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Exploring two decades of evaluating digital scholarship for tenure and promotion (in the humanities)


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In this presentation at the Brown University Library, Cheryl Ball outlines the history of digital scholarship in the humanities and traces the accompanying changed to tenure and promotion practices.

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Exploring two decades of evaluating digital scholarship for tenure and promotion (in the humanities)

  1. 1. Exploring Two Decades evaluating Digital Scholarship for Tenure and Promotion (in the Humanities) Dr. Cheryl E. Ball Associate Professor of Digital Publishing Studies West Virginia University @s2ceball
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. Names for this Field • computers and composition • computers & writing • new media composition • digital writing • digital rhetoric • digital literacies • techno-pedagogy “Views from a Distance” - a word-cloud based webtext on the disciplinary history of writing studies by Derek Mueller. ( oi/mueller/)
  4. 4. Tenure Issues
  5. 5. Early Digital Tenure Guidelines CCCC Position Statement on Promotion and Tenure Guidelines for Work with Technology (1998) Candidate should: • Educate others • Explain their work in terms of traditional scholarship • Network with technologists
  6. 6. T&P Narratives (2001) motioncases
  7. 7.
  8. 8. full screen of tenure portfolio ’09 @ ILSTU
  9. 9. writing about webtexts infrastructure & metadata projectsgrants (tool-building)
  10. 10. Rise of “Digital Humanities” 1. traditional (online) scholarship about DH 2. DH projects (but not “counted”) • tools (Zotero, etc.) • grants (ODH) • collaboration (in “lone-genius” fields) • collections/archives (NINES, etc.) • public humanities (social media & open peer review, etc.)
  11. 11. Updated Guidelines (2013) • for institutions • for committees • for T&P candidates MLA Guidelines for Evaluating Work in Digital Humanities and Digital Medi
  12. 12. Documenting & Explaininga sample video
  13. 13. Remaining issues in T&P • rhetorical & aesthetic reading practices • technological understanding (from readers) • contracting valid external readers • tenure guidelines that favor print-like work • peer-review locations for media-rich projects • design-editing knowledge & platforms for digital projects
  14. 14. Vega
  15. 15. Cheryl E. Ball @s2ceball Thank you
  16. 16. job portfolio @ MTU ‘03 3rd-year review & job portfolio @ USU ‘06 tenure portfolio @ ILSTU ‘09