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Getting to digital publishing at WVU


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This discussion of the Vega academic publishing system and the future of digital publishing was the keynote address at the 2016 Library publishing Forum, which brings together library professionals who are participating in or considering publishing initiatives.

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Getting to digital publishing at WVU

  1. 1. Getting to Digital Publishing at WVU Dr. Cheryl E. Ball | @s2ceball
  2. 2. Text Getting Kairotic Part one: The Story of a Journal
  3. 3. (Digital) Publishing Studies • rhetoric/composition • technical/professional writing • communication design • (electronic literature) courtesy of Maia C, Flickr CC license
  4. 4. Text
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Satellite Lamps
  7. 7. See Eyman & Ball 2014a, 2014b infrastructures for webtext publishing social scholarly technical Photos by miuenski on Flickr
  8. 8. Kairos copy-editing rotations
  9. 9. Text Getting systems Part Two: The Story of the Vega Archipelago
  10. 10. Text Andrew Morrison Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway
  11. 11. Text Bengler design-development studio in Oslo, Norway
  12. 12. Vega Features Author tools… multimedia authoring, LaTeX conversion, collaborative writing Editor tools… open<—>closed review, author<->editor review, version control & DAM Venue tools… modular workflows, OA or embargoed, rich metadata
  13. 13. Vega stack
  14. 14. Text Getting sustainable Part Three: The Story of the DPI
  15. 15. Digital Publishing Institute
  16. 16. Research in the DPI support for digital research projects (e.g., tools like Vega, archives/collections) research related to publishing on- and off-campus partnerships un/funded partnerships
  17. 17. DPI Outreach/Service journal hosting data management help copyright help service publishing for university/community
  18. 18. Pedagogy and the DPI classes related to DPI mission internships; workers for research projects affiliated faculty workshops for internal/external constituents
  19. 19. Proposed Digital Hub of WVU Libraries
  20. 20. c. Inge Ove Tysnes thank you @s2ceball