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Stitches 4 success


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This is a magazine article on the hot new brand IndigoSkin Jeans based in Thailand. IndigoSkin Jeans was originated by a young designer Tuchawee Sonthirati, who was inspired by his passion for Japanese jeans. Tuchawee decided to build a Thai brand that will one day go global and show the world our heritage through modern fashion.

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Stitches 4 success

  1. 1. Stitches 4 Success 6 March 2012 By Pananya Sonthirati IndigoSkin, the skin of jeans enthusiastsBANGKOK  –   12,900   Baht  might  seem  outrageous  for  a  pair  of  jeans  from  a  two-­‐year-­‐old  brand.  But  believe  it  or  not,  these  jeans  are  selling  really  fast  and  the  brand  is  growing  quite  remarkably  in  Bangkok,  Thailand.  IndigoSkin  is  a  brainchild  of  Tuchawee  Sonthirati,  known  as  Plalai04  in  a  Thai  street  fashion  online  forum  called  Soul4Street.  The  brand’s  concept  is   The   Quality   of   Siam   -­‐   to   create  jeans   that   are  quintessentially  Thai;  fusing  authentic  Thai  art  with  quality  denim.      In   late   2009,   Tuchawee   launched   IndigoSkin   and   a   buzz   began   to  spread  online  over  a  pair  of  smart  blue  jeans  with  back  pockets  that  have   a   scroll   motif   running   up   and   down.   It   is   familiar   in   Thai   art   as  lai   kanok,   which   is   central   IndigoSkin   brand   and   design.   Today  IndigoSkin’s   online   forum   received   more   than   1.5   million   visits   in  total  -­‐  nearly  1,000  clicks  per  day.      
  2. 2. “The online forum gives me a way to connect with my loyal customers.” The   27-­‐year-­‐old   designer   added   that   he   took   advantage   of   the   Internet  and  began  by  gathering  opinions  from  other  young-­‐blooded   jeans  lovers.  What  he  does  is  simply  pitching  a  bit  of  an  idea  of  his   next   collections   to   the   target   market   and   observing   their   responses.   It  serves  as  a  place  where  he  can  get  in  touch  with  his  fans,  allowing   them   to   provide   feedbacks   and   keep   up   with   IndigoSkin’s   latest   collections.  This  gives  him  free  market  research  and  instant  market   penetration.     What  inspired  him?       Tuchawee’s   idea   was   sparked   by   his   admiration   for   Japanese   brands.   Mizra   and   Samurai   Jeans   are   among   the   brands   that   “Be  first,  or  be  nothing!”   integrate   traditional   Japanese   materials   with   modern   jeans.   From   -­‐-­‐  Tuchawee  Sonthirati   these   examples,   he   decides   to   be   the   first   to   do   the   same   for   Thailand   by   combining   Thai   art   with   today’s   clothing   and   creating   trendy  lines  of  fashion.     Talking  about  his  brand  name,  Tuchawee  said  “It  aims  to  reflect  the   lifestyle   of   denim   enthusiasts   who   always   have   their   jeans   on   wherever  they  go,  which  resembles  having  jeans  as  the  second  layer   of  skin  –  IndigoSkin,”     Tuchawee   said   that   at   present,   Thai   jeans   fanatics   are   giving   great   support   for   IndigoSkin   as   they   see   optimistic   potential   for   its   international   success.   “They   are   proud   to   be   part   of   IndigoSkin’s   progress.  Some  even  own  every  single  collection  we  launched.”      2 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  3. 3. “Precision & Prestige” So   how   did   he   add   so   much   value   to  his  jeans?     Tuchawee  builds  his  brand  around  the  concepts  of  precision  and   prestige.  He  always  makes  sure  to  communicate  to  his  customers   that   he,   as   the   designer,   cares   most   for   the   quality   of   his   products  and  pays  close  attention  to  every  little  details  that  make   up  the  whole.  From  stiches  to  buttons  to  fabric  used  in  the  end   product,  Tuchawee  did  his  research  and  cares  for  each  part  as  if   they  are  equally  important.     IndigoSkin   is   always   looking   to   source   various   authentic   Thai   fabrics   such   as   silk,   natural   indigo   (yam)   dyed   and   Thai   tartan   pattern  fabric  from  all  over  the  country.         Khomapastr,   one   of   Thailand’s   well-­‐known   traditional   fabric   suppliers,   exclusively   designs   and   produces   silk-­‐screened   fabric   for   the   all   collections   of   IndigoSkin   jeans.   To   add   even   higher   value   to   his   jeans,   Tuchawee   chooses   to   use   Japanese   hand-­‐ woven   denim   because   they   are   among   the   world’s   best   denim   producers  with  the  highest  quality  control.          3 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  4. 4. The  limited  edition  -­‐  the  Dream  Jeans,  with  only  100  pairs  available   (all   sold   out),   not   only   uses   Khomapastr   fabric,   but   also   Jim   Thompson  Jim’s  Dream  Collection.  Tuchawee  chooses  this  collection   because   it   portrays   a   pattern   of   the   olden   weaving   village   of   Thailand.   He   said   that   he   wants   to   tell   the   whole   world   about   Thai   art   and   heritage   through   modern   clothing   that   blends   with   our   everyday  life.       Just   recently,   IndigoSkin   collaborated   with   Converse   in   making   a   special  IndigoSkin  X  Converse  Collection,  which  will  be  available  this   month.  Also,   coming  soon  is  the  latest  collection  made  in  Okayama,   the   S-­‐Series   in   collaboration   with   Japan’s   top   craftsmanship,   which   name  to  be  revealed  when  the  jeans  are  available  this  April.       Apart   from   this   IndigoSkin   offers   more   options   of   jackets,   t-­‐shirts   and   work   shirts,   shorts,   leather   goods   and   more.   For   its   future   Dream Jeans Limited Edition production,  Indigoskin  looks  forward  to  combining  other  traditional   with back pocket of fine linen from Jim Thompson Thai  materials,  such  as  Pa  Kow  Ma,  Thai  silk  and  Pa  Mo  Hom.     Bt 7,950.-   Right  now  IndigoSkin  jeans  are  available  at  The  Esplanade  Ratchada,   second  Floor.  The  brand  is  now  looking  to  expand  to  Terminal  21.     “IndigoSkin  will  go  global  and  show   the  world  what  we  can  do.”     Top Left & Bottom: S-Series in Collaboration with Japan Top Middle: IS Wabash Work Shirt Bottom Middle: IS x Converse Right: IS “Indigo Jacket”4 lorem ipsum :: [Date]