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Journalism Media Production Diary

  1. 1. Gabrielle ’ s Media use and Production Diary
  2. 2. Media Data Internet: 1810 Broadcasting: 540 Print: 175
  3. 3. Graph of Media Use
  4. 4. The hysteria of Like many other people my age, I am a facebook fanatic, logging on an average 8 hours a week. I have always been aware of my obsession, but did not realise just how much time I spent on the network until I began recording it in this diary. One of my main observations was that I logged onto facebook every time I opened my internet browser and always left the page open so I could check updates regularly. I believe one of the reasons facebook has become so popular is that younger generations always want to ‘ be in the know. ’ We want to be kept up to date with social happenings and what everyone is doing, thinking, listening and seeing. By nature, our lives are fast paced and we want to know this information with the click of a button. Status updates and comments are the new snail mail.
  5. 5. I I actually haven ’ t caught onto the twitter frenzy… yet! I logged on every now and then to view Dr Bruce Redman ’ s updates, read some of my fellow students tweets and look at what the major new sources are reporting. However, I can understand the microblogging phenomena, as it a great source of gaining information first hand and fast. Major media sources can release breaking news, journalists can connect with their audience and increase their personal brand. Twitter ’ s word limit also forces journalists to get their point across quickly, which is more engaging.
  6. 6. E-zines and online news media. I have a strong relationship with online journalism as it essentially free and cost efficient for a student like myself. I like that I can search topics of interests quickly as oppose to going through the whole newspaper or magazine looking for certain articles. You get to read specifically what you want, free and fast. My taste in online journalism is a mixture of fashion, vintage, the environment, culture and of course the daily news of Australian and world issues. This projects my need of being engaged in the latest fashions and trends of youth culture, as well as the knowledge of world events and political issues. Favourite sites visited: Press on pictures to be directed to website
  7. 7. Podcasts/Radio Putting the ‘ j ’ into journalism… My favourite thing to listen to is Triple J ’ s ‘ Hack ’ with creative Tom Tilley. Each day I download the podcast from which covers a range of news stories from current affairs, to music, political debates and culture whilst keeping youth in mind. This is possibly what is so appealing. As the journalist reporting are quite young, edgy and creative themselves, they put a spin on the news which captures the zeitgeist of youth today. I did not recall listening to any radio, as I do not have a car and generally listen to my iPod for music. Self-harm in detention centres Meet a Sri Lankan asylum seeker who tried to take his own life, inside Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre last year. Press on photo to be directed to podcast.
  8. 8. Featured are some inspiring blogs I love to read. Most feature art, photography, vintage, fashion and music. ‘ Girl with a satchel ’ is a collection of musings and media matters by freelance journalist and is an incredible read for writers. Press on icons to be direct to blogs
  9. 9. Television News Programs When it comes to television news programs, they only time I recorded watching was for a couple of minutes everyday while I ate my breakfast. Other than that I am not a big television consumer and receive my news through other mediums. My favourite news program is sunrise on channel 7 with Kochie and Mel.
  10. 10. Newspapers and Magazines Very little time was recorded reading the printed word, as I spend most of my time reading news and magazines online. However, most mornings I would read through the main articles of either the Australian or the Courier Mail as I have grown up with this practiced in my family household. My father and grandfather always read the morning news, so it was something that I was introduced to at a young age and have come accustomed to. As for magazines, as interesting I find them, I often only read them online. When I do purchase them, however, I like to read Frankie,Vogue and Russh.
  11. 11. Analysis of Media and Some Conclusions <ul><li>72% of media consumed is via internet. </li></ul><ul><li>I have a high interest in journalism and communication mediums of the 21 st century as oppose to broadcasting radio, television and newspapers which have been around for many years and possible considered ‘older’ forms. </li></ul><ul><li>Whilst I do like to read about current affairs, I also enjoy fashion, music, youth culture, beauty and environmental journalism which correlates to my age and gender. I am a young female in a society where these are considered prominent themes for youth. </li></ul><ul><li>-Being a student, I try to obtain my media as cheaply as possible. </li></ul><ul><li>- I am affected by my families view’s of journalism. My father always reads ‘The Australian’ and ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ as he believes they feature some of Australia’s best writers on ‘important’ topics such as politics and the economy. This has influenced my decision to read articles on their webpage and the Sunday newspaper. </li></ul>