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Formula Of $ex


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Formula Of $ex, amazing presentation!

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Formula Of $ex

  1. 1. Man and Woman agree to have sex in the evening The Formula of Sex Woman gets excited and starts to read a brochure Man suggests a trip to Venice After the bottle of wine, Man does, what he should have had done all along: He buys her a pair of shoes SEX Man acts as though he has forgotten all about it Man believes it can start right away Woman relaxes Man assumes that the time has come and makes sexual advances Man tries again NO Sex for A looong time Man nags about why woman does not want to have sex Man trips on purpose on the carpet, showing how vulnerable he is Woman melts away Man’s knee heals quickly and he suggests sex Man discovers rather quickly, how much fun they can have together without having sex Woman suggests Intimate dinner for two Man pretends that he is hungry The food, finally ready after hours and hours, is eaten Man makes sexual advance Man falls asleep Woman happily shares this thought Man suggests a refreshing walk in order to make Woman relaxed Man gets angry Man tries to find a shortcut Woman gets tired Man suggests a bath for two After bathing, Man suggests opening a bottle of wine Woman Blocks NO Sex Man drinks the bottle by himself