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  1. 1. S3 Craft & Design Modelling Techniques
  2. 2. Concept Model Made quickly. Using inexpensive materials:- Polystyrene board Balsa wood Cardboard Usually tests the construction. To work out how the design might be manufactured. May only test a small part of the design such as a joint. S.Watson
  3. 3. Block Model Often cut from a solid block of polystyrene, balsa wood or clay. Often painted. Details are added such as switches or buttons. New mobile phones may be modelled this way to test the ergonomics and aesthetics of the design. S.Watson
  4. 4. Prototype Model This is a working model. Usually the actual size. Made from the same materials as the full production product. Test all aspects of design:- Ergonomics. Aesthetics. Manufacture. Assembly. Function. S.Watson
  5. 5. 3-D Computer Model They can be rotated to be viewed from any angle. They can be rendered to look realistic. Quick to produce. Cheap to produce. Can be modified easily. S.Watson