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A networked archipelago of digital publishing at WVU


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Presented to the Eberly College Visiting Alumni Committee, this presentation explains how the Vega academic publishing system enacts the principles of digital, multimodal, open access publishing.

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A networked archipelago of digital publishing at WVU

  1. 1. A Networked Archipelago of Digital Publishing at WVU Dr. Cheryl E. Ball | English Department
  2. 2. (Digital) Publishing Studies • theorized practice • focus on production • interdisciplinary • research about publishing practices courtesy of Maia C, Flickr CC license
  3. 3. Text
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Satellite Lamps
  6. 6. c. Inge Ove Tysnes
  7. 7. Vega Features Author tools multimedia authoring LaTeX conversion collaborative writing Editor tools open/closed peer-review a/synchronous review version control & DAM Venue tools modular workflows OA or embargoed rich metadata cross-refs & retraction features
  8. 8. c. Inge Ove Tysnes
  9. 9. DPI: Digital Publishing Institute
  10. 10. DPI branches
  11. 11. | @s2ceball | Thank you!