditional believes practioners usually make sacrifices.
  20. 20. Cohabitation in SenegalIn Senegal, we have a lot of ethnies, religions and communities. But people live in peaceSenegalese people cohabit with tolerance and consideration.The feasts are time of communion and sharing.Senegal is known to be Teranga land. Senegalese people are hospitable and welcoming.