THE WORLD IS LISTENING:Campaign for the SFJAZ Z Center
Just a few of the amazing musicians who have performed with SFJAZZ                                                        ...
Why jazz is important                    Jazz is thrilling. It is amazing, exhilarating                    and thought-pro...
Campaign Objectives                                                                                             With the W...
The World Listens to SFJAZZ                                                                                     SFJAZZ is ...
SFJAZZ Education —                                   Keeping the Beat for                                   Years to Come ...
SFJAZZ Collective                         We commission the SFJAZZ Collective, our                         resident profes...
The SFJAZZ Center — A Beacon for Jazz     By any measure, SFJAZZ is already a world        “This building will be a beacon...
Built for Jazz and Education     The SFJAZZ Center will be built specifically for the growth of     jazz music and audienc...
Built for Culture and Community     The SFJAZZ Center will provide more than a superb and flexible     concert hall. Locat...
Built for Tourism, Civic                                                and Economic Growth                               ...
Built for Good Business                                                                           We currently present ove...
Built for Financial Viability     In addition to raising funds for the SFJAZZ     Center, the World is Listening campaign ...
Built for the Way Forward                  no doubt the goals of the World is Listening campaign are ambitious,           ...
Help Build the Future of SFJAZZ                                                                                     Artist...
Now it’s Your Turn!                          Credits                                                                      ...
San Francisco Jazz OrganizationTHE WORLD IS LISTENING:                        Three Embarcadero Center, Lobby LevelCampaig...
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  1. 1. THE WORLD IS LISTENING:Campaign for the SFJAZ Z Center
  2. 2. Just a few of the amazing musicians who have performed with SFJAZZ We have a dream — to build the SFJAZZ Center. With this spectacular new building, SFJAZZ will take its place, alongside the Symphony, the OperaTOmmy FLAnAgAn SOnny ROLLInS mARC RIBOT PAOLO COnTE ChAnO DOmínguEZ BILL ChARLAP and other major institutions, as a permanent home forPOnChO SAnChEZ hAnk CRAWFORD mARIO BAuZÁ RAmSEy LEWIS ChICk COREA STAnLEy CLARkE jazz — America’s original, indigenous art form. It willTOny WILLIAmS kuRT ELLIng LADySmITh BLACk mAmBAZO BILL FRISELL WORLD SAxOPhOnE QuARTEThERBIE hAnCOCk DAvE BRuBECk mEShELL nDgEOCELLO ORnETTE COLEmAn mERLE hAggARD transform our organization, which already plays agERALD WILSOn RIChARD gALLIAnO DOC ChEAThAm JAmES CARTER CESARIA EvORA DR. LOnnIE SmITh significant role in the Bay Area’s cultural landscape.JOhnny FRIgO JOhn ZORn mARC AnThOny CAChAO EDDIE PALmIERI yuSEF LATEEF JEAn-LuC POnTy The campaign, called The World is Listening, aims toSAvIOn gLOvER LOuIE BELLSOn mARIZA TOmASZ STAnkO ALLEn TOuSSAInT SLIDE hAmPTOn raise $60 million. It provides a comprehensive roadmapROSEmARy CLOOnEy PAT mEThEny PACO DE LuCíA JImmy hEATh STAnTOn mOORE CECIL TAyLOR to ensure the SFJAZZ Center opens its doors in 2012ILLInOIS JACQuET kEnny BuRRELL nAnCy WILSOn PAQuITO D’RIvERA BIg JOhn PATTOn DICk hymAnkROnOS QuARTET JImmy SmITh JOÃO gILBERTO DAvID muRRAy JIm hALL CELIA CRuZ JOhn hAnDy and remains a vibrant and sustainable focal pointBOBBy huTChERSOn TOShIkO AkIyOShI CASSAnDRA WILSOn gEORgE ShEARIng ROy hAynES for jazz going forward.JOhnny OTIS JACk DeJOhnETTE mIChAEL BRECkER J.J. JOhnSOn gERRy muLLIgAn BRAnFORD mARSALISAnDREW hILL mARCuS ROBERTS mARy STALLIngS JAy mCShAnn TEREnCE BLAnChARD OJOS DE BRuJOChRIS BOTTI mODERn JAZZ QuARTET DIZZy gILLESPIE mOSE ALLISOn LOu RAWLS ChICO O’FARRILL THE WORLD IS LISTENING:JOE LOvAnO TITO PuEnTE ARTuRO SAnDOvAL nAT ADDERLEy JOE ZAWInuL DEE DEE BRIDgEWATER Campaign for the SFJAZ Z CenterJImmy SCOTT mARCuS mILLER JOEy DeFRAnCESCO RAvI ShAnkAR JACk mcDuFF AhmAD JAmALThE BLInD BOyS OF ALABAmA TuRk muRPhy REgInA CARTER mEDESkI, mARTIn & WOODmARk muRPhy PhAROAh SAnDERS BRAD mEhLDAu ALI AkBAR khAn BILLy hIggInS JAmES COTTOnALLA RAkhA JAnE IRA BLOOm AngELIQuE kIDJO mILTOn nASCImEnTO TOny BEnnETT JOhn SAnTOSJOhn LEE hOOkER ChuChO vALDéS CARLA BLEy SALIF kEITA TERRy RILEy ChARLES LLOyD CAETAnO vELOSOELvIn JOnES JOE