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  1. 1. S3 Craft & Design Manufactured Board
  2. 2. Hardboard Made by mixing wood fibres together with water and resin glue then hot pressing into sheets. Hardboard is not very strong. Usually supported on timber frames. Common thickness 3.2mm S.Watson
  3. 3. MDF:- medium density fibreboard Manufactured similar to hardboard. Compressed under greater pressure, therefore much stronger. MDF is a cheap material. Strong. Easily shaped and finished. Ideal for all types of furniture making and interior joinery. Common thickness S.Watson 6,8,10,12,15,18,20,25,30 mm
  4. 4. Plywood Plies of wood are glued together in layers. The grain of each ply are laid at right angles to the next. This makes the ply strong in both directions. Ideal for lightweight box construction. Cabinet backs and drawer bottoms. Common thickness 4,6,9,12 mm S.Watson
  5. 5. Blockboard and Laminboard Strips of softwood are sandwiched between two plies. Strips are narrower for laminboard. The outer faces of veneer have the grain running at right angles to the strips. Common thickness 18mm S.Watson
  6. 6. Chipboard Chips of wood are glued together under heat and pressure. Plastic laminate faced chipboard is widely used for worktops, shelves and furniture making. Common thickness 18mm S.Watson