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  1. 1. Produced by: James Russel Ramos Derick John Serra Aileen Aquino Jennifer Carbonell Jacel Jan Collado Divine Grace Repollo
  2. 2. Problem: Mommy Jennifer loved her children very much. She is afraid that something might happen to them. His eldest son was electrocuted while he was on his 4th Grade which caused his death. How can Mommy Jennifer prevent this from happening again? Who can help Mommy Jennifer? Just call her with this number; 09123456789
  3. 3. Electrical SafetyPrecaution
  4. 4.  NEVER put any electrical connections near the pool or any wet areas. When a skinned wire touched the water, it might cause electrocution. Also,do not plug appliances with all your hands wet. Let others do it or wait for your hands to dry-up. Do not touch the metal part of the plug while plugging.
  5. 5. Always check electrical wirings. Check if there are skinned wires or illegal connections. If so, report to your service provider.
  6. 6. Turn off electrical appliances or shut down the current when a storm or typhoon occurs.
  7. 7. Problem: Alingjacel is in need of energy saving tips. This past two months, she paid 6,000php for her electric bill. She didn’t know how did this happened. She went to the office and complained but she was just forced to pay it. Who can help her save energy?
  8. 8. EnergySaving Tips
  9. 9. Maximise Natural Light Specially in broad daylight, make sure curtains and blinds are fully open rather than switching on a light. Clean windows regularly both inside and out. Or use LED lights because it saves more energy than the usual.
  10. 10. Chargers Unplug all chargers and appliances when not in use. If possible run the charger(s) overnight to take advantage of cheap rate electricity BUT remember to use a time switch as they only take 2 to 3 hours to charge. Remember, the current continues to flow as long as the appliance is plugged and it doesn’t matter if you are using it or not.
  11. 11. Cooking The cost of cooking with LPG will rise faster than that of electricity. For many places in the country, it may be a good idea to shift to cooking with electric stoves. An electric stove remains hot even after being turned off. Turn the stove off before the food is fully cooked, and use the remaining heat.
  12. 12. Thatcouldbe all.