hEnDERSOn gOnZALO RuBALCABA mcCOy TynER JOShuA REDmAn LARRy gOLDIngSChARLIE hunTER nAnÁ vASCOnCELOS SOLOmOn BuRkE kEnny BARROn WAynE ShORTER mAx ROAChJImmy mcgRIFF PRESERvATIOn hALL JAZZ BAnD DAvID SAnBORn ETTA JAmES TOOTS ThIELEmAnSDAvID SÁnChEZ CARLOS SAnTAnA ZAkIR huSSAIn STEFOn hARRIS ChRISTIAn mcBRIDE kEITh JARRETTJOhn mcLAughLIn JOn hEnDRICkS PAT mARTInO DIAnnE REEvES mARIAn mcPARTLAnD DOn ChERRyBOBBy mcFERRIn ESBJÖRn SvEnSSOn JASOn mORAn mAvIS STAPLES mADELEInE PEyROuxgARy BuRTOn mAkOTO OZOnE ChRIS POTTER vIJAy IyER BEnny CARTER gERI ALLEn ELLIS mARSALIShugh mASEkELA gILBERTO gIL ABBEy LInCOLn JAmES “BLOOD” uLmER TOumAnI DIABATé DOn ByROnJOhn SCOFIELD EL gRAn COmBO AL DI mEOLA RAnDy WESTOn PhILIP gLASS PhIL WOODSWynTOn mARSALIS kEB’ mO’ ChARLES BROWn TAJ mAhAL DAvID gRISmAn LOu DOnALDSOn Most of the artists appearing within were photographed during SFJAZZ performances. All illustrationsmIChEL CAmILO BuDDy guy BETTy CARTER ROy hARgROvE DAvE hOLLAnD yOuSSOu n’DOuR of the SFJAZZ Center are artist renderings for conceptual purposes only. They are the property of Mark Cavagnero Associates or Propp+Guerin and may not be used in any form without expressBuEnA vISTA SOCIAL CLuB DIAnA kRALL hERmETO PASCOAL ChARLIE hADEn nIChOLAS PAyTOn written permission from SFJAZZ. 1
  3. 3. Why jazz is important Jazz is thrilling. It is amazing, exhilarating and thought-provoking music. Jazz stirs emotions of all kinds, deep within the heart, mind and soul. The influence of jazz is felt worldwide, upgrading the quality of all related forms of music. Jazz is truly a vibrant art form and deserves a special place in our culture. here are michelle Obama’s thoughts on the matter: “globally recognized as America’s music, originating in the great city of new Orleans just a century ago through the African American experience, today jazz is performed and listened to by people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, ages and Taj mahal Bobby mcFerrin creeds. Indeed, jazz is considered by many to be America’s greatest artistic gift to the world. The understanding and appreciation of jazz is integral to understanding and appreciating American history and culture. It’s an outstanding artistic model of individual expression, and democratic expression as well. And there’s probably no better example of democracy than a “For the first time, jazz in America will jazz ensemble: individual freedom, but have a counterpart to the symphony hall, an edifice that proclaims the with responsibility to the group. value of jazz to anyone who sees it on the street.” It’s essential that we preserve, develop and expand this treasured art form for — The Chicago Tribune our future generations by recognizing and elevating the importance of our jazz education programs in every single school across America.” — First Lady michelle Obama, 2009 Joshua Redman hiromi uehara2 3
  4. 4. Campaign Objectives With the World is Listening campaign, SFJAZZ looks back on three decades of jazz heritage while providing fertile ground for “The new home of SFJAZZ is not only musicians and audiences going forward. The an important development for a vital campaign will raise $60 million over the next organization in our city; it’s also a three years, with linked objectives in facility welcome addition to the rich cultural construction, endowment and program fabric of San Francisco.” support. here are the goals: — Mayor Gavin Newsom • SFJAZZ Facility: Raise $50 million to build the SFJAZZ Center, a permanent home and dedicated jazz performance space, in order to cultivate audiences and foster future generations of jazz musicians. herbie hancock Ana moura • SFJAZZ Endowment: Raise $10 million to expand the existing SFJAZZ Endowment and provide a permanent source of operating income. • SFJAZZ Programs: Double the number of SFJAZZ members — our devoted Annual Fund supporters — to increase capacity for programming and operations. Designed as a vehicle to transform our organization, the World is Listening campaign will enable SFJAZZ to grow strategically, creating new infrastructure, programming and financial viability critical for long-term success. Ambitious? yes. But the stakes have never been higher, for the future of our culture both locally and worldwide. Dave Brubeck Charles Lloyd John Scofield4 5
