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Beauty brands “spend obscene amounts on content marketing to stand out.” Which brands spend most wisely? sQills’ CONTENT SELLS BEAUTY is featuring 5 Out of the Box Content Marketing Cases in the Beauty Industry with Outstanding ‘On Budget Effectiveness’.

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Content Sells Beauty

  1. 1. CONTENT SELLS BEAUTY Content Marketing in the Beauty Industry: 5 Out of the Box & On Budget Cases Frank Delmelle, Content Strategist at Showcases Series
  2. 2. "There are numerous paths a beauty consumer takes before making a purchase." Source: 3 Tips: Digital Marketing Solutions for the Beauty Industry
  3. 3. You’ve seen this one before. (It went viral.)   Dove's Real Beauty Sketches: "Most viewed viral ad in history.” Read more: beauty-sketches-campaign;; digital/dove-s-sketches-viral-ad/241792/; image from:
  4. 4. ... You’ve seen the spoof as well. (It was funny.) Read more: behind-doves-mega-viral-real-beauty-sketches-campaign; image: YouTube screenshot.
  5. 5. ... And the app too. (It earned media.)   Dove's ‘Beautify’ App is reverting photoshopped images back to their original state. Read more: canada-uses-photoshop-trojan-horse-to-shame-potential-body-shamers; Real-Beauty-031313.aspx; image from:
  6. 6. Talking about beauty apps earning media... "To promote their Andy Warhol makeup collection, Nars created a Facebook app that let people “makeover” their Facebook profile pictures. (...) Earned media impressions totaled 151 million." http:// facebook-makeover/; image: http:// nars_warhol8_v_28aug12_pr_b.jpg
  7. 7. Estee Lauder, to name just one, owning 4% of the market, spends $80 million. commerce-its-marketing-that-women-actually-pay-for/; Image: http:// "Beauty brands spend obscene amounts on marketing to stand out."
  8. 8. Images:screenshotsfrommakeup.comand;moreaboutthemakeup.comcase:http:// So, Which Beauty Brands Spend Wisely When it Comes to Content Marketing Out of the Box, But On Budget?
  9. 9. BEAUTY Out of the Box & On Budget 5 content marketing cases
  10. 10. 1SEPHORA’S The Glossy
  11. 11. “Sephora is Big on Tumblr (and Pinterest)”; tumblr-reel-in-brands/; pinterest/sephora-snags-beauty-sales-with- pinterest-0498836#0Pjo8Kg4joSYWFX3.99; http:// marketing-solutions-for-the-beauty- industry-0302378#juuIVcelsDUiPpzU.99; image on the left: http://
  12. 12. 2LANCÔME’S Beauty Blogger
  13. 13. Lancôme (e.a.) ‘hire’ hot shot (video) bloggers "One notable blogger who managed to expand her footprint while lending her influence (...), is YouTube sensation Michelle Phan." v=YEWFgRCeEvM; exciting-new-pinterest-board; bloggers-capture-venture-capitalist-interest/241687/; http:// and-business-be-less-self-centered; image: http:// w115780581.jpg
  14. 14. BIRCHBOX’ The Haute Box
  15. 15. Birchbox’s got 200.000* subscribers paying for its “magical mix of content and commerce” Birchbox is a subscription where customers PAY for boxes of curated samples, a magazine, educational videos, a blog, surveys and 'friendly email reminders'. Co-founder Katia Beauchamp calls it discovery commerce. Birchbox is making big waves on social media. "With engaged profiles on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and uber-sharable content on their blog “The Haute Box“, Birchbox is a social media powerhouse." *Read more: http://; subscription-commerce-its-marketing-that-women-actually-pay-for/; self-centered;; http://
  16. 16. 4MYDEALS.COM “Normal Barbie”
  17. 17. “What if Barbie Looked Like a Real Woman?” Voilà the intriguing question that earned an awful lot of media. "Artist Nickolay Lamm of used CDC measurements of an average 19-year- old woman to create a 3-D model, which he photographed next to a standard Barbie doll. Lamm then photoshopped the 3-D model to make it look like a Barbie doll.";
  18. 18. 5NARS’ Inner Beauty
  19. 19. Nars’ ‘non-visual’ earning 1k shares & 4k likes "44% of users are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures on their social network pages." (...) "Many followers like, share, and comment on this visual content. However, images that earn the most engagement on Facebook for the beauty industry are often images like this one from Nars Cosmetics. The image post is a simple quote, and it reminds women that they’re beautiful for who they are, not what they wear.”; Focus on Inner Beauty, and People will love your Beauty Industry Posts,; image: 135779391386.109546.53590256386&type=1&theater
  20. 20. Convert your audience into smarter, more loyal & MORE PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS. Get content. Get sQills, part of Sanoma 0032 (0)15 67 83 77 Image: Emma Watson, for Lancôme In Love, from: https:// 265395050141929.-2207520000.1372856983.&type=3&theater