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These 10 #Telcos Lead the Pack When it Comes to #ContentMarketing.

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Telco Content Marketing Top10

  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING TELCO TOP10 Sanoma Content Marketing Trend Research 2014 @FrankDelmelle
  2. 2. #10 Three Mobile #DancePonyDance Bringing together cute animals – already beloved by the online community – a Fleetwood Mac song from the 80’s and Michael Jackson’s ‘Moonwalk’, Three Mobile have gone to town (or to Scotland) with their latest creative concept featuring a dancing Shetland pony. (...) Over and above this, Three have come up with an online content marketing experience – The Pony Mixer – enabling users to accessorize their pony, and change the music genre to suit their tastes with everything from Bollywood to funk and love! (...) This is a good illustration of a brand knowing their audience – the kids might be tech-savvy but it is still the parents who buy the phones!
  3. 3. #9 AT&T’s Daybreak: Branded Transmedia Entertainment AT&T’s Daybreak is a series of five short, action-packed films. They track the story arc of a character, Ben Wilkins, as he strives to outmaneuver a global conspiracy and return a mysterious object (a 12-sided cube, or dodecahedron) to its proper place, making extensive use of advanced AT&T technologies to ensure that the world as we know it keeps spinning. A partial list of media, marketing platforms 
 and content formats to deliver the Daybreak experience are TV programming (the dodecahedron first appeared in the last three episodes of Touch), TV ads, the web 
 (both content and ads), blogging, Twitter (#daybreak2012), Flickr, PR and a Daybreak sweepstakes. (...); 2012/6/att_daybreak_site.jpg
  4. 4. Samsung chose to forgo traditional marketing tactics and decided to go viral with social video. The result was a subtle and very clever video (commercial) addressing the central pain points of iPhone users (...). The video’s placement 
 on YouTube was another agile strategy. (...) Nearly 60% of internet users visited the video platform in March 2013, and 21.7% of users frequented the social network each day.” #8 Samsung’s Next Big Thing Social / Viral Video (Commercial)
  5. 5. #7 Nokia’s New American Noise Mini-Docu Series Nokia's New American Noise series of mini-documentaries: personal and authentic storytelling Gaining Nokia’s mobile music 
 streaming service street credibility.;
  6. 6. #6 NTT DoCoMo’s Viral Forest Xylophone Could the right music and a creative piece of content marketing convince an entire buyer segment there’s such a thing as an Earth-friendly mobile phone? NTT DoCoMo set about creating a giant xylophone in the forest that played Bach’s Cantata 147, and in the process inspired more than 9 million views, 40k likes, and 3,000 comments, all of which focused on the connection between the music, the mechanism, and the Touch Wood SH-08C handset. A small ball was used to sound each note in a meticulously constructed sequence. The eco-friendly and nature enthusiasts who might be interested in a phone with wooden elements were spoken to through the opening, where the simple sounds of the forest were played, the xylophone was slowly revealed, and...
  7. 7. #5 Deutsche Telekom’s Move on branded road movie Deutsche Telekom's Cannes Lions-winning film project  "Move On," described as "a road movie like no other, because it is inspired by film fans from all over Europe." The branded entertainment project, which started unfolding online as part of its "Life is for Sharing" banner, was directed by Asger Leth and features actor Mads Mikkelsen on a secret mission in eight episodes, each taking place in a different European country and incorporating fans. (...) home/post/2012/11/07/DeutscheTelekom-Move-On-110712.aspx video/54910105 Summit10/20130711-contentmarketing-ddb-tribal-group-ericschffler
  8. 8. #4 Telstra Smarter " Business Ideas Telstra has been one of the leading lights when it comes to adopting social media for the enterprise. Telstra has •  52,000 followers on Twitter •  426.000 Facebook fans •  50.000+ in Google+ circles Telstra has maintained a corporate blog for many years, with posts written by a sweep of experts from within the organization. The blog, called Telstra Exchange, covers technology, community issues and initiatives, as well as Telstra news. (...) Meanwhile, the brand's free magazine (digital and print) for small business - Smarter Business Ideas 
 (sent regularly to 300.000 SME’s) is a top notch content marketing initiative.;
  9. 9. #3 Orange entertainment (...) When UK telecommunications powerhouse Orange Telecom sought to build out their content marketing strategy they turned to multimedia as a tool of engagement. Orange developed a verticalized hub featuring fully licensed UK and world news, entertainment, lifestyle and sports content, complete with video, games images, music and movie trailers. Orange turned the traditional concept of content marketing on its head, by fusing news content with video, music, games and commerce. This multifaceted approach not only increased engagement to the brand’s website, but it also established Orange as a recognized thought leader in entertainment and cuttingedge content trends.
  10. 10. #2 Verizon’s The Recapp When you purchase a new mobile device, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to use it in its entirety without some form of guidance or instruction from the manufacturer. In fact, there are probably several undetected shortcuts to learn as you become more familiar with the phone itself. The latest email marketing strategy from Verizon Wireless takes the wait and theorizing out of the equation by deploying a series of targeted email newsletters to new device owners directly following their purchase. The intent of these emails is purely informational, and not intended to drum up immediate business. Given the fact that the recipient made a recent purchase and most likely won’t be investing in a new device for another one to two years. On the contrary, Verizon’s aim is to educate their consumer base through targeted, device-specific thought leadership. (...) The initial newsletter, otherwise known as part one of the segmented campaign, resulted in a 42% open rate and a 35% clickthrough rate. (...) Verizon has leveraged content in other ways in an effort to exacerbate customer loyalty and sales through thought leadership. Their online mobile app “magazine”,The Recapp, culls in news, reviews and rankings from around the web exclusively related to mobile applications. The sources are all high-quality and include editorial from publications such as Fast Company, USA Today, Wired, Gizmodo and Technocrati. The site’s “App Living” section offers reviews and lists of top-rated apps by category, need and devices. Again, Verizon gets “device-specific” by incorporating content that is unique to various products Verizon sells to customers, such as the Blackberry, iPhone and Android.
  11. 11. #1 VirginMobileFeed Virgin Mobile has been leading the pack in terms of friendliness and approachability. In an attempt to target 18-24 year-olds, Virgin hit the pain-point of most young mobile users nationwide – high monthly charges on voice usage when the majority of their time was spent not talking on the phone. As a prepaid mobile provider, Virgin took advantage of their market position, as well as their knowledge of their target audience, to develop a campaign with data, not voice usage, at its core.; As a way to engage their target audience, Virgin partnered with the popular, ever-viral website BuzzFeed, putting content at the forefront of their campaign. The result? VirginMobileFeed – an entertainment hub featuring live streams of pop music, viral content and direct links to Virgin’s various social media channels, including Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter. Virgin’s inhouse editorial team, trained by BuzzFeed staff, ensured that all content was relevant, clicky and “newsroom worthy”, guaranteeing that interesting, shareable, or friendly, content was at the heart of Virgin’s efforts. (...) Virgin’s new standard for success? At least 100,000 views per post, a four-percent click-through rate, and over 190 pieces of content produced in a year.
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