  5. 5. The World Listens to SFJAZZ SFJAZZ is one of the world’s leading presenters of jazz and related forms of music, with over 100 performances each year. It is also a nonprofit organization which provides rich and rewarding jazz education programs for people of all ages. Since our modest beginnings in 1983 as a three-day event called “Jazz in the City,” “The #1 jazz festival in the world.” our mission has been to celebrate and explore the full spectrum — London Observer of jazz, from its origins in the African American community to its diverse present-day expressions worldwide. Today, SFJAZZ is one of the largest performing arts organizations in the Bay Area, presenting internationally acclaimed events that enrich the cultural landscape and bringing great artists here via the San Francisco Jazz Festival and the SFJAZZ Spring Season. We also encourage a vibrant local music scene with our SFJAZZ Summerfest, Discover Jazz and year- round hotplate programs, featuring stellar Bay Area-based artists. Ahmad Jamal Richard Bona All told, more than a million people have attended SFJAZZ concerts and heard over 10,000 musicians grace our stages — including almost half of the national Endowment for the Arts (nEA) Jazz masters. The images on these pages represent a handful of the great artists who have performed for SFJAZZ. Please see the inside front cover for a few more — no doubt you will recognize some of the iconic names. While we are very proud of our deep artistic heritage, it’s clear that SFJAZZ is far more than just a concert presenter. John mcLaughlin gal Costa Bobby hutcherson Jazz in the City poster — 19836 7
  6. 6. SFJAZZ Education — Keeping the Beat for Years to Come Something else that makes SJFAZZ unique “The SFJAZZ Center will expand is our dedication to nurturing the next SFJAZZ’s education outreach to Bay generation of musicians — cultivating the Area children and adults through new dynamic artists who will advance the art of lecture series, additional rehearsal jazz, and the audiences to hear them. SFJAZZ spaces and opportunities to interact Education introduces people of all ages to with world-class artists.” jazz, through a variety of year-round efforts. — Salt Lake City Tribune • Jazz in the Middle — This program provides entertaining instruction for middle school students in San Francisco. • High School All-Stars — Talented young Family matinee musicians gain advanced jazz training and performance opportunities. • Family Matinees — Children and parents enjoy lively, interactive performances by the Bay Area’s finest jazz musicians and educators. • Discover Jazz — Colorful courses for adults dive into the rich mythology and history of jazz,inspiring lifelong learners. • Pre-Concert Talks — Rich conversations with legendary jazz artists take fans deep inside the music. Every one of these many programs will be significantly enhanced with the SFJAZZ Center, allowing even greater impact on the community. SFJAZZ high School All-Stars miguel Zenón at Jazz in the middle8 9
  7. 7. SFJAZZ Collective We commission the SFJAZZ Collective, our resident professional ensemble, which is 2009 Small Group Ensemble of the Year deeply rooted in jazz heritage while creating — Jazz Journalists Association exciting new possibilities that propel jazz forward as a living art form. Launched in 2004, the Collective has become one of the most critically acclaimed groups on the international jazz scene. Each year, the ensemble performs entirely new repertoire, “The SFJAZZ Collective is an egalitarian consisting of arrangements of a modern wonder, equally concerned with where the music has been and jazz master’s works, plus new compositions where it’s going...” — JazzTimes by each of the eight Collective members (commissioned by SFJAZZ). Thus far, they have tackled the legacies of several jazz giants: matt Penman and Eric harland • 2004 — Ornette Coleman • 2005 — John Coltrane • 2006 — Herbie Hancock • 2007 — Thelonious Monk • 2008 — Wayne Shorter • 2009 — McCoy Tyner • 2010 — Horace Silver During this time, the Collective has featured an assortment of high-caliber musicians among its ranks including Bobby hutcherson, Joe Lovano, Joshua Redman, nicholas Payton, Dave Douglas, miguel Zenón, Renee Rosnes, Brian Blade and many others. multi-CD sets of their live recordings document the Collective’s extraordinary evolution, sold via and digital downloads at iTunes, Amazon and others. The SFJAZZ Center will become the band’s new home. SFJAZZ Collective SFJAZZ Collective10 11
