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Social Media Profile: Tay Kleid


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An assignment completed for im212 at RMIT University. Analysis of my online identity through various social media platforms.

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Social Media Profile: Tay Kleid

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE:Who is Taylah Florence Kleid?
  2. 2. A visual overview ofall of the social media CREATIVEnetworking platforms that I currently use. (im212 blog) PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL
  3. 3. The girl, the character, the mission.@ taykleid is a communications student, coffee snob, a social mediaenthusiast with an overflowing wardrobe that she puts to good creative and self-expressionistic use! She is a lover of words, both in their informative and academic ability and their lyrically beautiful potential. I have chosen to focus on the two platforms Twitter and Blogger as I feel that both as a collective, display my online identity in the best light. That is a well-constructed image of who I am and the work I am interested in doing. All the while maintaining a good balance between presenting my genuine personality and my professional skills. My LinkedIn profile is my connecting hub for these.
  4. 4. Tweet Tweet: My Twitter Account Display picture, an Clear link to In an autobiographical accurate portrayal of my main piece, I once wrote thatmyself. Coffee in hand, blog. any generic social media I look tiny, face is bio you read about me shyly covered. will tell you “I’m all about words, coffee and style” to some degree.
  5. 5. Who am I on Twitter?• A mixed bag of lollies• A media student (see #im212)• A shameless self-promoter• A song lyric-quote regurgitater• An article retweeter• A public transport complainer
  6. 6. Two-way Tweeting: Because one of the criteria I set myself for this course was to start to use Twitter in a more professional way, or engage in conversation, talk to “Industry” people. Carmen - one of my favourite fashion bloggers. (SHE ALSO WORKS AT VOGUE!) This is me. Professional comment I know! (but apparently this is “key” to networking). A reply! (of some form) WIN!!!After this, I sent Carmen a proper email introducing myself, acknowledging her work etc. She’d be a nice connection to have in the blogger and magazine community.
  7. 7. Getting Retweeted on Twitter: Market HQ (Online store and fashion blog) retweeted my blog post :)It’s just a little Tweet but yes, it made me feel good and was a nice little validation and promotion of my work. (more on my blog and cross networking to come…)
  8. 8. “She’s Just Like The Weather” - My latest and greatest - Could sum up as a style + lifestyle blog - I describe it as a “personal showcase”.- This is a place where a potential employer can buy my personality as well as my work.- Goal: Build it up to be like an “online resume”. Styling, writing, creative direction, raw experience in online marketing and social media management.
  9. 9. Professional Information on Blogger Sidebar links clearly at the top of the page. More info and contact details and where else you can find me online. Here is the content of the page the “About Me” links to. Short but Important information at the informative top. I read somewhere that description of what this is the “most important” this blog is about. thing to visible on your blog.
  10. 10. Cross-networking Promoting my Blogger posts through my Twitter account Note: Relevant tag. We discussed in class how putting links in tweets is not always the most effective as many people access Twitter on their phone etc… I often still share the link (you never know) but have found my biggest audience comes from promoting the link on my Facebook account or through photo on Tumblr.I am still pondering whether or not to make a “She’s Just Like The Weather” Facebook page. It seems every blog has one to help with promotion and communication with readers… Hmm
  11. 11. The Blogger Community Funnily enough I wasn’t sold on “Blogger” when I signed up to start using the platform - when you compare it to something like Tumblr, the “community” aspect is severely lacking… but then through other people blogs and word of mouth, I discovered Bloglovin’ It’s where most of the fellow style bloggers in particular connect with each other. Word on the street is in the online fashion world (if there issuch a thing), its where a lot of industry people trawl through to find stylists and potential blogging contributors or people to collaborate with.
  12. 12. Linkedin: The Hub of choice LinkedIn has become the "Hub" of my online ID, and I think it suits me and the work I dobetter than something like ABC Pool. Being somewhat of a freelance writer and a blogger, it seems more relevant for me to be here, where as I view ABC Pool as good for people interested in working in film/radio.Here is a snapshot of my "online resume" which viewed live has more detail of my work experience and what kind of work I am looking for. It has links to my Twitter and my Blogger site - my two most "professional" online social media platforms.
  13. 13. The LinkedIn Community: Getting involved Along with so far having 51 connections, I recently joined these three relevant Groups on LinkedIn. I am yet to really explore what the Groupssector has to offer and planning to get involved in more of the discussions within each and see where and who this may take me to :)
  14. 14. A summary of sorts… Whether I’m “taykleid”, Taylah Kleid or TaylahFlorence, I can be found on many social networks.I am very active on all of them, I post daily on Twitter and Tumblr and try to get substantial posts on my Blogger out at least twice a week.As discussed and illustrated, I try establish a balancebetween “professional” and “personal” on all of these networks. I’d say Twitter and Blogger are the best examples where both of those facets are displayed. However I am a firm believer of still being myself and selling my personality. I rarely censor what I post, I like to think I am pretty sensible and appropriate anyway and don’t believe in masking the little things like quotes and song lyrics that make me who I am… I am hoping to build up more of a professional presence online through my blog and Linkedinaccounts and maybe one day someone will offer me a job through the Internet! (wouldn’t that be nice!)