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Staring at the stars


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Staring at the stars

  1. 1. Staring At The Stars Passenger – Music Video
  2. 2. Song
  3. 3. Provisional Mood Board
  4. 4. Proposed NarrativeO A guy has an argument with his girlfriend, storms out into the cold in an angry fashion. He meets up with his 2 friends and they enjoy a drink together outdoors, realising that life could possibly be better with friendship than being in love.
  5. 5. Starting InspirationO 4rQZMO 0:15 – 0:33O Couple have an argument with one storming off and slamming a door before the music starts
  6. 6. WalkO MMkOUO The StreetsO Sings while he walks
  7. 7. Campfire SceneO The campfire connotes an Independence for the protagonist within the music videoO The yellow/red colours from the light of the fire 8ouseI&feature=related
  8. 8. Contrast Contrast between beautiful scenes of nature with rubbish and empty bottles/packets
  9. 9. O Journey through the mind of the main character within the music video. Showing the narrative.
  10. 10. Target AudienceO The people who may listen to ‘Passenger – Staring at the Stars’ could be any age due to its ‘relaxed’ nature.O People with hedonists social values would be more likely to listen and enjoy this song.O On the jicnar scale - any letter from A-E.
  11. 11. Logistics and SafetyO Transport – we have a car.O We will pre-warn our actors to wear warm clothing as we’ll shoot most of our scenes outside and it’ll be in the winter season.O As we intend to have a fire, the safety is very important, we shall be responsible at all times.