  8. 8. The SFJAZZ Center — A Beacon for Jazz By any measure, SFJAZZ is already a world “This building will be a beacon for the leader and key reference point for jazz future of jazz,” says Randall kline, SFJAZZ presentation, education and creation. But founder and Executive Artistic Director. now, we have an extraordinary opportunity “most important, it will offer musicians like to literally “build” on this legacy and embark the many greats who we’ve presented — on the next stage of our journey. including nearly every major performer in jazz and numerous emerging artists — That’s why we’ve launched The World is a building that embodies the beauty Listening. The campaign’s centerpiece will of this indigenous art form.” be the realization of the SFJAZZ Center — a dedicated jazz performance space and permanent home to our organization’s many functions. Led by an anonymous gift “The SFJAZZ Center is ambitious in its of $20 million, the largest ever given to a vision to present the diverse spectrum jazz institution, the campaign will raise $50 of jazz in a first-rate facility.” million toward construction of this facility, — San Francisco Chronicle plus $10 million to further build the SFJAZZ Endowment.12 13
  9. 9. Built for Jazz and Education The SFJAZZ Center will be built specifically for the growth of jazz music and audiences alike. It will be the first concert hall of its type in the western united States: a unique, free-standing, high-quality performance venue with flexible seating and staging for artists of every stature. It will also include spaces designed for jazz education, program development and our administrative staff. Designed by awarding-winning San Francisco architect mark Cavagnero and ideally located in San Francisco’s vibrant cultural corridor, the SFJAZZ Center will be comprised of 35,000 square feet in a transparent, freestanding, LEED gold-Certified structure. key features of this phenomenal new building: • State-of-the-art auditorium, adjustable from 350 to 700 seats • 80-seat multi-purpose ensemble room, for education and intimate performances • Rehearsal spaces • Digital learning lab • Café at sidewalk level • Ground floor lobby, retail shop and box office • SFJAZZ administrative offices The SFJAZZ Center will provide a world-class facility to foster development of musicians and audiences alike. At the same time, it will offer our patrons a strong sense of affiliation, based on having a physical place in which to congregate — one of the fundamental elements of success for virtually all other major arts presenters. Sonny Rollins14 15
  10. 10. Built for Culture and Community The SFJAZZ Center will provide more than a superb and flexible concert hall. Located at the corner of Franklin and Fell streets in the heart of San Francisco’s vibrant hayes valley, the SFJAZZ Center will be a hub of culture, community and commerce for locals and tourists alike. It will take its place alongside world-renowned arts institutions such as the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera and the San Francisco Ballet. Located a short distance from both the Western Addition and the mission neighborhoods, the SFJAZZ Center will also be close to its cultural and creative roots in the African American and Latino communities. Equally important, this new facility allows for expanded SFJAZZ educational opportunities, perfectly centralized in the hayes valley location. In fact, the SFJAZZ Center will be within easy walking distance of Civic Center Station (home to munI and BART trains). It will be served by several local bus routes and equipped with other amenities such as bike racks to promote low-impact transit. This location was selected to create easy access and foster a strong jazz community from throughout the Bay Area and beyond. As noted by Randall kline, “SFJAZZ ’Center’ is truly the right name to describe the building that we have in mind. Day and night, seven days a week, it will be a hub of activity, drawing jazz fans, musicians, young students and their families, members “As a long-time supporter of the arts, and scholars alike, whether to see a show, attend a talk, I am delighted to welcome this new rehearse new works, view a jazz-related film or have a facility to San Francisco.” meal at our sidewalk café.” — Speaker Nancy Pelosi Ecstasy sculpture at Patricia’s green16 17
