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Question 2.


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Question 2.

  1. 1. 2. How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  2. 2. The pink in thebackgroundcan connote Front cover The front cover overall connotes athat themagazine is negotiatedmore female reading.than male.The camera angle istitled but my modelseye contact draws youinto the magazine. It’sdifferent from most There’s nothingmainstream magazines. revealing about the front cover. In factThe alarm clock it’s quite innocentdoesn’t connote looking and so faranything about there’s nothing tothe social group. say that my model isIt’s used as a from a certain socialprop for a title of group.a song.
  3. 3. I thought the titlebeing on a 90o Magazine Name TNG (The Newangle and Generation)shortened to TNG definitelyadded impact and connotes that thisstyle. There’s magazine is aimednothing so far to at young people.say it’s aimed We are the newspecifically at one generation thatsocial group. are about to come into the world to keep it going, work wise.
  4. 4. The content The content titlefeatures will show gradually growingthe type of musicmy social group are Contents Page smaller is just for style and somethinginto which is quite abit different, whichindie pop. They also could attract mylike festivals. The social group as theymusic choice shows aren’t mainstreama lot about my but aren’t totallyaudience. It still individual, they aredoesn’t have absent different.representationappearing.The small design atthe bottom of the The three photo’spage is simply for are visuallystyle and effect. showing a saying. My social group are very into the meanings of things.
  5. 5. Double page spread (first side)The title and the All three picturesoverall look and are take at thelayout of the double same angle but atpage spread would different zooms. Idefinitely appeal believe the photosmore to females represent amore than males. preferred readingThe exclusive parts as they’re verysuch as the album positive and sendtrack list and the out the rightfavourites are message to youngsomething extra girls.for the reader thatthey would beinterested in.
  6. 6. Double page spread (second side)The story connotes a lotabout my social group. It I think thegives them hope that writing and themaybe something like large captionsthis could happen to send out a verythem one day. They preferredbelieve a lot in luck. readings. The interview altogether isThe photo could send out positive andthe wrong message and something mybe a oppositional reading intended socialbut it is intended to just group would bebe abit of fun and to look interested in.right on the page, which Ibelieve it does.