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Anti aging-complex brochure


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Educational Brochure to enhance a product launch.

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Anti aging-complex brochure

  1. 1.  94% of woman felt it improved skin hydration* ANTI-AGING COMPLEX  94% of woman saw an improvement in EMULSION the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*  91% of woman felt ANTI-AGING COMPLEX skin looked smoother* EYE TREATMENT  91% of woman saw an improvement in skin elasticity* Merle Norman Cosmetics Reduces the number of fine lines and wrin- 1326 South York kles around the eyes** Yorkshire Shopping Center Improves skin elas- (South York and Hancock) ticity around the eyes** Muskogee, OK 74403 Improves hydration and firmness** 91% of woman agree Phone: (918) 687-5330 skin looked and felt www.merlenormanstudio.com/mn-3529 smoother around the eyes** 91% of woman agree skin felt firmer around the eyes** *Based on a 4-week clinical study. **Based on an 8-week clinical study.
  2. 2. Q+A Q: I’m not outside much, so why do I need sunscreen?Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion is an advanced,clinically proven, anti-aging facial moisturizer that A: The sun emits invisible ultra violet (UV) radiation in Q: What are peptides? the form of both UVA and UVB rays. delivers the moisture of a cream in a lightweight emulsion. A: Peptides are a string of amino acids, that send sig- Most sun exposure is incidental, for example walking nals to cells, telling them how to function. to the car and back, or driving to work. UV rays pene- Similar to mores code for your trate glass, and car windows. And, 80% of UV raysAnti-Aging Complex Eye Treatment is an anti- skin, they essentially tell your penetrate through clouds, even when the sun’s notaging eye moisturizer that targets crow’s feet and skin what processes to contin- shining.lid drooping. Furthermore, it helps reduces puffi- ue, start or stop. UVA rays easily penetrate the ness and the appearance of under bags with thin epidermal layer of skin dam- Eyeliss™ and Eye Regener®. aging the skin’s collagen support Q: What is the Triple Peptide Complex? system ,causing premature wrin- A: Our proprietary peptide blend that consists of: kling, and sagging of the skin. Experts conclude that most signs  Snap-8– The next generation peptide based on of skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, spots, and sagging) Argireline. It boost natural collagen production help- are directly related to UVA exposure. ing to increase skin density, and firmness. Using broad spectrum SPF daily, like that found in  Matrixyl® synthe’6™- A powerful tri-peptide that both Anti-Aging Complex products is the best way to helps fill in wrinkles from the inside out. Forehead prevent damage from occurring. lines, and crow’s feet become visibly smoother and plumper.  Relistaste™- A tetra-peptide that is proven to en- Q: What is Eyeliss™ and Eye Regener®? Boosted with our proprietary - hance skin elasticity and tightness by boosting col- A: Puffy eyes are caused by fluid build-up, due to Triple Peptide Complex lagen production. poor drainage, fragile capillaries and loss of elasticity in the skin. Fluid leaks into surrounding tissues and creates “bags”. Eyeliss™ and Eye Regener® work together to im- An amino acid blend combined with emollients Q: What are anti-oxidants? prove lymphatic drainage, reduce capillary permeabil-and humectants condition and improve hydration A: Anti-oxidants protect against free radical damage. ity, reduce inflammation, and thinning while increas-leaving skin smoother, softer, and radiant looking. ing elasticity around the eye area. Free radicals are highly volatile, unstable atoms caused by the sun, pollution, and stress that in turn cause cel-Time released anti-oxidants combined with broad lular disorganization and damage to the skin’s collagenspectrum SPF protect skin from environment as- support structure leading to premature lining and sag- ging of skin. Q:Won’t eye creams with SPF irritate the skinsaults, preventing future damage from occurring. around my eye area? The best protection is the use of topical anti-oxidants including: Vitamins A,C,E, and green tea extract, all of A: The network of organic sunscreens in the Eye Anti-Aging+ Hydration+ SPF Protection which are found in Anti-Aging Complex. Treatment is encapsulated to prevent irritation to the delicate eye area. Also, never apply directly to lids.