  11. 11. Built for Tourism, Civic and Economic Growth not only will the SFJAZZ Center serve as a destination that provides the “jazz thread” in the fabric of hayes valley and San Francisco performing arts communities, but it also gives Bay Area residents a focal point for all things jazz. Proximity to public transportation and a great location within the thriving hayes valley neighborhood ensure that the SFJAZZ Center will bolster the local economy by attracting audiences and business to stores, restaurants and other commercial developments. It’s no wonder the hayes valley neighborhood Association and San Francisco Planning Commission have enthusiastically endorsed and approved the project. The SFJAZZ Center will encourage tourism among music lovers from around the world, as does Jazz at “The addition of the SFJAZZ Center Lincoln Center in new york City. And provides San Francisco visitors and for that reason, the San Francisco residents alike a permanent, year-round Convention & visitors Bureau has home to continue to showcase what already expressed its strong support. is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest jazz festivals.” — Matt Stiker Executive Vice President Chief Marketing Officer SF Convention & Visitors Bureau18 19
  12. 12. Built for Good Business We currently present over 100 concerts annually in more than 20 venues around the Bay Area — from Bimbo’s 365 Club and the Palace of Fine Arts to Davies Symphony hall and the Paramount Theatre. Our reliance on this “nomadic” patchwork of venue rentals is challenging, expensive and inefficient. In addition to requiring a great deal of financial and staff resources to move SFJAZZ events from one location to another, these venues also vary greatly in terms of ambiance, acoustics and seating flexibility. Owning and operating our own building will allow us to dramatically enhance the audience experience with improved production, sound, lighting and seating. Fans will have a centralized place to go for jazz, much like devotees of the San Francisco Symphony, Opera or Ballet. All of this Chris Potter Abbey Lincoln will be accomplished without increasing ticket prices. Likewise, building a mid-sized venue with flexible seating capacity will let us tailor our productions and marketing campaigns, so they are always appropriate in scale relative to the stature of the artist performing. Further, SFJAZZ will gain an additional income stream by renting the venue to other presenters and organizations. Only in these ways can we ensure our sustainability in this era of a constantly changing cultural landscape. “We can look forward to new and emerging talent to be fostered by the building of this exciting new art facility for SFJAZZ.” — Poncho Sanchez vijay Iyer20 21
  13. 13. Built for Financial Viability In addition to raising funds for the SFJAZZ Center, the World is Listening campaign is also designed to substantially grow the existing SFJAZZ Endowment and the ranks of our current membership. Achieving these “The SFJAZZ Center represents a objectives will ensure that SFJAZZ has the major transformation for SFJAZZ.” strong financial viability to remain a beacon — Srinija Srinivasan for jazz presentation and education. Chair of the SFJAZZ Board of Trustees A healthy endowment and a large membership base support all aspects of SFJAZZ operations: artistic programming; jazz education; facility and equipment maintenance; and the retention of a capable staff. The endowment sits as the bedrock of our Dianne Reeves institution, allowing us to think and grow with the long view in mind. An increased membership means more than funding alone — it represents a bigger family of music lovers who will continue to engage in all that we do. These initiatives will provide financial stability, allowing SFJAZZ to weather any economic cycle. mcCoy Tyner22 23
  14. 14. Built for the Way Forward no doubt the goals of the World is Listening campaign are ambitious, especially during this time of great economic challenges. yet the investment is critical, not only for SFJAZZ but also for the future of our nation’s culture. Jazz is at a crossroads. It needs an institution “Everything in the building will on the West Coast to encompass a century of jazz heritage — while be adjusted for SFJAZZ’s top providing a safe haven for musical innovation going forward. priority: music.” The SFJAZZ Center, a larger SFJAZZ Endowment and an expanded — The New York Times, Bay Area Blog SFJAZZ membership will collectively maximize the potential of SFJAZZ to cultivate artists, nurture talent, inspire audiences, foster community and celebrate jazz as a living art form. It will provide jazz musicians a true cornerstone on which to build their touring schedules throughout the u.S. We believe SFJAZZ is the ideal institution to create this inclusive, community-oriented center. here are just a few of the many reasons why: • A nearly 30-year history as one of the world’s leading jazz presenters • The continued vision of our founder and Executive Artistic Director • Upwards of 100,000 attendees at our events each year • Ongoing financial support from thousands of SFJAZZ members and donors • A strong commitment to jazz education, for people of all ages • An extraordinary and very involved Board of Trustees • Enthusiastic endorsement from prominent city organizations • A talented and vibrant staff • Hundreds of long-standing volunteers Raul midón Wynton marsalis keith Jarrett Esperanza Spalding24 25
  15. 15. Help Build the Future of SFJAZZ Artists perform for SFJAZZ because we give them the freedom to take creative risks and we connect them to large and appreciative “The upshot will be the elevation audiences. Fans choose SFJAZZ because we deliver modern masters, of jazz to the same level of cultural emerging artists and brilliant locals. Educators and young people importance as symphonic classical choose SFJAZZ because we open minds, inspire creativity and help music, opera, theater and other develop a lifelong relationship with high-quality music of many kinds. arts — deserving a steady home and full facilities for cultivating new generations of talent. Expect a lot We have already made extraordinary progress towards realizing more educational programs, lectures, all our campaign goals, thanks to much hard work and the Brad mehldau small-scale shows and lots more.” generosity of a few key individuals. here is a snapshot of our achievements thus far: — San Francisco Examiner • Launched the World is Listening campaign, having already achieved more than half of our financial goal Wil Blades Savion glover • Purchased the site at Franklin & Fell • Devised an elegant and purposeful architectural design with mark Cavagnero • Received unanimous approval from the San Francisco Planning Commission • Conducted “town hall” meetings and gained community support • Received coverage from major publications around the world But, we still have a long way to go, in order to close the deal — and open the doors to our first planned performance in 2012. That’s where you come in. Avishai Cohen SFJAZZ high School All-Stars nicholas Payton26 27
  16. 16. Now it’s Your Turn! Credits Notes Won’t you join us in supporting the ARCHITECTURE TEAM SFJAZZ Center architecture & renderings mark Cavagnero Associates World is Listening campaign? In order SFJAZZ Center theater design Auerbach Pollock Friedlander to reach our target of breaking ground SFJAZZ Center acoustical design SIA Acoustics, Sam Berkow in Spring 2011 and opening the doors in PHOTOGRAPHY & ILLUSTRATION Page Fall 2012, we need your help. SFJAZZ Center marquee Joshua Redman Propp+guerin Walt Denson 1 2 Taj mahal Scott Chernis 3 Bobby mcFerrin mark Brady 3 Please see our Schedule of Recognition hiromi uehara mark Brady 3 Opportunities for contributions of $5,000 herbie hancock mark Brady 4 Ana moura Sun Lee 4 and up. To learn more about The World is Dave Brubeck Sun Lee 4 Listening and opportunities to participate Charles Lloyd James knox 4 John Scofield nick Suttle 5 via cash donations, planned giving and Ahmad Jamal Sun Lee 6 Richard Bona Sun Lee 6 gifts of appreciated stocks and other John mcLaughlin mark Brady 6 assets, please contact kevin Causey. gal Costa Walt Denson 6 Bobby hutcherson Ronald Davis 6 SFJAZZ high School All-Stars Sun Lee 8 SFJAZZ Family matinee Ronald Davis 9 miguel Zenón Christina Ayala 9 SFJAZZ Collective Walt Denson 10 SFJAZZ Collective Walt Denson 11 Eric harland Walt Denson 11 Sonny Rollins Sun Lee 15 Ecstasy sculpture Charles Rubinoff 16 Absinthe restaurant Charles Rubinoff 17 War memorial Opera house Andreas Praefcke 17 munI bus Charles Rubinoff 17 City hall Stephen Betheil 18 hayes & Octavia streetsigns Roland Picasa 18 BART train Shakata ga nai 18 Chris Potter Tamas Talaber 20 Abbey Lincoln Adger W. Cowans 20 Ponco Sanchez Devin Dehaven 20 vijay Iyer hans Speekenbrink 21 Dianne Reeves Sun Lee 23 mcCoy Tyner gene martin 23 Kevin Causey Raul midon Wynton marsalis Jurvetson vân nguyen 24 25 Director of Development keith Jarrett Esperanza Spalding Sun Lee Scott Chernis 25 25 415-283-0306 Wil Blades Savion glover Scott Chernis Ronald Davis 26 26 Avishai Cohen SFJAZZ high School All-Stars Walt Denson Sun Lee 26 26 Brad mehldau mark Brady 27 nicholas Payton Ronald Davis 27 BROCHURE PRODUCTION mike Charlasch Creative direction, editing & copywriting kathy Lemmon Copywriting Ronnie Shapiro Art direction & design megan mock Design Teddy hutcherson Production Lahlouh Printing28
  17. 17. San Francisco Jazz OrganizationTHE WORLD IS LISTENING: Three Embarcadero Center, Lobby LevelCampaign for the SFJAZ Z Center San Francisco, CA 94111